Small Town Rambler. Everyone rambles. I seem to ramble more often then others especially when I am writing. You probably asking yourself, why would I read some persons rambles?

I am 28 years old. I live in a small mid-western town. I live with my boyfriend and his 10 year old son. We have been together six years. We might not be married but I am a step-mom or mom. A lot of the time, I will refer to my bf sons as the kid. Not to sound demeaning or make it sound like ‘the kid’ but just because I’m not one to share to much about names. I also have a wide variety of pets. One dog, Milo, who loves to bark, of course and sniff his owns farts-nasty! Two cats, Powder and Febe. Two guinea pigs-Mama and Dixie. A rabbit named Charlie, who disdains when I sing off key. Lastly, Twiggy, my hedgehog.

I am a nurse, going on 6 years now. Working in healthcare is all I know.  I work in a doctors office in town. I have worked hospital ICU, medical surgical, CCU, and community nurse. I have to say that I love working in a doctor’s office. The hours are awesome, home by 5 and no weekends or holidays. I miss the ICU and the excitement, but the stress that I was bringing home every night was not worth it to me or my family.

This is my first time doing a blog. I have always wanted to do one. I don’t know if anyone will even read it. Put it gives me something to do every day when I am trying to unwind. I call it small town rambler because you will notice I go on and on sometimes for no good reason. If I was reading my blog, I’m sure that I would say ‘move on already!’ I’m not a writer, sometimes I do not use good grammar or punctuation. be nice.

Small town rambler, is a place to let all my ramblings come out. I can talk about my home life with the bf and kid, my pets, every day activities. my frustrations of being a step parent, really a parent in general. I love to read, so i’m sure there will be some book reviews in here some where. Recipes. I love to cook. sometimes things turn out, sometimes not. i love to pinterest and look up crafts. I love to bullet journal.

I’m also on a weight loss journey. I know it sounds cliche. Everyone is usually on some kind of weight loss journey. You will see my struggles and achievements while I lose up to 100 lbs from 225.

This blog might be a success or not. But I’m having fun. It gives me purpose and something that I can do every day for myself. I might tell stupid jokes or just say something stupid in general. Thank you for following me. Comment, share your thoughts/concerns. If you don’t like to read them it’s ok, they are just small town ramblings.