returned…just to leave again

hello folks. I returned last week… and didn’t post for this week…and prob won’t post for another week.

it has been a crazy week. between working, family stuff, and just plain being busy I haven’t had any motivation to post.

I feel bad and I’m sorry for anyone that usually follows me.

starting tomorrow I’ll be gone for another week for boy scout resident camp.i won’t have connections to internet or phone for about 5 days.

then once I return it’s getting ready for school. it’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks.


Adventures of a curvy girl: program by design at YMCA

Do you go to the YMCA? I joined a couple of weeks ago when I found out that I could do it through work. Do you go to the gym and do your own routine? or do the group classes?

I was going upstairs to the gym where the equipment is and doing my own thing. then I found a couple classes that basically make up my cardio and strength training.

one of the benefits of the YMCA is the program called “program by design.” I have not been to other gyms, but I’m sure they have something similar to this. basically, it is a free service provided by the y from one of the trainers. women2

today, I had my first meeting with one of the trainers. he meet with me and we discussed what I wanted to get out of the exercising and how he could help me get there. I am a very organized person that needs things wrote down for me and a plan. I like my plans. Ok, I love plans and I stick with plans.

I basically told him that I need something very detailed and options. if I continue to go to my piloxing class and strength training class I shouldn’t need to go upstairs to the gym. but life gets in the way sometimes and I don’t always make it to a class. instead of saying oh well… and never returning (which I have done). I want options. if I don’t go to strength training what equipment could I use upstairs and how many repetitions. if I don’t do piloxing, then I could do treadmill interval training, walking, swimming, or cycling. options are better than anything.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting today. the trainer was very nice and very informed about what to do. he took in to consideration that I have a life and a women3family, that going to the gym every day sometimes isn’t possible.

the first meeting is basically to go over everything that I want for a program to stay fit. the next meeting (next Wednesday), is to go over the design that he has made out for me with my options. I am looking forward to seeing what he has designed for me.


have you every had this done, an exercise plan designed for you?

did you enjoy it?

get bored?

my biggest fear is that I won’t like it and I will be disappointed in myself when I donwomen4‘t follow it.

library haul 04

my addiction for books has gotten me into trouble !

I went online to renew my books yesterday and my fines were up to 15.75! I have a book that has been racking up fines since July 7th. called the library immediately to see when they closed. I had 30 minutes to get there.

rushed around and found books that I needed to return.

went to pay my fines…and got more books. even when I have about 10 sitting here to read lol

the sunshine sisters by jane green

Ronni sunshine is known in Hollywood as a star. she was never a star at home but pushed her three daughters away. they each went off on their own path in life. ronni calls them home to spend time with her due to an illness.

every last lie by Mary kubica

Clara’ s life is disrupted when her husband and daughter are in a accident, taking her husband’s life. her life gets messy when her daughter starts having nightmares about the night. when Clara starts looking into the accident she finds out there was more to it then an accident.

secrets in summer by Nancy Thayer

every year visitors flock to Nantucket for the summer. Darcy looks forward to meeting her new neighbors each year that blossom into friendships. this year, her neighbors are not only someone she knows but does not look forward to seeing, her ex husband and his family. while dealing with them she is juggling two different romances along with other neighbors she has met.

secrets of the tulip sisters by Susan mallery

Kelly and Olivia have never been close. Kelly is a tulip farmer that has a pretty predictable life. her life is thrown for a curve ball when her sister returns home and a man that sets his sights on kelly.

I’m excited to read these books but I need to finis up some of my other ones!

crawfish boil

every year in july, my brother does a seafood boil. 

have u ever been to a seafood boil? 

traditionally it is crawfish, sausage, potatoes, and corn cooked in a garbage can and then laid out on a table. 

living in the mid West, crawfish aren’t around this area. my brother usually flys them in from lousisana and shrimp. 

it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cook. 

while everyone Is waiting for the food to cook, there is usually fishing, swimming, drinking…lots of drinking.  

they did a drinking scavenger hunt. there were multiple teams of two. every team had to provide a six pack of beer. each team would pick a chip that had a certain color that was assigned to a certain brand of beer. one member of the team would have to chug the beer while the other grabbed another beer that was hidden in the yard some where.what ever team had the first 6 pack of beer completed won. 

it was a pretty fun thing to watch. I don’t participate because I’m not a big drinker. 

after the game and lots of waiting, the boil was completed. 

here was the finished product. sorry a plate got in the way lol. 

it looks so good! tasted good as well.

I only ate the sausage and potatoes. I do not like seafood but it was fun to watch people eat them. 

I’m back!!!!

I’m back everyone!! I kinda took a break from blogging for the week. it was a hectic week. we had a little dilemma with my bfs kids mom. it kinda consumed our week. worrying and trying to do what was best in the situation. 

 I’m now back and ready to post every day. I was reading everyone’s posts and commenting. 

How is everyone doing ??! did u even miss me!?

gym relapse– adventures of a curvy girl 02

It has happened to all of us. We miss one day at the gym, then two,  and bam! it has been a month. gymrelapse4

I am in the middle of gym relapse. I have not been to the gym since June 30, 2017.

I NEED TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER!!!! I wrote a similar post yesterday, get my crap together. maybe posting these blogs and admitting I have a problem with help get my act straighten up.


  • Obstacles. everyone has them. work, school, kids, time, money etc. find out what your obstacle is and tackle it. mine the past week has been the kid home. he has been with his mother and we unexpectedly had to find a babysitter. yes, it is an excuse. instead of going to work out, come home and get ready and take him to his grandma, I slept in. I used him as an excuse and I should not.
  • Boredom. no one likes doing the same thing day in and day out. change up your routine, go to classes, etc. I was not really getting to bored, I was doing body pump 3x a week and the routine changes.
  • Benefits. working out has many benefits. remind yourself what those benefits are. getting healthier, losing weight, becoming tone. they all benefit you. without exercising you can not benefit your body.
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. I have all three of these. most people have stress in their lives. the stress of the kid coming home and having to deal with the bf mom last week kinda hit me a little hard. my anxiety was up. depression set in due to being at the weight management doctor and only seeing a pound off the scale when I have been working so much harder! i am trying to get myself out of the rump. taking my medications, talking with bf about the stress with his mother, and trying to distress at the gym.



  • identifying your obstacles. lay them all out there. write them on a piece of paper. post on a motivation board. i know what my reasons are and I’m going to overcome them.
    • obstacle is kid being home. go to bed early, get up early, come home in time to take to grandma. just plan, everything will be fine.
    • boredom should not be a problem since the body pump routine just was changed
    • benefits. i was losing weight. i could feel it in my clothes! i was feeling better! i want that again.
    • stress, anxiety, and depression. take my medications. use the stress and anxiety as a motivator at the gym.
  • support. everyone goes thru a gym relapse. even athletics. join your friends at the gym to make yourself more accountable plus have someone with you.
  • avoid being a “Debbie downer.” my mom always would say that to me, i still say it. basically means, stop being negative about everything. make your exercise routine happen.
  • temporary. a gym relapse is just that, temporary. it is not permeant. i can pick up tomorrow. don’t think that just because you missed one day, two, or a month that you can not get back in the gym.


  • I’m ready to get back in the gym. gymrelapse2
  • pack my workout bag the night before AS WELL AS my work bag. that way I am ready to get up in the morning.
  • if i can not make a 5 am class.. go to the one at night.
  • try other classes, for example the swim classes at the gym in the next town over.
  • go to bed early so the excuse of not getting enough sleep isn’t an excuse
  • meet up with the girl i work with at the gym, she is doing the same weight management class i am.
  • prevent the stress in my life! or at least limit it. try not to let everything bother me. this is going to be a lot harder than normal.
  • anxiety/depression. take my medications, it will help and exercise was making me feel even better about myself.
  • it is only temporary. i will be fine. i just took a week off, does not mean that i am a failure.

Do you have any advice?

Has this happened to you?




manic Monday ooohhhh wish it were sunday 

yes, I was singing that while I typed. you are lucky you only have to read it.not here me sing. 

I am hoping this Monday is specular. but I have a feeling that it is going to be a maniac Monday. all Monday’s in the doctors office is crazy.  

instead of giving you a play by play of hours I’m just going to give you some quick goals/plans/meals.

goals for Monday 

  • up at 430. yes, I said 430. I’m going to the gym to do the body pump class from 5 to 6. I hope i don’t die. 
  • if I’m still alive after, I plan on doing some strength training then some walking
  • call bf to make sure he is awake around 645. he better be up or I’ll have to go home
  • get to work by 8 so that I can add my time to my timecard I forgot to do Friday. 
  • lunch is green beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. I have green peppers for snack. 
  • clean house quickly when home
  • do dishes when dinner is cooking
  • dinner will be zucchini noodles, chicken, and mushrooms. I will be taking pictures. 

work out goals

  • do not die at body pump
  • actually go to body pump
  • do strengthing exercises 
  • no cheating

other than working and going to the gym, I hope I survive the weather. last night almost to midnight it was still 80 outside. the humidity is climbing. there is a heat advisory for today. 

is it hot where you are? what plans do you have for this Monday? 

and…in case you were wondering or trying to figure out what song I was singing here is a video.

It’s just another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday ‘Cause that’s my fun day My I don’t have to run day It’s just another manic Monday” the bangles. yes I am totally singing this rocking out with my hairbrush, poofed up hair from the 80s, those ugly jeans, tube socks, etc. gotta love the 80s!

Tuesday rush

I didn’t think that I would be able to get everything that I planned for Monday accomplished. I hope everyone had an awesome Monday, slept good, and have a good t uesday!

Tuesday plan:

  • up at 545, dressed and out the door by 6. 
  • arrive at the gym by 610
  • walk track or do treadmill from 615 to 630
  • 630 to 7 strength training
  • 7 to 730, walk track, treadmill or dare I say elliptical??!
  • 730 to 8 second set of strength training
  • 8 to 815 walk to cool down
  • 815 shower and change clothes 
  • start work at 9 am
  • have shake by 915
  • leave work at 12
  • come home and eat green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms with lemon shake
  • leave house at 1 pm with bf for his doctor appt
  • go to Wal-Mart, get black shorts for bf new job! 
  • talk about if we are having friends again for dinner… chicken drumsticks, chicken rice, ramen soup, or pbj n chips night?
  • come home and sit outside. maybe read, catch up on blogs, fish?
  • cook dinner around 6 pm
  • clean up dishes by 730
  • take a walk from 730 to 9ish
  • update blog for the night
  • make sure take medicine, brush teeth, wash face
  • track meal and habits in bullet journal
  • bed


I feel like that is a lot of things to do. I hope i get them all done. I’m sure I’m not going to stick to much to the times in the afternoon. hopefully I get a lot of pictures of our walk. 

what do you have plans for Tuesday? anything fun? are you working? day off? 

any plans for dinner? maybe I can steal your idea!

stay tuned for more rambles!

ps. this post will be posted in the morning as opposed to Monday’s which was posted at night by accident! lol

A view of June.

Hello everyone. Sorry I did not post my june post on time. I was sick on the first and went to bed by 7:30. I know I should have planned things out more… but yeah didn’t happen. just like most of goals for may did not happen. lol.

June. its the beginning of summer for most kids. sunny weather, cool nights, bugs, sunscreen, lake. I love summer. this month I really hope to accomplish a lot.

Days to remember:

June 24th -my sisters birthday!

There really isn’t anything planned for june. I did not sign up for any craft classes at the library. they didn’t have anything when I was off work. We also don’t really have anything extra going on with my family or the bfs as of right now.

Things I want to get doneto do list

  1. put together the shoe storage from ikea. this was on last months to do. I better get it done.
  2. hang up pictures in my room
  3. clean out frig. this really should get done sooner rather than later
  4. clean up the mud room especially the white cabinet
  5. dust the kitchen
  6. plant some flowers
  7. figure out the herb garden containers in the mud room
  8. go thru kids bedroom for garage sale items
  9. go thru our bedroom for garage sale items
  10. go thru basement and where ever else is left for garage sale items
  11. buy book babe book for my book club
  12. finish my local book club book

Goals for Junegoals4

  1. do dishes every night before bed
  2. do a load of laundry before I leave for work, come home and put away
  3. take a walk every night with the bf
  4. stick to a budge
  5. have at least one date with the bf
  6. take my medicine every day

goals for my blog

  1. post every day
  2. finish out the life as a nurse challenge
  3. post some recipes
  4. post book reviews
  5. read up on blogs that I haven’t had time to read on

goals for my weight loss journey

  1. eat breakfast
  2. track foods every day
  3. track exercise every day
  4. go to gym at least 5 days a week. if not before work, try to get in after work
  5. eat healthy, no eating out all week
  6. lose at least 5 more pounds
  7. create a weight loss motivation board in mud room by treadmill
  8. walk at least 1-3 miles every day
  9.  no pop
  10. no cheating
  11. don’t let stress dictate how I eat or exercise

books on my TBR shelf

  1. before I go to sleep s. j. Watson– this is for my book club
  2. how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk adele faber- this is for the parenting book club that I am in
  3. killing kate alex lake
  4. the next accident lisa gardner
  5. alone lisa gardner
  6. my husbands wife jane corry
  7. heart of a killer daven rosenfelt
  8. made for us Samantha chase
  9. since she went away david bell
  10. most dangerous place james grippando
  11. the girl who was taken Charlie donlea
  12. under the knife Kelly parsons

wow that is a lot!

I hope june continues to be good. it is only the third of the month and I am being pretty healthy lately. I haven’t spent to much money… i’m posting almost every day. I am half way thru the book Before I go to sleep. I haven’t completed anything on my goals or things to do, but there is plenty of time!

anxiety hurting my health journey

stressIt has been one of those weeks. well, like three weeks lately. I have not been doing very well on my health journey. I am still exercising. I am walking every day. I just am not putting a lot of effort into my exercising. I am also watching what I am eating but I am not sticking to my shakes and bars like I should be. why? I’m not sure. I want to say it is all stress/anxiety related but I know there is more. lack of motivation? lack of seeing the numbers go done?

anxietygirlmy stress/anxiety has been thru the roof lately because it is the last week of school. yes, I know I shouldn’t be under that much stress but this Saturday the kid leaves to go to his moms for two months. two whole months. aware from his dad and I. two months three states away. it is scary. every possible wrong thing goes thru my head. i’m barely sleeping because i’m worrying. i’m not getting anything done in the house because I am so anxious I can’t concentrate. I am not doing my 110% at work because I am anxious.

anyone that asks why I am so anxious, I tell them he is my kid. my kid is leaving for two months. what am I going to do with myself? his dad is trying to focus on other things… work, fishing, friends, family etc. Anything to not think about him not having his baby boy around.

in the last couple of weeks we have been trying to get as much things in as possible to spend time with him. we don’t want him to go and worry about it constantly but we are not letting him now that it is bothering us. he knows we are going to miss him but he does not know it is because of the situation with his mother.

with all the stress/anxiety i’m just not myself. when I’m stressed I do stupid things. like everyone really. I pick fights with my bf. I pick fights with my mom. I take out my frustrations and anxiety on anyone that is close. it is not a healthy way to express myself I know, but it is the way I can get it out there. I also have neglected myself. i’m not doing my health journey, i’m not doing any tasks on my to do list.anxiety

I keep telling myself, it will be ok. on Saturday he will go with his mom. everything will be ok. in the back of my mind tho, I think that I am going to be ok but then again…I think about the two months that he will not be around to share things with.

I will get thru this.