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Self-care SUNDAY

pexels-photo-57686.jpegSelf-care, what exactly it is? When I was trying to figure out how to describe it to others… I thought about activities that help in mind, body, and soul.

Sundays are usually my day to myself. Yes, I still have responsibilities like housework, bills, planning meals, shopping etc. But usually I do relax and do something just FOR ME. Lately… I have gotten away from focusing on myself and doing a million other things. With stress from work, home life, bills, etc I need to get back to practicing self-care Sunday.

Do you practice self-care? NO?!? Then start!

Today I would like to focus on NAPS. Yes, I said Nap. I took two today. LOL. I got up and did a couple things but then laid down from 10-1230. Then when watching TV with the kid I fell asleep again from 4-7 pm. I’m sure I won’t be ready to go to the bed at my usual time.. but it felt so good to take a nap!

What are some of the benefits of taking a nap? Well they help with relaxation, increase alertness for the rest of the day, improve mood, improve performance, and decrease fatigue. I can tell you that after my first nap I had this burst of energy to get up and clean. I picked up some things in the house, read a book, watched some TV. I felt rested and better. I didn’t feel grouchy. Plus it felt nice to get all cozy in the chair with a heavy blanket and my cat curled up in my lap while I snoozed. It did help that it is gloomy, rainy, and cold outside.

Do you take naps? What is your favorite thing about taking naps?







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