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The Book Lover’s Tag

The Book Lover’s Tag! Of course I had to do this tag, when The Happiest Pixel did it! booklover3Thank you for nominating everyone and for giving me the opportunity to take part in this tag! This was also originally developed by Cook and Enjoy Recipes. please head over to their blogs and check them out. they are awesome women!

Book Questions:

Do you have a specific place for reading?

No, I can read anywhere really. I love reading outside in the summer, especially on the deck in the morning.

Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

I have these magnetic bookmarks that I received from a book club member. they are pretty awesome. sometimes I will use pieces of paper. I will admit… I do sometimes fold down the corners, I know, I know… I’m bad.

Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter?

Stop anywhere. If I am reading at home before bed, I usually try to get to the end of the chapter. but life happens and it getting to the end of a chapter doesn’t always happen.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Sometimes. I find it hard to eat while reading. I will occasionally take a sip of water if I need it.

Music or TV while reading?

Both. when I am reading, I can usually block out the noise. When watching tv or movie while reading, I am ok to go back and forth.

One book at a time or several?

booklover1Several. I usually have 1-4 books going at a time. I do this because sometimes I can not get into a book and don’t want to keep reading it, so I start another one. but then I don’t want to give up on the book all together because I have read a lot of great books that just took a little more time to get into them.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

Home is where I usually read. I will read at the park when the boys are fishing.

Read out loudly or silently?

Silently. who reads out loud?!!

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Ok… I do skip pages. If a part is boring or when the author is just putting in fluff… I skip it.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I read. I don’t really pay attention to it. Now i’m not rough on my books. I treat them with respect.

Do you write in your books?

No. If reading for the local book club, I will use post it notes to bring my attention back to it.

My nominees:

Everyone who is reading this post!!! Show me how much you love books! Make sure you tag me




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