A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

download (3)Author of The Couple Next Door, brings another awesome book called A Stranger in the House.

About the book:

Karen Krupp is at home one evening making dinner for Tom, her husband. The next thing she knows she is waking up in a hospital, not able to remember anything. Tom finds out that she rushed out of her house with no purse, keys,  or locking the door, and speeding away to a neighborhood that she would never be in.

The police are saying that there is more to the story then just a traffic accident, especially when a body turns up dead in the same area. Who is this man and how is he connected to Karen?

Tom doesn’t want to believe what the police are telling him. His wife doesn’t do these things and he knows Karen the best, right? Or does your best friend know you better?

What do you believe ?

My Book rating: 3 out of 5images (2)

What I thought about the book.


download (9)

The book took me quite a long time to get into it.

I felt that it was boring for the first couple of chapters. Then I got to about half way thru the book and I couldn’t put it down.

What was the turning point? I’m not sure, I just got to the point that I didn’t want to put it down.

The book definitely has twists and turns. I had a feeling that she was connected to the death of the man due to her feeling like someone was in the house. It had to be either a family member or a ex-husband. Finding out that it was her ex-husband that she ran away from because he was abusive was what I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that he wasn’t an abusive husband but she had taken him for his money and ran away.

I was thrown when I found out that her best friend was obsessed with Tom. But even more thrown when Brigid wasn’t even the one that killed the man but witnessed Karen killing him. Was that the truth? Did she really remember what was going on or just faked the amnesia? Who killed the man?

But that ending??! She is pregnant?!? What is going to happen now? I was left with so many questions! 

By far the book was very good. I wish that I would have been more into it right away and didn’t take reading half the book to start to get interested.  I am wondering if she is going to make a sequel? I also felt like the book was rushed at the end. Like the author was throwing in so many different twists that she just ended it.

Have you read it?

What did you think of it?


The Wager by Rachel Van Dyken

The Wager is the second book in the series The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken. I would make sure to read The Bet first before this book.

About the book:

I was not intending to read the second book but I forgot that I requested it from the library and when it showed up in my library que, figured might as well read it!

download (7)The Wager picks up from the first book following Jake Titus and Char Lynn. They both have known each other from childhood. Jake is the richie, rich boy that has always been known as to handsome, rich, arrogant, sexy, and everything in between. Char is a local tv reporter that wants nothing to do with Jake again after him leaving her alone after sleeping with her.

They are thrown together for a wedding party from the first book in the series. They must work together to help with wedding plans per Grandmas request.

Char and Jake don’t want to do it because its awkward enough being in the same room together when you walked away from a one night stand. But throw in being attracted to one another again?


images (10)


Ok, so this book was a lot like the first. cute, funny, sexy, and a good short read. I felt like the first one that there was a lot of things being left out. I know the grandma is meddling but they make comments regarding Benadryl and other things that you feel like you are not in on the private jokes.

Over all the book was good. I have been reading so many mystery books that sometimes you just need a good sexy read. Sometimes books are meant to make to much sense, I just wish that the author would explain things a little more.

I give this book 3 Stars. I would recommend it to any one that wants a quick feel good book. I would suggest that you do not read this book without first reading the Bet.


Library haul 08

As you can tell, I love thriller and suspense books.

21032312_815231239623_8707258607396552250_nThe Other Girl by Erica Spindler. “What if no one believed you?” Officer Miranda Rader lives in a small town in Louisiana. She prides herself on how she has made it possible to be respected for her “honesty, integrity, and steady hand in a crisis.” That is until a murder happens at a college where a newspaper clipping is found regarding a night 15 years ago that Miranda would like to forget about. Another man is found dead and the only connection is to Miranda. She is being criticized and her honesty and integrity doubted. What happened all those years ago and what is happening now?

The Lost Ones by Sheena Kamal “Utterly compelling…The Lost download (1)ones will stay with you for a long, long time after you finish the last page. Perhaps forever- Jeffery Deaver.” Nora Watts is a product of the foster system, filled with violence and pain. She gave up her child many years ago with no care in the world knowing that it would have been better if she was never born. She receives a call one day, 15 years later, that her daughter Bonnie has vanished. She doesn’t want to care but she does and sets out with her dog to find Bonnie. She is sent into the world of darkness of lies and trying to find the truth, knowing that she is going someone that she has run from so many years ago.

download (2)The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond. Jake and Alice are the couple that others dream about wanting to be. They are successful in their jobs and lives, recently married. They receive a wedding gift to join an exclusive group called The Pact. In the group there are rules, answer the phone when your spouse calls, exchange thoughtful gifts monthly, plan a trip, and never tell others about The Pact. They enjoy being part of this group, they have a sense of belonging, community, and glamorous lifestyle. But then a rule is broke and the Pact goes to great lengthens to make sure that the rules are enforced. “How far would you go to protect your marriage?”

A Stranger in the house by Shari Lapena. Author of The couple next door brings download (3)another suspenseful book. You have everything in the world, a husband, job, house. Then one night while you are at home, receive a call that makes you run out of the house to look into a building. Then nothing. You remember nothing from that night. You were told that you were in an accident. The police think that drugs or alcohol is involved. Your husband believes that there is something else, because he knows you right? Your best friend, doesn’t believe it. You? You don’t know what to believe.


download (5)Unsub by Meg Gardiner. Caitlin has been a narcotics detective for the last 6 years when the UNSUB (FBI calls those that are unknown suspects) called the prophet emerges again. This is the same UNSUB that has haunted her father when he was a detective and drove him mad. Now more bodies are showing up with the same markings of the UNSUB. Is it the real UNSUB or just a copy cat?



download (6)The Doll Funeral by Kate Hamer “The Doll Funeral gathers pace with every page, hooking you into its strangeness and keeping you hooked to the very last word.- Financial Times” Ruby finds out on her 13th birthday that are abusive parents are not her real parents, but that she was adopted. She wants to find her parents and runs away into the woods with nothing other than her friend–the imaginary Shadow Boy. She lives with a group of siblings in the woods that take her in as part of their family. Ruby is happy beyond belief because she never has had a family. But are they really her family or a threat to her?


Have you read any of these books?

Which ones interest you?








Library Haul 07

The library needs to lock its door and throw away the keys! It is bad when I turn in books and stalk the librarians till they put the books back on the shelves so that I can check them out again. I know what your thinking, renew them. Can’t renew a book that you have already had for 3 weeks. … And now your thinking, get to reading! ok, I have a problem. I know I do, I’m a book hoarder. but if I wasn’t a book hoarder, I wouldn’t be able to bring you these awesome posts about books!


Every Last Lie- I got this book again because I really want to read it. No I have not started it yet.

You say it first by Susan Mallery. Nick is a sculptor that takes a job at a wedding venue called, Weddings in a Box, as a carpenter. The only thing that is beneficial to this job is the Pallas, the owner. He loves the idea of having a good time because it has an expiration date. Pallas has to turn the business around for Weddings in a Box or she is going to have to join the family working at the bank. What surprises her the most is hard to tell Nick’s skills in his carpentry or his skills when she is in his arms.

Here and Gone  by Haylen Beck. This is a suspense full thriller regarding a mother running with her children to get away from an abusive relationship. It all goes south when she is pulled over only to have her children taken away and put into custody. the alarming thing is, when she is put into custody the police tell her the children were never with her. Across the states, a man hears the report about missing children and decides to help.

Secrets in Summer By Nancy Thayer. Darcy lives in Nantucket where she is able to escape from the hassle of city life on the beaches. every year, more summertime people come down and she is able to meet them on the beach. she isn’t to happy to find out her new neighbor is her ex husband, his wife, and step daughter. Darcy must balance her summer dealing with the drama of her ex husband and family along with two possible suitors.

Watch me disappear by Janelle Brown. A husband and a daughter lose Billie, their mother and wife one year ago when she goes hiking in the woods. They deal with the disappearance in their own way but when Olive starts having dreams about her mother being alive, Jonathan starts to dig into Billie’s life before her death only to find out was she really who she said she was?



Library haul 06

hope everyone had an awesome labor day. I went to the library on Saturday and didn’t post these books because I was late on the books I previously got.20170902_173351

the theme of these books seem to be romance. a feel good book to read when all I have been reading is serious books is what I need.


Serenity Harbor by RaeAnne Thayne. this is book six in the haven point series. I haven’t read any of the other books, but I think reading out of order is ok. Bowie Callahan is a millionaire now responsible for carrying for a younger brother he didn’t even know existed. he has to find someone to teacher him and finds someone no better than schoolteacher Katrina Bailey. but she does not like Bowie, he is rich, arrogant, and sexy. she will do anything to help Bowie because it gets her closer to her goal of adopting a little girl. but it Bowie ready to settle down for a family now that he has his sights on Katrina?

Indigo Lake by Jodi Thomas. This is also the sixth book in the Ransom Canyon series. Blade heads to Crossroads Texas where he finds out he has inherited land but he doesn’t look like a rancher when he rides in on a Harley Davidson bike. Dakota helps Blade one night when he is stranded but once finding out his name, knows she isn’t to be talking to him due to an old family feud.

Until you loved me by Brenda Novak. This is the third book in the silver springs series. Ellie Fisher is a strict person that does not indulge in every day activities like others. when she finds her fiancée cheating on her with another man, she needs to have a one night stand of her own. little does she know she gets more than what she bargained for, she is pregnant now with Hudson King’s child, a professional football player. he has never been a easy man with women and let loose with Ellie because she didn’t seem to be interested in his money or fame, until she shows up saying she is pregnant. He wants Ellie to move to Silver Springs so that they can co-parent, something he never had in his life. But when Ellie comes to stay, more than co-parenting happens with the two of them.

Shattered by Allison Brennan. I have to say I was drawn to this book by its cover. I’m not 20170904_115911sure about if I am going to like the book. This is the fourth book in a series. (I seem to have a theme huh?) Maxine Revere is on the hunt to figure out how over 20 years, 4 boys have been kidnapped similar ways. Her friend asks her for help when his wife is convicted for killing their son but no one will talk to her about the case due to them thinking they have the right woman. Maxine does not and wants to figure out what is happening to all the boys, who one of the fathers states that he will help only if Maxine joins forces with FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid. Maxine wants to hit the big time on this story by being the first to publish it and Lucy wants closer on her nephews case but can they trust each other?

Ok, side note. Does it sound confusing? because that is basically what the cover tells you about the story and it was confusing to me. But I figured I would give it a try.

Same beach, next year by Dorothea Benton Frank. Another series book, this is number 1120170904_115919 in lowcountry series. Former sweethearts Adam and Eve get back together again. their spouses can’t believe it and are fueled by jealousy that leads to friendship and more between the two of them. Every year, they get together at the Wild Dunes for a reunion where they are able to be the best of friends thru changes in their lives, friendship, and love.

ok…another side note. after reading this information regarding the book. I’m not so sure about reading it. I feel like I am lost and maybe should have read books one thru 10 first. lol .

The bet by Rachel Van Dyken

I was in need of a romantic book. I have been reading a lot of thriller and serious fiction that I just needed something laugh out funny. I was also looking into a book to read when I was at the bf boss house for dinner one night to read on my phone since most the people there were men and the women were stuck in a room not really talking to each other. btw I ended up downloading the book but didn’t read it there lol

The bet by Rachel Van dyken pulled me in when they advertised on the cover that it is a laugh out loud funny book.

I read the first couple of pages and was hooked!

The bet is about Lacey and two brothers Jake and Travis. Jake and lacey have always been friends since they were little. He asks her to be a fake fiancee to show everyone that he has grown up.

But lacey and Jake aren’t on the best of terms because of everything he put her thru in college. Does he love her ?

Travis and Lacey have no relationship at all. He teased her growing up to the point that she would cry. But he only did it because he liked her!

Now Lacey is all grown up and Travis wants her for himself. He has to have her to himself because he made that bet so many years ago with Jake that he would be the first one to marry Lacey.

I rate this story a 4 on funniess and good heart romantic story.

Now there were a couple things I didn’t like. they didn’t really go into to much detail about Jake and why he needed to impress everyone. There were a couple of little details that bothered me when reading it, but I can’t remember right now so they must not have been that important.

If your looking for a feel good romantic book, this is a good one.

library haul 05

This post is way long over due. I have had these books for some time but life got away from me and didn’t have the time to post about them. Now it is time to take them back to the library and no.. I haven’t ready any yet.lol


The secrets she keeps by Michael robotham. Meghan is a classy, have it all together 20170902_101126.jpgwoman that shops at the supermarket that Agatha works at. Agatha knows Meghan, but Meghan has no idea who she is. Agatha and Meghan share something in common, they are both pregnant. Agatha gets up the courage to talk to Megan but does not tell her the truth only lies. what Agatha doesn’t understand is Meghan does have secrets, ones that she will not tell to others. I was intrigued by this book, when they state on the front “Robotham is an absolute master.” Stephen King.


20170902_101123.jpgFinal Girls by Riley Sager. “first there were three, then there were two, can there only ever be one final girl?” Quincy is popular in demand in the media due to her being one of the five girls that survived a massacre where her friends were killed. she is not the only one that is famous but others like Lisa, who survived a sorority being killed by a dropout and Sam, who survived a shift when working at an Inn. Quincy is leading a normal life until Lisa is killed and Sam turns up on her doorstep trying to make her remember what happened the night of the massacre.

Shadow of the lions by Christopher Swann. Matthias Glass’s best friend disappears one20170902_101118.jpg night from the prep school in Virginia known as Blackburne. he is filled with regret, guilty, and alone. Ten years later, Matthias accepts a teaching position at Blackburne, where he is exposed to the mystery, lies, and secrets of the school.




The Marsh king’s Daughter by Karen Dionne. Helena, is the daughter of a young woman 20170902_101112.jpgand the man that is known as the Marsh King. He is known as this due to him kidnapping Helena’s mother at age 14 where he held her captive and later Helena was born. Helena did not know anything different, she lived in a house full of love…sometimes. Recently her father broke out of prison and killed two guards. Her job is to find her father who has escaped into the marsh.


Stillhouse lake by Rachel Caine. “The killing didn’t stop when they caught her husband.” Gina is a housewife with a wonderful life, marriage, and children. Her husband has a secret life as a serial killer that makes her move to stillhouse lake to escape from the media. she reinvents herself as Gwen to survive from the media. but does not get that opportunity when a body turns up in the area that is connected to familiar killer.

The BREAKDOWN by B. A. Paris

“If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”


If you have read anything by B. A. Paris, you know that her new book The Breakdown, is going to be phenomenal. I loved her book, Behind Closed Doors, and wanted to read this one when I found out about the release.

with all B. A. Paris books and really any psychological thriller, you do not want to give to much information away to others.

All I will tell you, is that this book sucked me in! I started it one night to read about 4 chapters and did not want to stop.

The Breakdown is about Cass who passes a car in the middle of the night. she passes a when it was storming outside, not wanting to get wet or hurt in case it was a set up. it was dark, in the woods, winding rural road. when she passed the car, Cass saw that there was a women in the car who ends up being found dead. when she thinks back on the night, she doesn’t know why she is so upset. could she have helped her? what would have happened if it was a set up and someone was going to take her car? she could have been hurt or even murdered herself? her husband didn’t want her on that road and she did it anyways to save a couple of minutes.

every day since passing the car, Cass can not forget about the woman. she could have saved her, right?

every day that she thinks about the woman, Cass is forgetting other important things in her life. agreeing to buy a present for a friend, where she left her car, taking her medications, setting her alarm codes, and tons of other things.

but then the calls start coming. the calls that are silent.



Lost and found sisters by Jill Shalvis

I was in need of a feel good romantic book after reading lots of dreary books.

lost and found sisters by Jill shalvis hit that category spot on.

Quinn Weller has everything, a loving family, the perfect job, and a boyfriend ready to marry her. but after losing her sister Beth, in a car accident two years ago, she hasn’t felt the same. she feels empty and that something Is missing in her life.

when a lawyer tracks her down to tell her that she is really adopted and that her mother passed away, she can not believe what she is hearing. she finds out that no only did her mother have brief contact with her but she left her an inheritance…and a sister.

Quinn leaves L.A for wildstone California to see her sister. along the way she finds comfort in a handsome and sexy guy. does she stay in wildstone and live outside her comfort zone or move back home?

if you are a fan of jill shalvis, colleen Hoover, Susan mallery and Kristin Higgins then you are going to love this book.

I read it in one day!

the child by fiona barton

if you have read *the widow* by fiona Barton, you will not want to miss *the child*.

this book has lots of twists and turns.

there is am old house in London that is being demolished that reveals bonys of a baby that was buried.

kate, the journalist, wants to give the child the attention she deserves and writes a story.

as she digs into the story, she finds out that there was a baby that was stolen from a maternity ward years ago.

the story gets deeper as she looks into stories and the people that live on the same street.

the plot ends up around 3 women with an even shocking ending.