library haul 04

my addiction for books has gotten me into trouble !

I went online to renew my books yesterday and my fines were up to 15.75! I have a book that has been racking up fines since July 7th. called the library immediately to see when they closed. I had 30 minutes to get there.

rushed around and found books that I needed to return.

went to pay my fines…and got more books. even when I have about 10 sitting here to read lol

the sunshine sisters by jane green

Ronni sunshine is known in Hollywood as a star. she was never a star at home but pushed her three daughters away. they each went off on their own path in life. ronni calls them home to spend time with her due to an illness.

every last lie by Mary kubica

Clara’ s life is disrupted when her husband and daughter are in a accident, taking her husband’s life. her life gets messy when her daughter starts having nightmares about the night. when Clara starts looking into the accident she finds out there was more to it then an accident.

secrets in summer by Nancy Thayer

every year visitors flock to Nantucket for the summer. Darcy looks forward to meeting her new neighbors each year that blossom into friendships. this year, her neighbors are not only someone she knows but does not look forward to seeing, her ex husband and his family. while dealing with them she is juggling two different romances along with other neighbors she has met.

secrets of the tulip sisters by Susan mallery

Kelly and Olivia have never been close. Kelly is a tulip farmer that has a pretty predictable life. her life is thrown for a curve ball when her sister returns home and a man that sets his sights on kelly.

I’m excited to read these books but I need to finis up some of my other ones!


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