healthy budget meal 01 

sounds boring, I know, but we need to figure something out to be more healthy and stay on budget. 

since I am off my healthy eating lately I put together a meal plan for the week.

the bf and I usually do one grocery shop a month and then pick up food as needed. well, we are changing that this week. I planned our meals based on what I already had in the fridge. 

the purpose of this post is to show you:

  • meal plan from Sunday to Sunday
  • groceries I need to buy for recipes and lunches 
  • how much is spent at the store for budget planning 


  1.  Sunday night (tonight). chicken Mexican rice bowl
  2. Monday steak, steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes 
  3. Tuesday teriyaki pineapple pork loin with cilantro rice
  4. Wednesday lettuce hamburgers, fries, green beans
  5. Thursday tiki marsala chicken, salad, and couscous
  6. Friday Italian pork chops, green beans, and scalloped potatoes 
  7. Saturday chili


    • pop for bf
    • shredded cheese and sliced cheese
    • lemons and limes 
    • mint
    • onions
    • loaf of bread
    • creamer
    • sugar 
    • cucumber 
    • lettuce 
    • sugar free jello
    • hot pockets
    • grapefruit juice
    • spicy chicken patties 
    • burritos or taquitos 
    • minced garlic
    • pineapple slices
    • large tomatoe
    • green peppers
    • couscous
    • eggs
    • tomatoe paste
    • canned tomatoes chili ready
    • green beans 
    • tomatoe sauce 
    • chili beans
    • celery
    • hamburger 


    • I spent 117.83 total
    • I saved $20 in savings at Kroger 
    • earned double gas points because I shopped at Kroger. 


    • helps to look at the ads and coupon
    • stick with a budget and recipes in mind. 
    • make a list that way you know what you are after. found this awesome print out… after I went shopping. Will do that next time. 
    • I only bought a couple extra things: pork steak and steak on sale for half price, salad topping, rice meals for bf
    • I feel like for one week, $100 is still pretty expensive. hopefully next week I can get it down further 

    money smart 01 Рthe beginning 

    everyone hates talking about being a responsible adult, especially when a budget is the main topic. I hate budgeting. I avoid the topic. I make a plan, never follow thru. 

    my work offers a class for free about money management. they want you to be debt free. I want to be debt free. but it is hard. I admit, we live paycheck to paycheck. I hate it. 

    the money management course is thru Dave Ramsey, maybe you have heard of him? he is pretty famous. books, classes, websites, blogs, and tons of seminars. look him up!

    since the bf is working full time, I don’t have 100% of the bills. we have decided that we would start bill planning, which is harder than shit. I mean it’s hard when you don’t have any money to even save.  

    the purpose of this program is dependent on what you want out of it. you can either be doing the program for control of credit, get out of debit, save for retirement, save for a house or prefer not to say. I choose to get out of debit. we have one credit card, only in emergencies. but I have student loans… like a lot. I’ll be laying till I’m in my 80s. I went to a private university for nursing, meaning I’m in debit. 

    after you chose your path, you take a quick profile questions. some of the questions deal with if you work full time/ part time, married, children, and how much you make in a year. 

    then you go on to the baby steps. I love the videos that dave Ramsey sets up for you. you are basically watching his seminars. now it is free for me because of my workplace. 

    the first step that I am to complete in about 3 to 4 weeks is getting $1000 in the bank for emergencies. the purpose is so that you have some money when you start paying off your debit.

    $1000 is a lot of money. a lot. how are we going to do it?!?

    according to dave Ramsey, we need to basically save every money we can, delete subscriptions, no eating out, no extra spending, etc. this is going to be hard because we do eat out a lot. a lot. 

    the bf and I decided that we are going to tackle this problem. it is going to be hard. difficult. time consuming. a journey. a struggle.

    I want to show you guys our plan, journey, struggles  when we start to become more responsible. 

    I am ready to be debit free. 

    what you can expect from these posts are the steps we are taking. I think I’m going to post bill planning, updates on saving, as well as what ever else I decide lol. 

    I have to admit, this information might be to personal or to much. but I feel like maybe others might need directions. 

    are you going to read about my journey?!?