my version of chicken tikki marsala

disclaimer: I have never cooked tikki marsala or ate it before. I’m sure the real version and not from a can is so much better. plus I’m not sure if I made it correctly.

to begin I cubed chicken breast. had about 3 lb all together.

diced up an onion and pepper.

coated the chicken with flour, pepper, and salt

cooked that until brown with the onions and pepper.

then I added the sauce…yes from a jar. I let that simmer until done.

I also served it with rice

it was good. a lot spicy then i was expecting. I told the guys it smells like pumpkin cooking. I wish we had places around here that has this meal available. I need to look into making it from scratch.

have you ever had this before ? do you like it ?

Hawaiian chicken foil packs on the grill

when it is hot outside, I crave spicy food.

I didn’t want to cook in the house bc it was so hot out it would be miserable inside. 

I decided to do Hawaiian chicken on the grill. instead of doing multiple dishes separate, I put everything in a foil pack. 

first, I cut up the pineapple, green pepper, onions, potatoes and jalapeno peppers. the mushrooms were already sliced. 

after everything was cut up, I assembled the foil packs. chicken went first and was seasoned with salt and pepper and Hawaiian barbecue sauce. 

then the vegetables !

everything is wrapped and placed on the grill 

I cooked on indirect heat for about 15 minutes. then flipped and cooked on direct for 5 then flipped for another 10. 

it turned out amazing! 

I added a little more Hawaiian barbecue sauce and pepper to mine. 

campfire chili 

the meal plan went a little off this week but I stuck with chili for Saturday. originally I was going to do it in the crockpot, but a fire sounded awesome. 

I built the fire all by myself!

for the chili i kept it simple. 3 lb ground hamburger with onions. 

after it was browned, I added it to the Dutch oven. two large cans of diced tomatoes, tomato paste, hot chili beans and chili seasoning. 

next it goes on the fire till done! 

it turned out so good!

skinny teriyaki pineapple pork with rice and green beans 


I know what your thinking… weird combo for dinner but it was oh so good! 

for the pork you need to marinade for about 2 hours or overnight. I didn’t have the time for overnight. 

mix together 1/3 pineapple juice, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, about 1 tbsp ginger, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tbsp onion powder. soak your pork
when ready to cook, put the pork in a separate dish. make a slurry with flour and water. boil mixture you used to marinade the pork. once boiled add the slurry until thick. you will use to baste your pork. 
don’t forget to cook the pineapple sliced as well! 
while the pork was cooking I made rice. because I have fallen in love with cilantro lime rice that is what I made lol. I added more cilantro and onion at the end. 

also made green beans on the side. nothing special, just frozen green beans seasoned and warmed up lol  

steak, red potatoes and broccoli

do you eat a lot of meat in your house? I live with two boys (well a man and a boy, still my boys lol), they eat meat over chicken every day. 

a favorite item is steak in our house. sometimes it is hard to find a good steak that won’t break the bank. 

the bf has found that he can buy a roast, marinade it, and then cut down to steak size and it is almost better than buying steak. ok, a filet or new York strip is still better. 

tonight, I out dinner into the bf hands. he made a dry rub for the roast. it is a London broil roast. he cooked on low on the grill for about 45minutes. 

while that was cooking, I made the broccoli and potatoes. simple task. 

broccoli was washed, drizzled with olive oil then coated with seasoning. 

potatoes were washed, quartered, drizzled with olive oil and seasoning. 

both into the oven at 400 for about 1t minutes 

doesn’t it look good?!?!?

chicken rice bowl

evening everyone! for dinner I made a quick healthy meal. it was a chicken and rice bowl. they are pretty popular. 

the only thing that I needed to cook was the chicken. I didn’t have any taco seasoning, so I used old bay. yeah, it’s a little different but gave great flavor to the chicken. 

I also made cilantro lime rice again. which is basically just rice that you cook normally then when it’s done add chopped up cilantro and a squirt or two of lime juice. 

add just pico de gao, cheese, olives, and guacamole and you have the perfect chicken rice bowl. 

unfortunately, I just realized that I thought I took the picture… and I didnt. oh well lol. 

here is a picture from Pinterest. I linked the recipe of this picture. 


 healthy budget meal 01 

sounds boring, I know, but we need to figure something out to be more healthy and stay on budget. 

since I am off my healthy eating lately I put together a meal plan for the week.

the bf and I usually do one grocery shop a month and then pick up food as needed. well, we are changing that this week. I planned our meals based on what I already had in the fridge. 

the purpose of this post is to show you:

  • meal plan from Sunday to Sunday
  • groceries I need to buy for recipes and lunches 
  • how much is spent at the store for budget planning 


  1.  Sunday night (tonight). chicken Mexican rice bowl
  2. Monday steak, steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes 
  3. Tuesday teriyaki pineapple pork loin with cilantro rice
  4. Wednesday lettuce hamburgers, fries, green beans
  5. Thursday tiki marsala chicken, salad, and couscous
  6. Friday Italian pork chops, green beans, and scalloped potatoes 
  7. Saturday chili


    • pop for bf
    • shredded cheese and sliced cheese
    • lemons and limes 
    • mint
    • onions
    • loaf of bread
    • creamer
    • sugar 
    • cucumber 
    • lettuce 
    • sugar free jello
    • hot pockets
    • grapefruit juice
    • spicy chicken patties 
    • burritos or taquitos 
    • minced garlic
    • pineapple slices
    • large tomatoe
    • green peppers
    • couscous
    • eggs
    • tomatoe paste
    • canned tomatoes chili ready
    • green beans 
    • tomatoe sauce 
    • chili beans
    • celery
    • hamburger 


    • I spent 117.83 total
    • I saved $20 in savings at Kroger 
    • earned double gas points because I shopped at Kroger. 


    • helps to look at the ads and coupon
    • stick with a budget and recipes in mind. 
    • make a list that way you know what you are after. found this awesome print out… after I went shopping. Will do that next time. 
    • I only bought a couple extra things: pork steak and steak on sale for half price, salad topping, rice meals for bf
    • I feel like for one week, $100 is still pretty expensive. hopefully next week I can get it down further 

    Mexican at home 

    I love Mexican style food. give me burritos, tacos, salsa and chips, tomatillo sauce every day. I would never get bored. eating out every week to Mexican gets boring (according to the boys only). plus it gets pretty expensive. 

    I knew tonight was going to be a late night for the bf at work. 

    I guess from reading my other posts, every night is a late night or a busy day that we want fast meals. 

    instead of going out, I brought mexican to us. recently bought pork canitas from the store on sale. my PLAN was to cook in crockpot and shred it…. yeah didn’t happen.

    the meat ended up getting brown in a stock pot. 

    when cooking, I put a bag of frozen peppers and onion in the crock pot. 

    cut the pork into very tiny pieces, mixed with taco seasoning and put back into the crockpot. 

    I started to assemble my burritos. tortillas, meat mixture, Pico de gao, cheese then wrap. 

    I topped one with green tomatillo sauce and the other with red enchilada sauce. 

    Cooke for 15 minutes on 350. 

    in the rice cooker, cilantro and lime juice went in. 

    they were a lot prettier going in then coming out but very tasty. I enjoyed the green more than the red. 

    here is the finished plate. doesn’t look very appetizing but very good! 

    easy chicken dinner Monday 

    hi y’all. it’s been one of those Monday’s. everything is off. I was off at work, missing up names and saying the wrong thing. the weather is messed up, it’s june and only 70 outside! 

    after getting off work I really didn’t want to cook. Monday’s are a late day for bf and I knew the easy thing would be to go out. I didn’t want to spend money or eat out and over eat, so I did simple. 

    chicken, rice, and broccoli. 

    I marinated the chicken with this mix from Wal-Mart. it’s about .75 cents. you mix in olive oil, white wine vinegar, and water. marinate for about 30 minutes 

    to make dinner even simpler, I did cilantro rice in the rice cooker. 

    even MORE simpler was putting a bag of steamable broccoli in the microwave. 

    yes, I’m lazy. but after a long day I didn’t want to slave over a stove. 

    here is the chicken on the grill 

    guilt free pesto chicken spaghetti squash “lasagna” wow that is a mouthful!

    do you love recipes that are filling, taste delicious, and are healthy for you? then you should try this recipe of guilt free pesto chicken spaghetti squash that I made tonight.


    • chicken breasts, enough to feed your family. I did 3 but they were small. cut into cubes
    • pesto sauce
    • spaghetti squash
    • mozzarella cheese or a cheese you prefer
    • ricotta cheese
    • Italian seasoning
    • one egg
    • mushrooms (optional)
    • onions (optional)
    • salt, pepper to taste


    • prepare your spaghetti squash. what I have found is best is to take your squash and poke holes down the center and put into the microwave for about 5 minutes. depending on how big and thick you might have to do more time.
    • cut your squash open, scrap out all the seeds and gunk. sprinkle with olive oil and Italian seasoning.
    • put into the oven until it is soft enough you can poke a fork thru it. about 20-30 minutes.
    • when ready, use a fork to make into spaghetti
    • cook your chicken breasts that you have cut up into cubes. i added onions to mine. once cooked mixed with pesto sauce. use as much or as little as you want depending on your taste preference.
    • make your ricotta filling, about 1 cup of ricotta. you can use more depending on if you have larger family dish to make or large amount of spaghetti squash.
    • mix one egg, Italian dressing, and ricotta together until smooth
    • build your “lasagna”! put the spaghetti squash in the bottom. don’t forget to spray your pan!
    • next spread your ricotta layer. if you want to change up the layers go right 
    • pesto chicken mix
    • mushrooms. original recipe i was thinking for tonight did not have mushrooms in it. but when i went to the store and saw these for only 1.99, i knew i needed to have them. put as many or as few as you want on the top. you don’t even have to put them on the top, you can mix into your pesto chicken mix or the ricotta or even the squash. make it your own, it’s guilt free remember 🙂 As you can see, i added a lot because well who doesn’t like mushrooms?!?!?
    • top with mozzarella cheese. at first i planned for sprinkle cheese…until i saw i had mozzarella slices.
    • cover with alumina foil and place into the oven for about 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and boiling.
    • uncover and cook for about 10-15 more minutes until nicely browned.
    • EAT!
    • serve with slice of bread or a nice salad