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Lost and found sisters by Jill Shalvis

I was in need of a feel good romantic book after reading lots of dreary books.

lost and found sisters by Jill shalvis hit that category spot on.

Quinn Weller has everything, a loving family, the perfect job, and a boyfriend ready to marry her. but after losing her sister Beth, in a car accident two years ago, she hasn’t felt the same. she feels empty and that something Is missing in her life.

when a lawyer tracks her down to tell her that she is really adopted and that her mother passed away, she can not believe what she is hearing. she finds out that no only did her mother have brief contact with her but she left her an inheritance…and a sister.

Quinn leaves L.A for wildstone California to see her sister. along the way she finds comfort in a handsome and sexy guy. does she stay in wildstone and live outside her comfort zone or move back home?

if you are a fan of jill shalvis, colleen Hoover, Susan mallery and Kristin Higgins then you are going to love this book.

I read it in one day!


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