Keto/low carb Hamburger soup

I know it doesn’t sound glamorous and I’m sure it is a little weird. But with this new way of eating that I’m doing, I’m restricted to a lot of what i usually eat.

On Thanksgiving I cheated quite a bit on the food and the day after during black Friday. I wasn’t in the mood to cook and fast food was a better option.

How did I feel later? Horrible at myself that I gained 5 pounds!

To help jump start losing weight, I cooked 3 pounds of hamburger with onions and seasoning.

I also sauteed some mushrooms and green peppers.

I mixed the vegetables with the meat and then mixed in two cans of beef broth. normally you would use bone broth because of all the added fat but I didn’t have any. I added the healthy fat that I needed by using kerrygold butter.

I ate about one and half cups and added some more butter.

I know what ur thinking… that looks disgusting but it is so filling ! I ate about cup and half and sprinkled on some cheese. I had to add a little more extra seasoning to it but it was very tasty.

You are also prob asking why did I chose this soup. I did some research and found that to jump start metabolism would eat the same thing of the hamburger soup every day. People at times will stop losing weight when on a low carb or keto diet. I didn’t stop but wanted to get back on track and lose those 5 pounds I gained back in one day !

If you are interested in learning more, here is one of the websites I looked at.


Homemade egg sandwich with mason jar lid

Do you like McDonald’s egg mcmuffin? I do but I can’t babe the bread.

So after so pinteresting and Facebook investigating, I came across a recipe where you cook your eggs on a skillet using a mason jar lid.

I was skeptical. I didn’t know they were going to run out of be burned but I figured it’s just two eggs right ?

After two successful breakfasts, I thought it was time to show you how I did it.

First, take the top of your mason jar lid and put on a hot skillet. once heated up, use spray to get the inside. You can also pre spray it before hand or even put on a paper towel and wipe it down. I did the first, way to messy. the second… I don’t have paper towels.

I scrambled my eggs first and added a little seasoning. I was trying to hide the egg taste because I don’t eat eggs very often.

the trick to prevent it from coming out is to pour slowly.

turn the heat down a little low and let them cook. I cook until they are bubbling and some of the egg mixture on top spills over.

Once that happens I flip them over with the spatula. Do not touch the lid, it will be hot!

They aren’t perfect when you flip them over. once they cook a little longer than you can take the ring off using the spatula.

For one sandwich I did bacon, cheese, and egg.

Another sandwich I did was bacon tomatoe, egg, and gaucomole.

Will you try this recipe ? Have you made it before?

Taco portabella mushroom cap

Tacos or any kind of Mexican food is my weakness. Being on a food lifestyle change, I needed something that was low carb.

I had leftover portabella caps available from a meal earlier this week and decided for lunch I would use my left over taco fixings from dinner.

As you may know from experience, left overs don’t take much for meal prep. I basically just heated up the taco meat. This was prepared by cooking 2 pounds ground beef with taco seasoning. Easy Peasy!

I cooked my portabella mushroom cap on a skillet for about 5 minutes to make it a little soft.

After everything was heated up, just assembly was needed!

I topped with cheese and pico de gallo with a side of gaucomole. Delicious!

What are your recipes for low carb meals using a portabella mushroom cap?

Left over chicken, broccoli, cheese on a portabella mushroom

Left overs. I don’t mind eating them. My boys ? Not so much.

Yesterday I posted my recipe for low carb chicken, broccoli, and cheese dish. I decided for lunch to use those left overs for today.

I had portabella mushroom caps available to use. They are large and perfect to use to and fill up for a delcious meal.

This meal really didn’t take much time, just popping the leftovers in the microwave and putting the mushroom cap on a skillet just to soften it a little bit.

I also served on the side broccoli with cheese.

The picture really doesn’t show the mushroom I just realized, but you have to take my word for this. It was delcious!

Low carb chicken, broccoli, cheese, and mushroom

Everyone seems to have heard of keto, low carb, high fat meals. lately I have been eating more healthy by doing low carb.

My boys loved this meal and thought that it was very flavorful. they didn’t even mind that it was low carb for me lol. I served it with cauliflower rice on the side for me with a salad. the boys had mashed potatoes instead of the cauliflower rice.

Before I get on with the recipe… have you ever had cauliflower rice? I heard that it is very flavorful but I did not care for this kind. I’m not sure if it was the seasonings of lemon and garlic or what. I do have another bag to try and I am willing to give it a try.

Ingredients :

diced chicken


large onion

cheese (your choice )

broccoli small cuts

cocunut oil


1. first I cut up the chicken in bite size pieces. I had tenders that I really didn’t know what to do with, this recipe was just a random creation.

2. Also cut up a large onion.

3. I had found at the store broccoli small cuts for only $1. this container has seriously lasted me thru 4 different meals !

4. In a skillet with coconut oil, brown your chicken with onions.

5. Once browned add the mushrooms. this is when I seasoned everything woth garlic, salt, and pepper.

6. add your broccoli. now if you don’t have small bits, you can just use some from the freezer section or even fresh large pieces of broccoli, I bet that is delicious!

7. once everything is cooked, add your cheese and let melt. Dinner is served !

Like I mention earlier, I served with salad and cauliflower rice.

Will you be trying this recipe ?

Have you made something similar ?

Adventures of a curvy girl: program by design at YMCA

Do you go to the YMCA? I joined a couple of weeks ago when I found out that I could do it through work. Do you go to the gym and do your own routine? or do the group classes?

I was going upstairs to the gym where the equipment is and doing my own thing. then I found a couple classes that basically make up my cardio and strength training.

one of the benefits of the YMCA is the program called “program by design.” I have not been to other gyms, but I’m sure they have something similar to this. basically, it is a free service provided by the y from one of the trainers. women2

today, I had my first meeting with one of the trainers. he meet with me and we discussed what I wanted to get out of the exercising and how he could help me get there. I am a very organized person that needs things wrote down for me and a plan. I like my plans. Ok, I love plans and I stick with plans.

I basically told him that I need something very detailed and options. if I continue to go to my piloxing class and strength training class I shouldn’t need to go upstairs to the gym. but life gets in the way sometimes and I don’t always make it to a class. instead of saying oh well… and never returning (which I have done). I want options. if I don’t go to strength training what equipment could I use upstairs and how many repetitions. if I don’t do piloxing, then I could do treadmill interval training, walking, swimming, or cycling. options are better than anything.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting today. the trainer was very nice and very informed about what to do. he took in to consideration that I have a life and a women3family, that going to the gym every day sometimes isn’t possible.

the first meeting is basically to go over everything that I want for a program to stay fit. the next meeting (next Wednesday), is to go over the design that he has made out for me with my options. I am looking forward to seeing what he has designed for me.


have you every had this done, an exercise plan designed for you?

did you enjoy it?

get bored?

my biggest fear is that I won’t like it and I will be disappointed in myself when I donwomen4‘t follow it.

gym relapse– adventures of a curvy girl 02

It has happened to all of us. We miss one day at the gym, then two,  and bam! it has been a month. gymrelapse4

I am in the middle of gym relapse. I have not been to the gym since June 30, 2017.

I NEED TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER!!!! I wrote a similar post yesterday, get my crap together. maybe posting these blogs and admitting I have a problem with help get my act straighten up.


  • Obstacles. everyone has them. work, school, kids, time, money etc. find out what your obstacle is and tackle it. mine the past week has been the kid home. he has been with his mother and we unexpectedly had to find a babysitter. yes, it is an excuse. instead of going to work out, come home and get ready and take him to his grandma, I slept in. I used him as an excuse and I should not.
  • Boredom. no one likes doing the same thing day in and day out. change up your routine, go to classes, etc. I was not really getting to bored, I was doing body pump 3x a week and the routine changes.
  • Benefits. working out has many benefits. remind yourself what those benefits are. getting healthier, losing weight, becoming tone. they all benefit you. without exercising you can not benefit your body.
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. I have all three of these. most people have stress in their lives. the stress of the kid coming home and having to deal with the bf mom last week kinda hit me a little hard. my anxiety was up. depression set in due to being at the weight management doctor and only seeing a pound off the scale when I have been working so much harder! i am trying to get myself out of the rump. taking my medications, talking with bf about the stress with his mother, and trying to distress at the gym.



  • identifying your obstacles. lay them all out there. write them on a piece of paper. post on a motivation board. i know what my reasons are and I’m going to overcome them.
    • obstacle is kid being home. go to bed early, get up early, come home in time to take to grandma. just plan, everything will be fine.
    • boredom should not be a problem since the body pump routine just was changed
    • benefits. i was losing weight. i could feel it in my clothes! i was feeling better! i want that again.
    • stress, anxiety, and depression. take my medications. use the stress and anxiety as a motivator at the gym.
  • support. everyone goes thru a gym relapse. even athletics. join your friends at the gym to make yourself more accountable plus have someone with you.
  • avoid being a “Debbie downer.” my mom always would say that to me, i still say it. basically means, stop being negative about everything. make your exercise routine happen.
  • temporary. a gym relapse is just that, temporary. it is not permeant. i can pick up tomorrow. don’t think that just because you missed one day, two, or a month that you can not get back in the gym.


  • I’m ready to get back in the gym. gymrelapse2
  • pack my workout bag the night before AS WELL AS my work bag. that way I am ready to get up in the morning.
  • if i can not make a 5 am class.. go to the one at night.
  • try other classes, for example the swim classes at the gym in the next town over.
  • go to bed early so the excuse of not getting enough sleep isn’t an excuse
  • meet up with the girl i work with at the gym, she is doing the same weight management class i am.
  • prevent the stress in my life! or at least limit it. try not to let everything bother me. this is going to be a lot harder than normal.
  • anxiety/depression. take my medications, it will help and exercise was making me feel even better about myself.
  • it is only temporary. i will be fine. i just took a week off, does not mean that i am a failure.

Do you have any advice?

Has this happened to you?




anxiety hurting my health journey

stressIt has been one of those weeks. well, like three weeks lately. I have not been doing very well on my health journey. I am still exercising. I am walking every day. I just am not putting a lot of effort into my exercising. I am also watching what I am eating but I am not sticking to my shakes and bars like I should be. why? I’m not sure. I want to say it is all stress/anxiety related but I know there is more. lack of motivation? lack of seeing the numbers go done?

anxietygirlmy stress/anxiety has been thru the roof lately because it is the last week of school. yes, I know I shouldn’t be under that much stress but this Saturday the kid leaves to go to his moms for two months. two whole months. aware from his dad and I. two months three states away. it is scary. every possible wrong thing goes thru my head. i’m barely sleeping because i’m worrying. i’m not getting anything done in the house because I am so anxious I can’t concentrate. I am not doing my 110% at work because I am anxious.

anyone that asks why I am so anxious, I tell them he is my kid. my kid is leaving for two months. what am I going to do with myself? his dad is trying to focus on other things… work, fishing, friends, family etc. Anything to not think about him not having his baby boy around.

in the last couple of weeks we have been trying to get as much things in as possible to spend time with him. we don’t want him to go and worry about it constantly but we are not letting him now that it is bothering us. he knows we are going to miss him but he does not know it is because of the situation with his mother.

with all the stress/anxiety i’m just not myself. when I’m stressed I do stupid things. like everyone really. I pick fights with my bf. I pick fights with my mom. I take out my frustrations and anxiety on anyone that is close. it is not a healthy way to express myself I know, but it is the way I can get it out there. I also have neglected myself. i’m not doing my health journey, i’m not doing any tasks on my to do list.anxiety

I keep telling myself, it will be ok. on Saturday he will go with his mom. everything will be ok. in the back of my mind tho, I think that I am going to be ok but then again…I think about the two months that he will not be around to share things with.

I will get thru this.