The BREAKDOWN by B. A. Paris

“If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”


If you have read anything by B. A. Paris, you know that her new book The Breakdown, is going to be phenomenal. I loved her book, Behind Closed Doors, and wanted to read this one when I found out about the release.

with all B. A. Paris books and really any psychological thriller, you do not want to give to much information away to others.

All I will tell you, is that this book sucked me in! I started it one night to read about 4 chapters and did not want to stop.

The Breakdown is about Cass who passes a car in the middle of the night. she passes a when it was storming outside, not wanting to get wet or hurt in case it was a set up. it was dark, in the woods, winding rural road. when she passed the car, Cass saw that there was a women in the car who ends up being found dead. when she thinks back on the night, she doesn’t know why she is so upset. could she have helped her? what would have happened if it was a set up and someone was going to take her car? she could have been hurt or even murdered herself? her husband didn’t want her on that road and she did it anyways to save a couple of minutes.

every day since passing the car, Cass can not forget about the woman. she could have saved her, right?

every day that she thinks about the woman, Cass is forgetting other important things in her life. agreeing to buy a present for a friend, where she left her car, taking her medications, setting her alarm codes, and tons of other things.

but then the calls start coming. the calls that are silent.



Lost and found sisters by Jill Shalvis

I was in need of a feel good romantic book after reading lots of dreary books.

lost and found sisters by Jill shalvis hit that category spot on.

Quinn Weller has everything, a loving family, the perfect job, and a boyfriend ready to marry her. but after losing her sister Beth, in a car accident two years ago, she hasn’t felt the same. she feels empty and that something Is missing in her life.

when a lawyer tracks her down to tell her that she is really adopted and that her mother passed away, she can not believe what she is hearing. she finds out that no only did her mother have brief contact with her but she left her an inheritance…and a sister.

Quinn leaves L.A for wildstone California to see her sister. along the way she finds comfort in a handsome and sexy guy. does she stay in wildstone and live outside her comfort zone or move back home?

if you are a fan of jill shalvis, colleen Hoover, Susan mallery and Kristin Higgins then you are going to love this book.

I read it in one day!

the child by fiona barton

if you have read *the widow* by fiona Barton, you will not want to miss *the child*.

this book has lots of twists and turns.

there is am old house in London that is being demolished that reveals bonys of a baby that was buried.

kate, the journalist, wants to give the child the attention she deserves and writes a story.

as she digs into the story, she finds out that there was a baby that was stolen from a maternity ward years ago.

the story gets deeper as she looks into stories and the people that live on the same street.

the plot ends up around 3 women with an even shocking ending.

library haul 03

this post is a little late due to me being lazy. 

I ran to the library quick on Tuesday. I took some books back from haul 2 that I could not get into. 

the Supremes at earls all you can eat by Edward Moore.

                   this is the book I’m going to read for my book club. the Supremes are Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean are best friends that have been thru a lot of life obstacles together. 

the book shop on the corner by Jenny Colgan 

        this book has been on my tbr list for a lot of reasons. I think I was affected to it for cover of books! nina is a book matchmaker. putting a reader together with the perfect book. she had a job in a library in the city but ends of moving to a small town to buy a van. she transforms the van into a library that she takes to people. 

knife creek by Paul door in

        Mike is a game warden that discovers a dead baby in a shallow grave. the baby belongs to the woman disappeared 4 years ago during a rafting trip. close to home brings a whole new meaning when Mike realizes his neighbors aren’t who they seem to be. 

it’s always the husband by Michele Campbell 

kate, Aubrey, and Jenny are three very different friends that met during college when roommates. 21 yrs later one of them is standing on a bridge while someone is urging her to jump. three women that love but hate each other. one of them does. was it really the husband or the friend? 

woman no. 17 by edan lepucki

set in the posh hills of los Angeles, lady Daniels decides to take a break from her husband. she is trying to finish her memoir but needs help taking care of her children. S arrives on the scene. she is going to take care of the toddler as well as keep an eye on her teenage son, Seth. 

beach house for rent by Mary alice Monroe 

cara rents out her house to Heather to keep her husband’s business going. Heather is an artist that paints postage stamps. but cara wants to go home where Heather is now living but doesn’t want to leave. they become roommates that are strangers that become friends while they go thru tough times. 

lost and found sisters by jill shalvis 

Quinn is finally getting her life on track when her sister dies in a car accident. she has everything that anyone would want the perfect job, family, and bf. she is approached from a lawyer regarding an inheritance that she must claim herself. on a whim she heads up the coast to California and leaves behind her job, home, and bf. while there she sees that this inheritance is more than what she thought. 

well there it is. the books I picked out recently. a lot of them state that they are 14 day loans, so I better get reading!!! 

The Book Lover’s Tag

The Book Lover’s Tag! Of course I had to do this tag, when The Happiest Pixel did it! booklover3Thank you for nominating everyone and for giving me the opportunity to take part in this tag! This was also originally developed by Cook and Enjoy Recipes. please head over to their blogs and check them out. they are awesome women!

Book Questions:

Do you have a specific place for reading?

No, I can read anywhere really. I love reading outside in the summer, especially on the deck in the morning.

Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

I have these magnetic bookmarks that I received from a book club member. they are pretty awesome. sometimes I will use pieces of paper. I will admit… I do sometimes fold down the corners, I know, I know… I’m bad.

Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter?

Stop anywhere. If I am reading at home before bed, I usually try to get to the end of the chapter. but life happens and it getting to the end of a chapter doesn’t always happen.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Sometimes. I find it hard to eat while reading. I will occasionally take a sip of water if I need it.

Music or TV while reading?

Both. when I am reading, I can usually block out the noise. When watching tv or movie while reading, I am ok to go back and forth.

One book at a time or several?

booklover1Several. I usually have 1-4 books going at a time. I do this because sometimes I can not get into a book and don’t want to keep reading it, so I start another one. but then I don’t want to give up on the book all together because I have read a lot of great books that just took a little more time to get into them.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

Home is where I usually read. I will read at the park when the boys are fishing.

Read out loudly or silently?

Silently. who reads out loud?!!

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Ok… I do skip pages. If a part is boring or when the author is just putting in fluff… I skip it.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I read. I don’t really pay attention to it. Now i’m not rough on my books. I treat them with respect.

Do you write in your books?

No. If reading for the local book club, I will use post it notes to bring my attention back to it.

My nominees:

Everyone who is reading this post!!! Show me how much you love books! Make sure you tag me



the butterfly garden by dot hutchison

wow. just wow. I have been graced with the opportunity to read books that I can not put down. I started this book on Saturday and finished it early s unday. no it’s not a quick read. but I literally did not stop reading. 

this book has been on my tbr list for a very long time.

about the book

butterflies are exotic creatures. full of beauty that only lasts so long. any damage to their wings and they die. 

in the book, the butterfly garden, there is a garden with lush grounds, trees , ponds, and butterflies. these butterflies are women that have been kidnapped by a man that keeps them captive in a garden surrounded by a mansion. 

each butterfly gets her name by the tattoos that he put on her. 

the man that holds them captive is the gardener. a twisted man that decides to capture and preserve his obsessions. 

the story is told from one of his survivors when the garden is destroyed. the story goes back and forth, to the garden and police interview. the police are trying to piece together what really happened but determined that even while the story shows twists and turns in it, there is tons more that she is not speaking about. 

what I thought

I read the book in two days. I think that explains it. it is a very disturbing book. one that is so disturbing that you don’t want to read it but continue to because it draws you in. the author does an awesome job writing this story. 

this is a book that I will share with anyone that will listen. 

2017 reading challenge. this fits my category, book on tbr list for a long time. 

library haul 02

Ok, I have a problem. I went to the library today to get more books when my previous book stack has barely decreased. oh well… gotta love the books.  :). here are the books that I picked up. as an fyi, i just read a little except about the book, put it in my own words for you to know what I picked out. I know they are vague sometimes, but i don’t know anything about the book yet.


This would be my house if I could have more books!


still live by Louise Penny

Three pines is a beautiful place and a place for murders. neighbors and visitors are friendly to each other, you feel right at home. Jane Neal is a well known person in the community, everyone loves her. Loves her so much that she is murdered with an arrow thru the chest. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache sets out to find out what happened to her.

Wilde Lake by laura lippman20170630_164653

 Luisa is the state’s attorney in Maryland that decides to take her first case about a homeless man that is tried for killing a women in her own home. she starts to remember when her brother was accused of killing another man to save his best friends. memories and stories start to arise. not sure what i think about this book yet. i was drawn to the cover for than anything.

Lockdown by Laurie King

career day is an important event in the school district. the principal set it up for the kids to explore more careers. but what turns out is a deadly disaster where people are hurt and secrets are kept. not sure about this book either.

The Child by Fiona Barton

I was drawn to this book because i loved the authors previous book, the widow. Kate 20170630_165408is a journalist that is determined to find out about the remains of a baby that is found in an old house. she discovers that the baby is related to a crime years ago about a newborn baby being stolen from a hospital never to be found. she starts to dig deeper into the story to find out exactly what happed to the Building site baby.



the forgotten girls by owen laukkanen

another book that i was drawn to because of the book cover. the information was very brief about this book other than it being about a girl that is a runaway that is forgotten and found murdered on the high line train route. two investigators decide to look into the case when they find out there are more murders connect to this girl. what drew me into this book was this caption “one of the best young thriller writers working today” by Richmond times dispatch. might as well pick it up.

have you read any of these books? do any of them interest you?

The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea

Ever picked up a book and said “WTF??!?” you get to the end and say, “this can not be it!” and continue flipping pages to see if you forgot a page. this book is it, you must read The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea


About the book (no spoilers in this section)

“Charlie Donlea, one of the most original new voices in suspense, returns with a haunting novel, laden with twists and high tension, about two abducted girls–one who returns, one who doesn’t– and the forensics expert searching for answers.”  (expert from book)

The Girl who was Taken, is a story told in past and present timelines. it is the story about Nicole and Megan, high school students that go to a party one night and disappear. one girl escapes, Megan, while Nicole is yet to be found.

To show that she is “back to the old Megan,” she writes a bestseller book retelling her story about being held captive and escaping. the book makes her a celebrity but she doesn’t feel like one. the old Megan is gone and Nicole is still missing.

Livia, Nicole’s older sister, is a fellow in forensic pathology who has hopes to analyze evidence from bodies to determine the death and bring closure to families. she is still not over her sister’s disappearance and knows one day she will be examining her body. Livia is brought a body one day of someone that is connected to Nicole’s life. connections and theories at passed around and Livia gets Megan’s help to find out what has happened to Nicole. more girls are going missing and Megan is the only connection that Livia has.

As the story and evidence is discovered, Megan starts having flashbacks of the night. how did she escape? who took her? what happened to Nicole??bookending2


My thoughts on the book (possible spoilers!)

OMG! This book was amazing. I love a good read and very rarely come across a book that i’m like wtf. but this one did it for me. it took me a while to get into The girl who was taken. I know that the story was just building, but I felt like it was a very slow start. the author was building up the story and the intensity. girlwhowastaken2

once I got past the point where I could not put the book down, I finished it in one day.

with any book you are trying to figure out who did it. there are so many leads and twists and turns that you can not figure out what is going on. the author throws  you multiple curve balls. I still am flabbergasted why those curve balls were thrown at us, but I guess I’ve never known.

there are other questions I have about reading the book. questions about details that I felt were introduced but never examined. i’m sure they were just placed in there to get you thinking and keep you on your toes, but still!

the ending, oh my gosh, the ending.  I can’t describe what I am feeling other than this:bookending1read the book. tell me what you think. I want to talk to someone about it so bad!




library haul 01

hey everyone! I’m not sure if you love reading as much as me, but I love it. I would rather read then watch tv any day. 

I have decided to show you my library hauls of books. I usually go to the library ones a week. ok…sometimes twice. I also get way to many books. 

I will show you the books and give you a brief insite. do you have a blog that you do this? if so, tag me! I love reading about new books! 

What my body remembers by agnete friis.  a mother decides to kidnap her son from the state after she is placed in a psych ward. she returns back to her grandmother’s house and the place where her mother died. she starts to remember things about the night her mother died and questions what really happens. 

the butterfly garden by for hutchison. this book has been on my tbr list forever! In a garden by a mansion is a garden with precious butterflies. these butterflies are young women that have been captured and tattooed who they are named after. the garden is discovered and a survivor starts to speak out about what really happens in the butterfly garden. 

the people we hate at the wedding by grant ginder. I was drawn to this book for the title. i thought it was funny. the story follows a family that is going to their half sisters wedding and everyone hates it. a less than perfect family and how we hate the ones we love the most. 

the fall of Lisa bellow by Susan perabo. a gunman enters a shop and Meredith is pushed to the floor with Lisa, a girl she hates from school. Meredith makes it out but Lisa does not and she is looking for a way to get to her. 

the next accident. by Lisa gardner. this is the third in the series of Quincy and rainie. Quincy hires rainie to look into the death of his daughter. 

two lost boys by l.f. Robertson. a story about the guilty and innocent. Janet is a death row appeals attorney. she looks into the sentence of Andy, who is sentences to death while his brother gets a life sentence when they rape and murder two women. Janet looks into why one gets death and the other life. 

the last original wife by dorothea Benton frank. a tale of family, friendship, self discovery, and love between Les and Wes. Les is the last original wife of Wes. all his friends have traded in their original wives for new improved wives. she gets fed up and decides to take back her life. 

first grave on the right by darynda Jones. charley is a grim reaper and private investigator. her job is to help those go to the light. but some died because of murder and she helps them figure out what happened to them. 

heart of a killer by David rosenfelt. Jaime is a lawyer that takes on the case of Sheryl who is convicted of killing her husband. she comes to Jaime asking for her right to die, for her daughter who needs a new heart. 

it is quite a bit of books, I know. so many good ones I think. after doing this post, I get excited just to think about reading them!! 

are you interested in any of them? have you read any of them? 

made for us by Samantha Chase 

if you are in need of a feel good romantic book, made for us, by Samantha Chase is the book for you. 

Zoe is an interior designer that decides to leave her home to move to the north Carolina coast. she takes a client known as the worst client a designer could have. he is arrogant, selfish, demanding, and controlling. her client is, Aiden shaughnessy. he is the oldest son of the shaughnessy clan. owns his own construction business, hardworking, successful, and don’t forget handsome. he is still single and enjoying the bachelor lifestyle by focusing on his business and family. he prides himself of being the one that his family turn to in need.

what Zoe and Aiden do not expect is that they are more alike they then think. 

one storm on the coast leads them to realizing that they are what the other needs. 


this book has been on my shelf from the library for the past couple of weeks. I really wasn’t going to read it because I have been in a thriller phase right now. when I went to the library to pick up more books, surprise I know, and the librarian told me that this book was almost due. ok, it was overdue and I could only renew it one more time.

I figured I would try the book and if I didn’t like it, back it goes. 

I feel instantly into the book. it is sweet, cute, romantic, and predictable. 

Zoe and Aiden make a cute couple. they fight, fall in love, fight some more, and make up. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a light romantic read. it is very easy to follow. yes, very predictable. girl, guy. fall in love. fight. obstacle.  but good. 

I have never read anything by this author before but I love her style. from what I have looked up she has more books to this series. she also has another series about more brothers. I def will be looking for these books soon. 

this book did not fit into a category for the reading challenge 2017.