Holiday signs

Our town library has free classes that you can to go.

The month of November they did a class called ‘make and take.’ Every month they have a different theme of a craft that you can do for free as long as supplies last.

November was making winter signs. They were so much fun to make !

What crafts have you made for the holidays?


Planner pages for weight loss

Do u have a Planner? I would not be able to survive without one. I have one for just my day to day and then another for my meals and weight loss.

I will be doing another post about my outline for December. Stay tuned for that!

I have seen on Pinterest and the many groups I belong to on Facebook that people are doing weight loss trackers.

I have on my phone a weight app but I also wanted something hard copy.

I am no artist, so this is just very rough.

Basically just made a road map looking thing lol or that is what I think it looks like.

Each box is 1 pound or I might even do 5 lbs since I’m losing pretty fast.

I am embarrassed to show my starting weight at 215 lb. No judgement please.

On the opposite side I did a quick measurement drawing and then wrote down for future dates i do my measurements.

Do you have a planner ? I would love to know if you do so that i can check out the pages!

New Happy Planner/budget planner

I’m an organizational freak. ok, I do slack off at times. I love to be crafty. I love bullet journaling. If you know about bullet journaling, a moleskin journal would make sense to you. that was what I was using and designing my layouts each week. I was getting so in depth in my layouts and putting so much time and effort that I was not even using them. gasp! it is bullet journaling problem #43! ok, I made that up. but it’s true!

I have so much bullet journaling supplies that I didn’t want to give it up entirely especially with work schedules, bills, kid stuff, selling thirty-one and just every day junk I needed help!

I recently bought a new planner from micheals on sale! I was drawn to the pretty flower cover

originally, I was not going to go with the predated planner but after looking this planner started in july, so I really only lost about a month.

each month has a overlook of the month page, a monthly spread, and then broken down into weeklies. below I inserted a slideshow !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

while at micheals I was tempted by the inserts that they have for happy planners. I found a budget one. in the budget packet, there is enough for about 6 months. each month comes with a monthly spread (prob wont use this really but I have to put it in for the other pages), expenses, monthly budget in a glance, bills, and finally a budget review page.  look below another slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have not wrote in it yet. I’m doing that today. yes, I know. i’m suppose to be writing down my tasks but I have been doing other things today on my day off!

do you plan? what do you use? are you simple or like a lot of design?

June 12-18 bullet journal simply done

If you have been reading my posts, you know that I love to bullet journal. sometimes my life allows me to take time and plan out my weeklies. they look beautiful and have hardwork, sayings, and are designed with no flaws. bulletjournal1

other days, like today, I just want to get everything put down on paper so I do not forget. yes, I took some time with the layout. I did a simple design, a couple different arrows.

I started out with my typically blank pages. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do this week.20170611_174226.jpg

I figured.. what could go wrong with arrows?!? so I drew some in quickly with my pencil. stuck with simple cursive handwriting for the days of the week and dates.



I divided my sections with different kind of arrows for my to-do list, habits, and blog ideas. 20170611_174231

I than added some color. purple is what I grabbed first. I really didn’t care to much this week. I just wanted to get some stuff done.

I then did meal plan in pink. to-do list and important things through out week blue. which the blue really didn’t show up, it was very close to the purple. then green for my habit tracker. I did not fill in anything for my blog ideas before I took this picture because I don’t want you guys seeing what I am doing! i’m so


I know my drawing and handwriting isn’t perfect. what I like to do this on a down day. like today, when it is so hot outside that you don’t want to be out there. might as well get some bullet journaling done!


you can see that I made a mistake on Thursday on my meals and had to use some washi tape. don’t you just love washi tape? I do!

if you bullet journal, did you spend a lot of time this week on your weekly? did you go fast or go into detail? share with me!


weight loss june journal

I am bound and determined to get back on my health track. I am a very organized person. lately not so much but I’m getting back on track. sometimes you just need a break, a brain break. 

I bullet journal but I found this awesome journal from the happy planner for weight loss. I decided to get myself on track and excited again about losing weight would be to decorate for the month of june. 

I love sunflowers and that is what I did!

I love them! I’m not a professional by any means but it makes me happy. hope you enjoy the pictures !

we are busy enjoying the sun today and fishing. I am hoping to get my month planned out for meals, exercises, and blog posts in the next day. 

nail yarn art

today we had another library craft, nail yarn art. I’m sure if you are on Pinterest or ever been a craft store you have seen these projects. it is very easy. just a board, hammer, nails, yarn, and a design!

My sister and I went together again today. she actually prepared by looking up designs she wanted to do. then forget them at home lol 

I decided to do a dandelion. I saw something on Pinterest with the saying ” some see weeds and some see wishes”

I started off by doing a rough sketch on my board of what I wanted the dandelion to look like. then the annoying and loud part came, nailing an outline on the design. 

next I started with the yarn. I don’t know if there is a wrong or right way with putting the yarn on. I’m sure if you wanted it to look more neat you would develop a design. I kinda just did it roughly. 

even though it is not perfect, I like it. 

finished product! isn’t it cute?!?

here is my sister’s design.

push pin on canvas craft 

my sister and I attended a library craft event today. it’s pretty neat that they things like this for free!

craft project today was push pin on canvas. 

you start with a blanket canvas. 

we painted ours and then used the air dryer to speed the process along. I picked blue, green, and gray. it kinda turned a nasty green color so I put more blue. 

then you use a pencil to draw out your design. they had stencils of letters or animals or you could free hand it. 

I decided that I was going to free hand mine. 

then you start putting in your push pins!! 

I started mine here.. any guess what it could be ??!?

it’s a hedgehog!!!

sorry it’s on it’s side lol.

I had to get a pic with twiggy of course.

she of course wasn’t to impressed and ran away. it is her bedtime. 

here is my sister’s push pin canvas

sorry again that it is side ways

this craft was pretty easy and fun to do!

have u ever done this craft before?

are you going to try it? if you do share yours 

Bullet journal


I love to be organized. I love lists. the act of crossing things off gives me such accomplishment and satisfaction I can not even explain it. i also love to craft. scrapbooking especially. the idea of journaling is something that i like to do as well but i never kept up with it. in the last couple of months i have been researching bullet journaling on pinterest.

wow…its a whole new world! there are bullet journaling clubs, events, aisles in stores just dedicated to the journals.

after doing a lot of research, i got into it. i started with a little journal from the dollar store. i grabbed some colorful pens and started making my monthly plans, weeklies, budget planners, quotes, etc.


I now have a dedicated book that i use. its called a moleskin dot journal. its basically blank and  you decorate based on what you want. there are journals out there that are already predated with boxes and quotes. some of these have different names… ex. happy planners.

you can buy all kinds of things. Scrapbook paper, pens, stickers, stencils, washi tape…oh the washi tape!

usually in my bullet journal is about what my month is going to be like. if i am more busy sometimes i spend a great deal on organizing it and making it pretty. here are some examples of my pretty spreads…

20170419_20191420170419_20185420170419_20185020170419_20181020170419_20174320170419_201731other times, I’m so busy that all i have time is writing down quickly what i am doing that week.this spread is very plain20170419_201818

my weeklies usually have goals, to do lists, meal plans, any important dates.

monthly views are just that… my whole month. sometimes i write, sometimes i use stickers.20170419_201751

my journal is ntexactly the prettiest. i am in a couple of groups on facebook and man these woman that have bullet journals make it look so pretty!

i basically just do what i want to do.

sometimes i include challenges for the month. i haven’t done anything since February. i did a “love myself” challenge. i really need to do another one. 20170419_201846

sometimes i do quotes are just quick reflections. this one i was having a lot of issues with work. i needed a way to express the anxiety i was feeling and a way to put it out there just for me.20170419_201925

recently, i have found out about happy planners. originally i did not want these journals. they are predated and usually are already done for  the whole year. thing about me is sometimes i don’t want to write things down. I’m usually ok. sometimes i just need a break. other times, i love writing stuff down. but the thought of not using certain pages really bothered me. it gave me anxiety. then i found the happy planner fitness journal. it is undated for 12 months. so i was able to start it when i started my weight loss journey. i able to track my monthly view, my weeklies. i love that it has quotes and that at the end i can add a picture. only if i develop it lol

in this kit i was able to get the book and stickers for weight loss. i love it! here are some pictures that are in the kit for weight loss20170419_20195920170419_20201420170419_20203520170419_20205820170419_20211920170419_202117


i then went back to the craft store….not letting my bf know lol. i had another couple and got a recipe happy planner journal. this book is so good. recently i have been trying out tons of recipes. but i don’t ever keep them, i just post on facebook or pinterest and hope i don’t lose them forever. i bought this kit and it came with a book with room for about 100 recipes with different categories. it also came with lots of stickers!

here are some of the pictures from the recipe book 20170422_21433020170422_21434520170422_21435520170422_21440020170422_21441320170422_21441920170422_21442420170422_214534


i know it isn’t fancy. i know that some people dont like it, but it is a way to keep me organized. i can write down how ever much i want or nothing at all. i can skip weeks at time and it doesn’t bother me that i am wasting pages because i can custom it to what i want.

if you are interested in bullet journal just comment below. also, look it up online on pinterest. or even google it. you will find tons of things. when you are in your local craft store… around here is micheals, joannas, hobby lobby look for the bullet journal section. they have it. it is real. it is so intense! look on etsy! amazon!

if you like to organize and make to do lists you will not believe what will open up for you doing bullet journals.


on the crazy fairy path

has anyone seen in the craft stores everything you can buy related to fairies? 

well….ive been seeing these every where. I’m not exactly into fairies but I found this cute woodland garden kit that has a hedgehog on it. I couldn’t pass it up because duh it’s a hedgehog and I love them. that’s why I have one! I bought this kit about 2 years ago. I had every intention of doing something, but I didn’t find the right container. when I saw my mom today, she had a white rock planter that was awesome. I knew as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. 

I don’t want to go all crazy with it, just something to display. 

my bf said I’m getting older and that is why I’m doing fairies. he got a swift punch in the stomach. 

ok, not to hard. 

…..well maybe a little lol.

back to my hedgehog garden. it turned out cute. will i add more ? prob not but I had fun. 

I figured if you aren’t aware of fairy gardens, just take a trip to micheals, hobby lobby, or any craft store.

usually you buy some sort of container to hold your garden. containers can be planters, cups, bowls, etc. 

their are many fairy themes, shipping today I saw Easter, shore, traditional fairy themes, etc.

usually you buy a house for your fairy. 

plus you buy your fairy or characters. I saw many characters.. fairies, animals and people. 

then you can accessorize!

I did not include a fairy. I thought they looked creepy but I have my hedgehog so I’m happy!

I’m hoping to do my crafty blogs… I might even do a blog about some of my animals. 

let me know if you think this is cute or I’m I just being a weird middle age adult lol 

I guess it doesn’t matter cuz I love it!