Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah

Cara Burrows is overwhelmed in her life and runs away. She decides to take time away from the demanding life of her family and decisions she can’t make right now. She picks a place far away, Arizona, where she can relax and think at the glamous resort.

Relaxing is not what Cara experiences in Arizona.

When Cara first arrives at the five star resort, she is tired and just wants to sleep. She is given a key to her hotel room only to find out it is already occupied by a man and girl. She doesn’t know who the girl is, but finds out from the talk around the resort that there is a girl named Melody Chapa, that has been missing and known as the most famous murder victim in America.

Is Melody Chapa really alive ?

Cara puts off what she came to the resort to think about to focus on Melody. She digs into the missing Melody wondering was she really killed?

My rating: 3/5 stars

Sophie Hannah writes with suspense that grips you from the beginning.

I enjoyed the book but have to admit that when they were talking about the ‘interviews’ I was getting bored. It felt like it ran on and on. I did skip over a couple paragraphs.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a suspenseful read.


The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain

One night can change your whole life. One mistake will change all your hopes and dreams.

Tess makes a mistake one night in 1944 with a stranger in The Stolen Marriage.

Tess is from Baltimore, studying to be a nurse, and has a fiancee that she can not wait to get married to. He is trying to me a doctor and soon she will be a nurse. Marriage is in the works for them soon.

While her fiancee is away, Tess is out with a friend in strange city. She makes a mistake by sleeping with a stranger. Now pregnant and not wanting to live a lie, she marries her new husband and moves to North Carolina.

A man that she thought she was going to live a wonderful life with, turns out to be emotionless. He hides secrets, money, and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Tess.

When an accident happens and Henry’s sister dies, they hold Tess responsible. The town does not like her for she is an outsider. An outsider that does not know her husband.

Tess is a nurse and wants to use her education to help in town when polio breaks out. But being a nurse is against Henry’s wishes for his wife. He becomes more secretive and Tess doesn’t know who he is. She never really knows who he is.

This story is about Tess and Henry. Will Tess find a life she has always wanted with Henry? Or will she lead a loveless, secretive marriage?

My thoughts:

I have never read anything by this authors before and was skeptical. Was it going to be good ?

As I dove into this book, I realized that I was enjoying it. I wanted to figure out what secrets Henry was keeping. I wanted to know how Tess life was going to end.

Chicken gaucomole lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps seem to be very popular in the low carb world. It takes the place of the bread, which is obviously good in my case.

For this recipe, I basically just cooked one chicken breast up and cut into smaller pieces.

I added to it Pico De gallo, cheese, and gaucomole.

It doesn’t look the prettiest prob from 1. the gaucomole 2. my lack my picture taking skills. I’m going with number 2 because it was really good.

I added some seasoning salt, pepper, and lime juice. put into the lettuce wraps and enjoyed !!

They were a little messy…and a little spicy but very satisfying and filling.

Have you ever done lettuce wraps? share your recipes with me !

Homemade egg sandwich with mason jar lid

Do you like McDonald’s egg mcmuffin? I do but I can’t babe the bread.

So after so pinteresting and Facebook investigating, I came across a recipe where you cook your eggs on a skillet using a mason jar lid.

I was skeptical. I didn’t know they were going to run out of be burned but I figured it’s just two eggs right ?

After two successful breakfasts, I thought it was time to show you how I did it.

First, take the top of your mason jar lid and put on a hot skillet. once heated up, use spray to get the inside. You can also pre spray it before hand or even put on a paper towel and wipe it down. I did the first, way to messy. the second… I don’t have paper towels.

I scrambled my eggs first and added a little seasoning. I was trying to hide the egg taste because I don’t eat eggs very often.

the trick to prevent it from coming out is to pour slowly.

turn the heat down a little low and let them cook. I cook until they are bubbling and some of the egg mixture on top spills over.

Once that happens I flip them over with the spatula. Do not touch the lid, it will be hot!

They aren’t perfect when you flip them over. once they cook a little longer than you can take the ring off using the spatula.

For one sandwich I did bacon, cheese, and egg.

Another sandwich I did was bacon tomatoe, egg, and gaucomole.

Will you try this recipe ? Have you made it before?

Taco portabella mushroom cap

Tacos or any kind of Mexican food is my weakness. Being on a food lifestyle change, I needed something that was low carb.

I had leftover portabella caps available from a meal earlier this week and decided for lunch I would use my left over taco fixings from dinner.

As you may know from experience, left overs don’t take much for meal prep. I basically just heated up the taco meat. This was prepared by cooking 2 pounds ground beef with taco seasoning. Easy Peasy!

I cooked my portabella mushroom cap on a skillet for about 5 minutes to make it a little soft.

After everything was heated up, just assembly was needed!

I topped with cheese and pico de gallo with a side of gaucomole. Delicious!

What are your recipes for low carb meals using a portabella mushroom cap?

Left over chicken, broccoli, cheese on a portabella mushroom

Left overs. I don’t mind eating them. My boys ? Not so much.

Yesterday I posted my recipe for low carb chicken, broccoli, and cheese dish. I decided for lunch to use those left overs for today.

I had portabella mushroom caps available to use. They are large and perfect to use to and fill up for a delcious meal.

This meal really didn’t take much time, just popping the leftovers in the microwave and putting the mushroom cap on a skillet just to soften it a little bit.

I also served on the side broccoli with cheese.

The picture really doesn’t show the mushroom I just realized, but you have to take my word for this. It was delcious!

Low carb chicken, broccoli, cheese, and mushroom

Everyone seems to have heard of keto, low carb, high fat meals. lately I have been eating more healthy by doing low carb.

My boys loved this meal and thought that it was very flavorful. they didn’t even mind that it was low carb for me lol. I served it with cauliflower rice on the side for me with a salad. the boys had mashed potatoes instead of the cauliflower rice.

Before I get on with the recipe… have you ever had cauliflower rice? I heard that it is very flavorful but I did not care for this kind. I’m not sure if it was the seasonings of lemon and garlic or what. I do have another bag to try and I am willing to give it a try.

Ingredients :

diced chicken


large onion

cheese (your choice )

broccoli small cuts

cocunut oil


1. first I cut up the chicken in bite size pieces. I had tenders that I really didn’t know what to do with, this recipe was just a random creation.

2. Also cut up a large onion.

3. I had found at the store broccoli small cuts for only $1. this container has seriously lasted me thru 4 different meals !

4. In a skillet with coconut oil, brown your chicken with onions.

5. Once browned add the mushrooms. this is when I seasoned everything woth garlic, salt, and pepper.

6. add your broccoli. now if you don’t have small bits, you can just use some from the freezer section or even fresh large pieces of broccoli, I bet that is delicious!

7. once everything is cooked, add your cheese and let melt. Dinner is served !

Like I mention earlier, I served with salad and cauliflower rice.

Will you be trying this recipe ?

Have you made something similar ?

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond drew me in the first couple of pages. The book is about Alice and Jake. they are the couple that everyone wishes they could be.

When they get married, a gift is given to them called The Pact. It is an invitation to a private club for married couples. It has a few rules… never mention the pack to any one, gifts, vacations, obendience…

The Pact comes with benefits. Exclusive parties and meeting influential people for their careers.

The Pact will do anything to protect marriage. That includes if you break a rule that you pay. Alice and Jake find out that the marriage that they want is more of a nightmare


My thoughts:

I heard great things about this book. I was really excited to read it and had high hopes When I started reading it, I found that it was interesting and kept my attention… but it seemed to move slow. I would read for a couple hours and felt like I didn’t know much more than I did when I started.

I do recommend this book to others because it is a very good suspenseful and psychological twisted read.

Let me know what you think. Have you read it already?