the butterfly garden by dot hutchison

wow. just wow. I have been graced with the opportunity to read books that I can not put down. I started this book on Saturday and finished it early s unday. no it’s not a quick read. but I literally did not stop reading. 

this book has been on my tbr list for a very long time.

about the book

butterflies are exotic creatures. full of beauty that only lasts so long. any damage to their wings and they die. 

in the book, the butterfly garden, there is a garden with lush grounds, trees , ponds, and butterflies. these butterflies are women that have been kidnapped by a man that keeps them captive in a garden surrounded by a mansion. 

each butterfly gets her name by the tattoos that he put on her. 

the man that holds them captive is the gardener. a twisted man that decides to capture and preserve his obsessions. 

the story is told from one of his survivors when the garden is destroyed. the story goes back and forth, to the garden and police interview. the police are trying to piece together what really happened but determined that even while the story shows twists and turns in it, there is tons more that she is not speaking about. 

what I thought

I read the book in two days. I think that explains it. it is a very disturbing book. one that is so disturbing that you don’t want to read it but continue to because it draws you in. the author does an awesome job writing this story. 

this is a book that I will share with anyone that will listen. 

2017 reading challenge. this fits my category, book on tbr list for a long time. 


The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea

Ever picked up a book and said “WTF??!?” you get to the end and say, “this can not be it!” and continue flipping pages to see if you forgot a page. this book is it, you must read The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea


About the book (no spoilers in this section)

“Charlie Donlea, one of the most original new voices in suspense, returns with a haunting novel, laden with twists and high tension, about two abducted girls–one who returns, one who doesn’t– and the forensics expert searching for answers.”  (expert from book)

The Girl who was Taken, is a story told in past and present timelines. it is the story about Nicole and Megan, high school students that go to a party one night and disappear. one girl escapes, Megan, while Nicole is yet to be found.

To show that she is “back to the old Megan,” she writes a bestseller book retelling her story about being held captive and escaping. the book makes her a celebrity but she doesn’t feel like one. the old Megan is gone and Nicole is still missing.

Livia, Nicole’s older sister, is a fellow in forensic pathology who has hopes to analyze evidence from bodies to determine the death and bring closure to families. she is still not over her sister’s disappearance and knows one day she will be examining her body. Livia is brought a body one day of someone that is connected to Nicole’s life. connections and theories at passed around and Livia gets Megan’s help to find out what has happened to Nicole. more girls are going missing and Megan is the only connection that Livia has.

As the story and evidence is discovered, Megan starts having flashbacks of the night. how did she escape? who took her? what happened to Nicole??bookending2


My thoughts on the book (possible spoilers!)

OMG! This book was amazing. I love a good read and very rarely come across a book that i’m like wtf. but this one did it for me. it took me a while to get into The girl who was taken. I know that the story was just building, but I felt like it was a very slow start. the author was building up the story and the intensity. girlwhowastaken2

once I got past the point where I could not put the book down, I finished it in one day.

with any book you are trying to figure out who did it. there are so many leads and twists and turns that you can not figure out what is going on. the author throws  you multiple curve balls. I still am flabbergasted why those curve balls were thrown at us, but I guess I’ve never known.

there are other questions I have about reading the book. questions about details that I felt were introduced but never examined. i’m sure they were just placed in there to get you thinking and keep you on your toes, but still!

the ending, oh my gosh, the ending.  I can’t describe what I am feeling other than this:bookending1read the book. tell me what you think. I want to talk to someone about it so bad!




Before I go to sleep by S.J Watson

what would you do if every night you go to sleep, your memory was erased? 

in the book, before I go to sleep, by s.j. watson,Christine’s life changes every time she goes to sleep. 

Christine is a 47 year old married women that we find out has amnesia from an accident. every day she wakes up not knowing who it is she is sleeping next to, her age, her job, or what happened. every day she meets her husband for the “first” time. she finds out that she had an accident that took her life. 

Christine ends up meeting dr. Nash, who helps her uncover some of her memories. each memory is different, good or bad. he asks her to write in a journal every night about her experiences. 

in her journal she starts to make connections. who does she believe? is Ben her husband telling the truth ? what really happened during the accident? did she have more to her life then just a wife?

I want to go into so many details about this book but I can’t spoil it for you!

this is one of the books for my book club. the first one I really “read.”. I really enjoyed it. i was hooked by the cover and then by the description on the back. I knew that I would enjoy this book. 

I recommend it to anyone that wants to read a psychological thriller. it has twists and turns. it had me guessing until the end. 

after reading the book, I looked into it more and found out it is a movie! I requested it from the library. it has Nicole Kidman and Colin firth in it, two really good actors. I can’t wait to watch it and compare it to the book!

side note. I am adding this to my 2017 reading challenge list. it fits into the category, book with a red spine. I didn’t even think it fit into a category and wasn’t really it for that until I saw, it has a red spine! might as well count it. 🙂

has anyone else read this book? have you watched the movie? what did you think ? 

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens

Chevy Stevens’  book never let you go is wow. 

I have had this book on my bookshelf for the past month. the library has notified me that it will be late soon. I needed to get with the program and read the book or return it. 

i read the description, debated, read it again. I was only half interested in the book. it did not capture my interest from the description. the cover was what caught me. 

I figured, I’ll read up to page 10. if I don’t like it, I’ll return it.

I made it past page 10. I finished the book. I suggest this book to everyone, especially if you liked behind closed doors, women in cabin 10, in a dark dark place, or even the girl on the train. lately I have been reading dark twisting books.

never let you go is about Lindsey Nash and her escape from her husband Andrew. the story goes back and forth from past to present with perspectives from her daughter, Sophie as well. 

11 years ago Lindsey and Sophie escaped Andrew when he went to jail. he was an abusive husband. not only domestic but verbally abusive. 

Andrew is now released from prison. Lindsey has made a place for herself. own home, boyfriend, job, and taking care if Sophie. she wants to escape him and hopes he would leave her alone…but someone is watching her. someone is threatening her and watching her every move. is in Andrew or has he changed? or is it someone else? 

this book is filled with deceit, twists, turns, and chilling suspense about love and obsession. all I can say is READ IT. 

this book fit the category in the reading challenge 2017, book wrote in 2017. 

The Fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty


the fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty was an awesome read. I might have some spoilers so please be cautious if reading!

“The first thing you need to know is that I would never, ever actually follow through on these feelings.”

one extra letter, the fifth letter was all it took for the secrets to come out.

the story starts with Joni is talking to a priest who she is confessing her thoughts too regarding a recent vacation that she took with her three friends, deb, eden, and trina. she talks about how they all have known each other since high school. best friends that never left each other sides until they got married. they became busy with work, friends, and children. joni just wanted one more time to get together as friends. especially when she is feeling so vulnerable.

joni was missing the time that they were friends. she wanted that again. they had grown apart. she was always the one bringing them back together. after a fun couple of days with laughter and way to much wine, they decide to write letters to each other. in the letters they are to write about one secret. no names. wrote on a computer.

four letters are wrote each letter with a dark confession. what do the letters hold? a pill problem? a teenage pregnancy? troubled marriage? fertility problems?

But someone wrote an extra letter. a letter that reveals that one of the women hates another one. she wants to hurt this women. her obsession, jealousy, and rage.

Joni is the one that finds the letter. what is she suppose to do? does she confront her friends? how does she know who wrote it? she doesn’t want to distance them already then what they are.

this book was a page turner! it was fascinating to read about friendships that could turn deadly so fast. I highly recommend this book. it was not what I was expecting to read. I love how author wrote the book. she alternated between past and present. she brought in the past to give you a back ground to the story. the depth and intensity was in her writing. once I started the book I could not put it down.

I am including this book in my 2017 reading challenge. I think it fits into the category about “a book with letters.”




intro to reading challenge 2017

reading is my passion. I can’t not go to the library every weekend. thrift shop books? my favorite. bargain book shops? heaven to me. libraries? me in a candy store. 

I am constantly reading. weather it be a real book, kindle or audio I read every day. 

I found the pop sugar reading challenge of 2017. 

I plan on making a separate category under book reviews about what books I add to this challenge in case anyone wants to join in. the picture below is the challenge. there is the basic list and then then advanced list. I’m trying to complete the advanced list.