New Happy Planner/budget planner

I’m an organizational freak. ok, I do slack off at times. I love to be crafty. I love bullet journaling. If you know about bullet journaling, a moleskin journal would make sense to you. that was what I was using and designing my layouts each week. I was getting so in depth in my layouts and putting so much time and effort that I was not even using them. gasp! it is bullet journaling problem #43! ok, I made that up. but it’s true!

I have so much bullet journaling supplies that I didn’t want to give it up entirely especially with work schedules, bills, kid stuff, selling thirty-one and just every day junk I needed help!

I recently bought a new planner from micheals on sale! I was drawn to the pretty flower cover

originally, I was not going to go with the predated planner but after looking this planner started in july, so I really only lost about a month.

each month has a overlook of the month page, a monthly spread, and then broken down into weeklies. below I inserted a slideshow !

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while at micheals I was tempted by the inserts that they have for happy planners. I found a budget one. in the budget packet, there is enough for about 6 months. each month comes with a monthly spread (prob wont use this really but I have to put it in for the other pages), expenses, monthly budget in a glance, bills, and finally a budget review page.  look below another slideshow!

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I have not wrote in it yet. I’m doing that today. yes, I know. i’m suppose to be writing down my tasks but I have been doing other things today on my day off!

do you plan? what do you use? are you simple or like a lot of design?

Kid reward system

Hey everyone! I know that I have been missing for the past couple of weeks but it has been a busy couple of weeks! we went boy scout camping, getting ready for school, and now on to the second week of school getting into a routine.

we don’t have issues with discipline or behavior to much… well ok, we have a 10 year old boy that is everything like his father! lol. he is a chatty kid and in school it tends to get him in trouble.

the fiancée and I talked about the kid and how we didn’t really want to give him an allowance for chores, grades, or doing good in school. don’t get me wrong, it shows kids how to manage money by reward and consequence. but how we saw it, we never were given an allowance because as a family you help out around the house, this including chores. we don’t want me to think about the chores as a punishment but what he does to contribute to the family.

I know a lot of people may or may not agree with this. my own mother doesn’t agree with it. she says he should have an allowance for chores and grades because then he sees what happens when he is good. I was like “Mom, I never got an allowance!!!”

so instead of rewarding with money we decided to do something different. I put together a couple containers that I bought from the dollar store. really everything came from the dollar store, I think I spent about $7. 20170813_190601

what I bought at the dollar store was four containers, two packages of pom-poms and popsicle sticks that are colored.

we knew that the kid was getting points in school based on his behavior. if he was given a warning or points were taken away we were notified thru an app on our phone.

the kid likes to talk. he is a talker. its not really a disruptive talking per the teacher but more like he wants to help other kids and he talks. last week he was telling us that he was doing very well in school to come to find out that he is not… he was being warned every day because of the talking. we knew it was coming. we were hopeful it would not be a problem. the lying was the other big issue. he wasn’t telling us the truth. he knew that we might not know what is going on in school if we didn’t ask the teacher. what he didn’t know was that I was in contact with the teacher all week and I found out that no…he was not doing very well and continued to lie to his dad and I.

after a couple of days of looking into ways for discipline that would work for him we came up with a reward and consequence jars. each day he can get pom-poms from his dad or I.

pom-poms are rewarded with no warnings in school, no points taken away, chores done correctly with no reminders, no back talking, putting clothes away correctly, etc.

when he gains pom-poms, he can “cash” them in for popsicle sticks based on how many he has. each color of popsicle stick was assigned a number (red 160, orange 125, yellow 100, green 75, blue 50, purple 10). he can “cash” in any day or at the end of the week. we explained that if he waits he could gain all 160 pom-poms to gain a red popsicle. on each popsicle I have labeled rewards based on how many pom-poms and how long it could possibly take him to achieve them. the reds are worth more, some of the rewards are going out to movie and dinner, dinner to his place of choice, $10 to spend. the rewards go on from there. you can see in some of the pictures what I wrote on them.

we are hoping that doing this is showing him that when he is doing good in school as well as expectations around the house are done then he can benefit from them.

now, I don’t want you to think that he goes without. he does not. if we go to the store and he sees something that he would like to have, we buy it depending on the situation and if we think that he deserves it at that time. we will continue to do that but this gives him something special knowing that he did this because of his good actions. does that make sense? or only in my head??!

for bad behavior like warnings, points being taken away, not doing chores, back talking, lying, etc then he has a consequence jar. in the past couple of years, we had consequences for his actions and usually they lasted the rest of the night. he suffered and we suffered. if we had something planned then we couldn’t do it because we didn’t want him to think that we forgot about what he did, but then we started suffering and fighting.

this new thing that we are doing does not take away from the action that deserves a consequence. if we feel like a behavior deserves more than just one popsicle stick or more than just no tv but losing other things then we have that option. we are the parents after all! lol

instead of going on colors by severity of consequence I just wrote on plain popsicle sticks. I’m hoping that it gives him some kind of control over his action. instead of us telling him what is going to happen, he draws from the container to find out what happens. 20170815_121122

I am hoping that this reward system works well and doesn’t come back to bite us in the butt!

have you ever done anything like this before for your kids?

anything that you can add or help me would be much appreciated!








crawfish boil

every year in july, my brother does a seafood boil. 

have u ever been to a seafood boil? 

traditionally it is crawfish, sausage, potatoes, and corn cooked in a garbage can and then laid out on a table. 

living in the mid West, crawfish aren’t around this area. my brother usually flys them in from lousisana and shrimp. 

it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cook. 

while everyone Is waiting for the food to cook, there is usually fishing, swimming, drinking…lots of drinking.  

they did a drinking scavenger hunt. there were multiple teams of two. every team had to provide a six pack of beer. each team would pick a chip that had a certain color that was assigned to a certain brand of beer. one member of the team would have to chug the beer while the other grabbed another beer that was hidden in the yard some where.what ever team had the first 6 pack of beer completed won. 

it was a pretty fun thing to watch. I don’t participate because I’m not a big drinker. 

after the game and lots of waiting, the boil was completed. 

here was the finished product. sorry a plate got in the way lol. 

it looks so good! tasted good as well.

I only ate the sausage and potatoes. I do not like seafood but it was fun to watch people eat them. 

campfire chili 

the meal plan went a little off this week but I stuck with chili for Saturday. originally I was going to do it in the crockpot, but a fire sounded awesome. 

I built the fire all by myself!

for the chili i kept it simple. 3 lb ground hamburger with onions. 

after it was browned, I added it to the Dutch oven. two large cans of diced tomatoes, tomato paste, hot chili beans and chili seasoning. 

next it goes on the fire till done! 

it turned out so good!

library haul 03

this post is a little late due to me being lazy. 

I ran to the library quick on Tuesday. I took some books back from haul 2 that I could not get into. 

the Supremes at earls all you can eat by Edward Moore.

                   this is the book I’m going to read for my book club. the Supremes are Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean are best friends that have been thru a lot of life obstacles together. 

the book shop on the corner by Jenny Colgan 

        this book has been on my tbr list for a lot of reasons. I think I was affected to it for cover of books! nina is a book matchmaker. putting a reader together with the perfect book. she had a job in a library in the city but ends of moving to a small town to buy a van. she transforms the van into a library that she takes to people. 

knife creek by Paul door in

        Mike is a game warden that discovers a dead baby in a shallow grave. the baby belongs to the woman disappeared 4 years ago during a rafting trip. close to home brings a whole new meaning when Mike realizes his neighbors aren’t who they seem to be. 

it’s always the husband by Michele Campbell 

kate, Aubrey, and Jenny are three very different friends that met during college when roommates. 21 yrs later one of them is standing on a bridge while someone is urging her to jump. three women that love but hate each other. one of them does. was it really the husband or the friend? 

woman no. 17 by edan lepucki

set in the posh hills of los Angeles, lady Daniels decides to take a break from her husband. she is trying to finish her memoir but needs help taking care of her children. S arrives on the scene. she is going to take care of the toddler as well as keep an eye on her teenage son, Seth. 

beach house for rent by Mary alice Monroe 

cara rents out her house to Heather to keep her husband’s business going. Heather is an artist that paints postage stamps. but cara wants to go home where Heather is now living but doesn’t want to leave. they become roommates that are strangers that become friends while they go thru tough times. 

lost and found sisters by jill shalvis 

Quinn is finally getting her life on track when her sister dies in a car accident. she has everything that anyone would want the perfect job, family, and bf. she is approached from a lawyer regarding an inheritance that she must claim herself. on a whim she heads up the coast to California and leaves behind her job, home, and bf. while there she sees that this inheritance is more than what she thought. 

well there it is. the books I picked out recently. a lot of them state that they are 14 day loans, so I better get reading!!! 

when your menu plan doesn’t work because it’s wednesday

ever get to Wednesday and it feels like such a hurdle? you can’t get to it fast enough and then it arrives…and your worn out. 

today was one of those days. I started off the day right, up at 430 am for body bump. went to work ready for the day. 

as the day went on, my mood just got worse. I had a headache like crazy. I am moody, complaining, and bitchy.  all us women know, I’m pmsing. 

when I got home, I went to bed to watch tv and cuddle with the dog. I didn’t want to cook and told bf either pizza hut or fair. then his friend shows up and my attitude goes crazy… then his parents show up and I about lost my shit in the street. 

he took me the fair where my saving moving and eating healthy went out the window. we split a tenderloin and ribbon dries. no pictures bc I didn’t take phone. 

I was suppose to make a healthy meal today….but yeah.. didn’t happen. 

How are you guys today ? 

sorry my attitude sucks, I blame it on being a women. 

jazz up your water 

hydration. it helps with weight loss, natural food suppressant, aids in metabolism and much more. 

it is important to stay hydrated when you are working out. dehydration can cause dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and lack of concentration. I have heard that if you have hunger pains sometimes in the middle of the day, even when you are eating, it could be a lack of hydration. the hunger pains can cause you to eat pointless calories, when a simple glass of water could solve it. 

drinking one 8 oz of water before bed can help with metabolism as well as an appetite suppressant. some drink one glass before every meal. 

plain water is most important. sugary drinks can cause you issues absorbing water that it needs. caffeine can cause your body to excrete more water due to the diuretic effect. 

the amount of water we each need really is a big debate. some say 8 cups a day, others 10 cups if you are exercising. my weight management dietician and NP, told me I need to drink any where from 8 to 10 cups a day. increase it when I exercise as well as drink extra if I’m not full after my shakes. 

I drink A LOT of water. so much that I have had people question if I’m diabetic, which I’m not. 

at Walmart, I purchased this cup for only $5! it is a bubba cup and holds up to 48 oz of water. at work I can drink about 5 of home double that. 

plain old water is boring to me!! yes, sometimes I’m ok with just ice cold water. other times, I need some lemon in it. 

recently, I have been doing infused water. the combinations are endless. strawberries, cucumbers, lemon, lime, raspberries, pomegranate, mint are just to name a few. 

on Sunday night I prepared my water. cut up thinly sliced cucumber, lemon and lime. infused over night. delicious!!

sugary drinks like pop are my weakness. I had given up drinking them, only maybe having a cup every 2 weeks or so. I got to the point that I didn’t even like the taste any more. 

I’m not sure if I am attracted to the sugary taste or the carbonation. at grocery stores you can buy sparkling carbonated water. there are many different brands aquafina, clear America, sparkling ice, izze, and dasani sparkling just to name a few. 

I love clear America from Wal-Mart. it tastes good to be as well as it is pretty cheap, about 0.68 cents for a large bottle. I found out that if I drink those on a daily basis, I don’t crave pop. plus, some of the flavors are awesome!! I love the fuji apples, strawberry, and peach. 

just remember always stay hydrated when you are working out. jazz up your water so you don’t get bored! 

there are also easy ways to track how much you are drinking. the cheap way, write it down. apps for the phones also have the ability to help keep track, for example fitness pal and fitbit. recently I keep seeing this bottle advertised for drinking water, it lights up when you need to drink and keeps track of how much you are drinking. I didn’t price it, but I’m sure it’s a little costly. 

do you jazz up your water? what are you favorite carbonated drinks? how much are you drinking a day? 

The Book Lover’s Tag

The Book Lover’s Tag! Of course I had to do this tag, when The Happiest Pixel did it! booklover3Thank you for nominating everyone and for giving me the opportunity to take part in this tag! This was also originally developed by Cook and Enjoy Recipes. please head over to their blogs and check them out. they are awesome women!

Book Questions:

Do you have a specific place for reading?

No, I can read anywhere really. I love reading outside in the summer, especially on the deck in the morning.

Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

I have these magnetic bookmarks that I received from a book club member. they are pretty awesome. sometimes I will use pieces of paper. I will admit… I do sometimes fold down the corners, I know, I know… I’m bad.

Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter?

Stop anywhere. If I am reading at home before bed, I usually try to get to the end of the chapter. but life happens and it getting to the end of a chapter doesn’t always happen.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Sometimes. I find it hard to eat while reading. I will occasionally take a sip of water if I need it.

Music or TV while reading?

Both. when I am reading, I can usually block out the noise. When watching tv or movie while reading, I am ok to go back and forth.

One book at a time or several?

booklover1Several. I usually have 1-4 books going at a time. I do this because sometimes I can not get into a book and don’t want to keep reading it, so I start another one. but then I don’t want to give up on the book all together because I have read a lot of great books that just took a little more time to get into them.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

Home is where I usually read. I will read at the park when the boys are fishing.

Read out loudly or silently?

Silently. who reads out loud?!!

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Ok… I do skip pages. If a part is boring or when the author is just putting in fluff… I skip it.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I read. I don’t really pay attention to it. Now i’m not rough on my books. I treat them with respect.

Do you write in your books?

No. If reading for the local book club, I will use post it notes to bring my attention back to it.

My nominees:

Everyone who is reading this post!!! Show me how much you love books! Make sure you tag me



steak, red potatoes and broccoli

do you eat a lot of meat in your house? I live with two boys (well a man and a boy, still my boys lol), they eat meat over chicken every day. 

a favorite item is steak in our house. sometimes it is hard to find a good steak that won’t break the bank. 

the bf has found that he can buy a roast, marinade it, and then cut down to steak size and it is almost better than buying steak. ok, a filet or new York strip is still better. 

tonight, I out dinner into the bf hands. he made a dry rub for the roast. it is a London broil roast. he cooked on low on the grill for about 45minutes. 

while that was cooking, I made the broccoli and potatoes. simple task. 

broccoli was washed, drizzled with olive oil then coated with seasoning. 

potatoes were washed, quartered, drizzled with olive oil and seasoning. 

both into the oven at 400 for about 1t minutes 

doesn’t it look good?!?!?

 healthy budget meal 01 

sounds boring, I know, but we need to figure something out to be more healthy and stay on budget. 

since I am off my healthy eating lately I put together a meal plan for the week.

the bf and I usually do one grocery shop a month and then pick up food as needed. well, we are changing that this week. I planned our meals based on what I already had in the fridge. 

the purpose of this post is to show you:

  • meal plan from Sunday to Sunday
  • groceries I need to buy for recipes and lunches 
  • how much is spent at the store for budget planning 


  1.  Sunday night (tonight). chicken Mexican rice bowl
  2. Monday steak, steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes 
  3. Tuesday teriyaki pineapple pork loin with cilantro rice
  4. Wednesday lettuce hamburgers, fries, green beans
  5. Thursday tiki marsala chicken, salad, and couscous
  6. Friday Italian pork chops, green beans, and scalloped potatoes 
  7. Saturday chili


    • pop for bf
    • shredded cheese and sliced cheese
    • lemons and limes 
    • mint
    • onions
    • loaf of bread
    • creamer
    • sugar 
    • cucumber 
    • lettuce 
    • sugar free jello
    • hot pockets
    • grapefruit juice
    • spicy chicken patties 
    • burritos or taquitos 
    • minced garlic
    • pineapple slices
    • large tomatoe
    • green peppers
    • couscous
    • eggs
    • tomatoe paste
    • canned tomatoes chili ready
    • green beans 
    • tomatoe sauce 
    • chili beans
    • celery
    • hamburger 


    • I spent 117.83 total
    • I saved $20 in savings at Kroger 
    • earned double gas points because I shopped at Kroger. 


    • helps to look at the ads and coupon
    • stick with a budget and recipes in mind. 
    • make a list that way you know what you are after. found this awesome print out… after I went shopping. Will do that next time. 
    • I only bought a couple extra things: pork steak and steak on sale for half price, salad topping, rice meals for bf
    • I feel like for one week, $100 is still pretty expensive. hopefully next week I can get it down further