Before Evil by Alex Kava

Before Evil by Alex Kava is the prequel in the Maggie O’Dell series.

Maggie O’Dell is a crime profiler at Quantico. Her speciality is to look at pictures, files, and cases from her office to solve crimes. She is good at what she does and coworkers have come to respect her for her knowledge.

At her first crime scene, Maggie encounters the madman Albert Stucky’s gruesome work. He is taunting and evil of how he takes parts of his victims and then displays them.

Stucky finds out that is work is being reviewed by an attractive FBI profiler, Maggie, that he would love to make her his next victim. While he thinks about completing his task, he has a little fun with her by making her job a little more interesting.

My review: 4/5 stars

This is my first time reading anything by Alex Kava. I have checked this book out a total of 2 times from the library and now just getting into it.

I thought at first that it wasn’t going to be well wrote, some prequel are not. They lack imagination and details because the author is trying to get you to the point of the first book. I have read a lot of prequels that suck and turn me off a series all together.

The author starts the book off writing a letter to her audience about how the books never were suppose to be a series. After a couple of books were wrote, she finally got around to writing a prequel and even states this is where to start for her series.

I was enticed as soon as I read the first chapter. very easy to read but keeps you captured in what is going on in the story. the twists and turns make this book even more enticing and I urge anyone that needs a good thriller to read Before Evil.

Have you ever read this author or book?


Until You Loved Me By Brenda Novak

Until you loved me is the third book in the series Silver Spring by Brenda Novak.


Are you looking for a romantic read? Than look no further and rush out to get this book. I have not read the other books in this series but I hope to. In the past, I had picked out this book from the library but never got around to reading it. Just the other day, I figured I would give it a try again and boy was I happy!

Ellie is a very strict person that plays by the rules. When she finds her fiancée cheating on her with another man, she decides that she needs to make a change. A change that ultimately changes her whole life.

On a night out on the town with a friend, Ellie runs into Hudson. A stranger that doesn’t really give much information about his life and neither does Ellie because of course they will never see each other again. They go from talking for hours, walking on a beach, and back to the Hudson’s hotel room for a night that Ellie will never forget. Waking up realizing she acted not like herself, she escapes without ever looking back at Hudson.

Ellie goes on with her life never thinking about seeing Hudson again until she finds out that she is pregnant. Hoping to raise the baby on her own, Hudson has plans to be very much involved in the baby’s life.

Ellie moves to Silver Springs with Hudson so that he can be involved in the pregnancy. As the pregnancy goes on, Ellie and Hudson find out that that they have more than a one night stand ahead of them and will do anything to stay together.




My Review: 4/5 stars

For my first book of Brenda Novak, I was very impressed. I’m not sure why I never started reading books sooner.

When I started, Until you loved me, I figured it would be your typical romance book. Girl splits up from fiancée, once night stand, pregnant, and then gets together with father. This book offers way more than just your typical romantic book.

I felt like even though I had no connection to Ellie, I was experiencing what she was. I wanted to be her best friend while she goes through the steps of becoming a new parent. I was in love with Hudson and how no matter what he experienced in his past (being abandoned at birth) he wanted to make sure he was very much involved in his baby’s life.

I look forward to reading more of Brenda Novak’s books and hope to finish the Silver Springs series. I actually went on today to find out if I could reserve more of her books from the library!

Have you read any of her books? Are you going to read this book?





Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah

Cara Burrows is overwhelmed in her life and runs away. She decides to take time away from the demanding life of her family and decisions she can’t make right now. She picks a place far away, Arizona, where she can relax and think at the glamous resort.

Relaxing is not what Cara experiences in Arizona.

When Cara first arrives at the five star resort, she is tired and just wants to sleep. She is given a key to her hotel room only to find out it is already occupied by a man and girl. She doesn’t know who the girl is, but finds out from the talk around the resort that there is a girl named Melody Chapa, that has been missing and known as the most famous murder victim in America.

Is Melody Chapa really alive ?

Cara puts off what she came to the resort to think about to focus on Melody. She digs into the missing Melody wondering was she really killed?

My rating: 3/5 stars

Sophie Hannah writes with suspense that grips you from the beginning.

I enjoyed the book but have to admit that when they were talking about the ‘interviews’ I was getting bored. It felt like it ran on and on. I did skip over a couple paragraphs.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a suspenseful read.

The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain

One night can change your whole life. One mistake will change all your hopes and dreams.

Tess makes a mistake one night in 1944 with a stranger in The Stolen Marriage.

Tess is from Baltimore, studying to be a nurse, and has a fiancee that she can not wait to get married to. He is trying to me a doctor and soon she will be a nurse. Marriage is in the works for them soon.

While her fiancee is away, Tess is out with a friend in strange city. She makes a mistake by sleeping with a stranger. Now pregnant and not wanting to live a lie, she marries her new husband and moves to North Carolina.

A man that she thought she was going to live a wonderful life with, turns out to be emotionless. He hides secrets, money, and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Tess.

When an accident happens and Henry’s sister dies, they hold Tess responsible. The town does not like her for she is an outsider. An outsider that does not know her husband.

Tess is a nurse and wants to use her education to help in town when polio breaks out. But being a nurse is against Henry’s wishes for his wife. He becomes more secretive and Tess doesn’t know who he is. She never really knows who he is.

This story is about Tess and Henry. Will Tess find a life she has always wanted with Henry? Or will she lead a loveless, secretive marriage?

My thoughts:

I have never read anything by this authors before and was skeptical. Was it going to be good ?

As I dove into this book, I realized that I was enjoying it. I wanted to figure out what secrets Henry was keeping. I wanted to know how Tess life was going to end.

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond drew me in the first couple of pages. The book is about Alice and Jake. they are the couple that everyone wishes they could be.

When they get married, a gift is given to them called The Pact. It is an invitation to a private club for married couples. It has a few rules… never mention the pack to any one, gifts, vacations, obendience…

The Pact comes with benefits. Exclusive parties and meeting influential people for their careers.

The Pact will do anything to protect marriage. That includes if you break a rule that you pay. Alice and Jake find out that the marriage that they want is more of a nightmare


My thoughts:

I heard great things about this book. I was really excited to read it and had high hopes When I started reading it, I found that it was interesting and kept my attention… but it seemed to move slow. I would read for a couple hours and felt like I didn’t know much more than I did when I started.

I do recommend this book to others because it is a very good suspenseful and psychological twisted read.

Let me know what you think. Have you read it already?

The Other Girl by Erica Spindler

images (88)Have you ever read anything by Erica Spindler? I personally have not and I have to say I will be going back for more!

The Other Girl, is a terrifying psychological thriller that you can not put down.  Miranda Rader is an officer in the town of Harmony, Louisiana. An officer is loyal, trustworthy, honest. She is known for her steady hand in a crisis in town.

Miranda wasn’t always the good girl. She grew up being known as the girl that lied and was from the wrong area in Jasper, Louisiana. She made sure that she wasn’t known as that girl any more when she became an officer.

Fifteen years ago, an incident was buried in the back of her mind for her never to think downloadabout till now. A newspaper clipping talking about that night 15 years ago is discovered at a crime scene that she is investigating with her partner. Why did this guy have an article regarding a girl that was found lying about a crime that never happened? Who is he? No one knows that girl was Miranda.

Then another man turns up dead. The cop that took Miranda’s statement all those years ago. He is killed and Miranda looks like a suspect. She didn’t kill him, but who did? Who is setting her up. Was it the other girl that Miranda pushes from her memory?

“Explosive.” ―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A fantastic thriller from one of the best in the genre!” ―RT Reviews

download (2)

As stated earlier, I have never read anything by Erica Spindler. I’m glad that I have discovered her books and hope to continue reading her books.

When I first started The Other Girl, I was intrigued from the start. I wanted to know what happened to Miranda all those years ago.

As I was reading the book, I became very angry that no one believed her about all those years ago. I felt like just because of someone’s actions and wrong choices, they should still be heard. Maybe it was just the fact that in todays society that you wouldn’t just ignore the accusations of what Miranda was saying. I understand why she was not believed but it still makes me mad even writing about it.

I don’t want to spoil the book to much so all I will say… this is a fast pace book. It had me flipping pages as fast as I could read it. If you want a psychological thriller then this book is for you!

Have you ever read this book? Have you ever read anything by this author, if so what would you recommend next for me?



A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

download (3)Author of The Couple Next Door, brings another awesome book called A Stranger in the House.

About the book:

Karen Krupp is at home one evening making dinner for Tom, her husband. The next thing she knows she is waking up in a hospital, not able to remember anything. Tom finds out that she rushed out of her house with no purse, keys,  or locking the door, and speeding away to a neighborhood that she would never be in.

The police are saying that there is more to the story then just a traffic accident, especially when a body turns up dead in the same area. Who is this man and how is he connected to Karen?

Tom doesn’t want to believe what the police are telling him. His wife doesn’t do these things and he knows Karen the best, right? Or does your best friend know you better?

What do you believe ?

My Book rating: 3 out of 5images (2)

What I thought about the book.


download (9)

The book took me quite a long time to get into it.

I felt that it was boring for the first couple of chapters. Then I got to about half way thru the book and I couldn’t put it down.

What was the turning point? I’m not sure, I just got to the point that I didn’t want to put it down.

The book definitely has twists and turns. I had a feeling that she was connected to the death of the man due to her feeling like someone was in the house. It had to be either a family member or a ex-husband. Finding out that it was her ex-husband that she ran away from because he was abusive was what I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that he wasn’t an abusive husband but she had taken him for his money and ran away.

I was thrown when I found out that her best friend was obsessed with Tom. But even more thrown when Brigid wasn’t even the one that killed the man but witnessed Karen killing him. Was that the truth? Did she really remember what was going on or just faked the amnesia? Who killed the man?

But that ending??! She is pregnant?!? What is going to happen now? I was left with so many questions! 

By far the book was very good. I wish that I would have been more into it right away and didn’t take reading half the book to start to get interested.  I am wondering if she is going to make a sequel? I also felt like the book was rushed at the end. Like the author was throwing in so many different twists that she just ended it.

Have you read it?

What did you think of it?

The Wager by Rachel Van Dyken

The Wager is the second book in the series The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken. I would make sure to read The Bet first before this book.

About the book:

I was not intending to read the second book but I forgot that I requested it from the library and when it showed up in my library que, figured might as well read it!

download (7)The Wager picks up from the first book following Jake Titus and Char Lynn. They both have known each other from childhood. Jake is the richie, rich boy that has always been known as to handsome, rich, arrogant, sexy, and everything in between. Char is a local tv reporter that wants nothing to do with Jake again after him leaving her alone after sleeping with her.

They are thrown together for a wedding party from the first book in the series. They must work together to help with wedding plans per Grandmas request.

Char and Jake don’t want to do it because its awkward enough being in the same room together when you walked away from a one night stand. But throw in being attracted to one another again?


images (10)


Ok, so this book was a lot like the first. cute, funny, sexy, and a good short read. I felt like the first one that there was a lot of things being left out. I know the grandma is meddling but they make comments regarding Benadryl and other things that you feel like you are not in on the private jokes.

Over all the book was good. I have been reading so many mystery books that sometimes you just need a good sexy read. Sometimes books are meant to make to much sense, I just wish that the author would explain things a little more.

I give this book 3 Stars. I would recommend it to any one that wants a quick feel good book. I would suggest that you do not read this book without first reading the Bet.


Library haul 08

As you can tell, I love thriller and suspense books.

21032312_815231239623_8707258607396552250_nThe Other Girl by Erica Spindler. “What if no one believed you?” Officer Miranda Rader lives in a small town in Louisiana. She prides herself on how she has made it possible to be respected for her “honesty, integrity, and steady hand in a crisis.” That is until a murder happens at a college where a newspaper clipping is found regarding a night 15 years ago that Miranda would like to forget about. Another man is found dead and the only connection is to Miranda. She is being criticized and her honesty and integrity doubted. What happened all those years ago and what is happening now?

The Lost Ones by Sheena Kamal “Utterly compelling…The Lost download (1)ones will stay with you for a long, long time after you finish the last page. Perhaps forever- Jeffery Deaver.” Nora Watts is a product of the foster system, filled with violence and pain. She gave up her child many years ago with no care in the world knowing that it would have been better if she was never born. She receives a call one day, 15 years later, that her daughter Bonnie has vanished. She doesn’t want to care but she does and sets out with her dog to find Bonnie. She is sent into the world of darkness of lies and trying to find the truth, knowing that she is going someone that she has run from so many years ago.

download (2)The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond. Jake and Alice are the couple that others dream about wanting to be. They are successful in their jobs and lives, recently married. They receive a wedding gift to join an exclusive group called The Pact. In the group there are rules, answer the phone when your spouse calls, exchange thoughtful gifts monthly, plan a trip, and never tell others about The Pact. They enjoy being part of this group, they have a sense of belonging, community, and glamorous lifestyle. But then a rule is broke and the Pact goes to great lengthens to make sure that the rules are enforced. “How far would you go to protect your marriage?”

A Stranger in the house by Shari Lapena. Author of The couple next door brings download (3)another suspenseful book. You have everything in the world, a husband, job, house. Then one night while you are at home, receive a call that makes you run out of the house to look into a building. Then nothing. You remember nothing from that night. You were told that you were in an accident. The police think that drugs or alcohol is involved. Your husband believes that there is something else, because he knows you right? Your best friend, doesn’t believe it. You? You don’t know what to believe.


download (5)Unsub by Meg Gardiner. Caitlin has been a narcotics detective for the last 6 years when the UNSUB (FBI calls those that are unknown suspects) called the prophet emerges again. This is the same UNSUB that has haunted her father when he was a detective and drove him mad. Now more bodies are showing up with the same markings of the UNSUB. Is it the real UNSUB or just a copy cat?



download (6)The Doll Funeral by Kate Hamer “The Doll Funeral gathers pace with every page, hooking you into its strangeness and keeping you hooked to the very last word.- Financial Times” Ruby finds out on her 13th birthday that are abusive parents are not her real parents, but that she was adopted. She wants to find her parents and runs away into the woods with nothing other than her friend–the imaginary Shadow Boy. She lives with a group of siblings in the woods that take her in as part of their family. Ruby is happy beyond belief because she never has had a family. But are they really her family or a threat to her?


Have you read any of these books?

Which ones interest you?








Library Haul 07

The library needs to lock its door and throw away the keys! It is bad when I turn in books and stalk the librarians till they put the books back on the shelves so that I can check them out again. I know what your thinking, renew them. Can’t renew a book that you have already had for 3 weeks. … And now your thinking, get to reading! ok, I have a problem. I know I do, I’m a book hoarder. but if I wasn’t a book hoarder, I wouldn’t be able to bring you these awesome posts about books!


Every Last Lie- I got this book again because I really want to read it. No I have not started it yet.

You say it first by Susan Mallery. Nick is a sculptor that takes a job at a wedding venue called, Weddings in a Box, as a carpenter. The only thing that is beneficial to this job is the Pallas, the owner. He loves the idea of having a good time because it has an expiration date. Pallas has to turn the business around for Weddings in a Box or she is going to have to join the family working at the bank. What surprises her the most is hard to tell Nick’s skills in his carpentry or his skills when she is in his arms.

Here and Gone  by Haylen Beck. This is a suspense full thriller regarding a mother running with her children to get away from an abusive relationship. It all goes south when she is pulled over only to have her children taken away and put into custody. the alarming thing is, when she is put into custody the police tell her the children were never with her. Across the states, a man hears the report about missing children and decides to help.

Secrets in Summer By Nancy Thayer. Darcy lives in Nantucket where she is able to escape from the hassle of city life on the beaches. every year, more summertime people come down and she is able to meet them on the beach. she isn’t to happy to find out her new neighbor is her ex husband, his wife, and step daughter. Darcy must balance her summer dealing with the drama of her ex husband and family along with two possible suitors.

Watch me disappear by Janelle Brown. A husband and a daughter lose Billie, their mother and wife one year ago when she goes hiking in the woods. They deal with the disappearance in their own way but when Olive starts having dreams about her mother being alive, Jonathan starts to dig into Billie’s life before her death only to find out was she really who she said she was?