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How to create a new attitude- avoid accusations and start with I

Happy Sunday every one! At work we have to complete these self assessments for our health. They range from diet, smoking, exercise, attitude, health.. etc. We are required to do them for our job and insurance. Sounds a little controlling I know but I guess if I want health insurance I’ll click a couple boxes.

After a couple of weeks completing the assessments for work, I started really paying attention to what they want you do to. Amazing isn’t it?

attitudeI thought I would some of the things I have incorporated into my life.

Lately, I have found that I have a bad attitude. Not towards anyone but there is a lot of things going in my life, like everyone else. Instead of being upbeat and trying to survive, I have started to have this negative attitude ALL THE TIME.

I am choosing to create a new attitude. I feel like it is going to be hard because I have been like this for so long everyone expects me to have a negative attitude. Does that make sense?

Today I am starting to have a new attitude by avoiding accusations and starting a converstation/statement with “I.” Starting with “I” can help resolve your anger and situation that is getting you heated up. Instead of starting out  a conversation with “You never…” or “You always…” STOP. Take a deep breath. Maybe even count to 10. Then use an “I” statement to describe the problem. Try not to be demeaning, nasty, condescending etc you know what I mean. BE RESPECTFUL!

Why am I bolding and using capitalization for certain words? Well…. it is stuff that I really need to work on.

As I am writing this I came across a problem that I was able to use this practice on. Fiancée still at work helping out a friend, suppose to be off at 5. We don’t really get to see each other much because he works full time as I do. I wanted to yell at him and say “You never come home when your off work to spend time with us!” I stopped, took a deep breath and said instead “I was hoping that you could be home early tonight so that we could spend some family time together.” No arguments. Just telling the truth.



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