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steak, red potatoes and broccoli

do you eat a lot of meat in your house? I live with two boys (well a man and a boy, still my boys lol), they eat meat over chicken every day. 

a favorite item is steak in our house. sometimes it is hard to find a good steak that won’t break the bank. 

the bf has found that he can buy a roast, marinade it, and then cut down to steak size and it is almost better than buying steak. ok, a filet or new York strip is still better. 

tonight, I out dinner into the bf hands. he made a dry rub for the roast. it is a London broil roast. he cooked on low on the grill for about 45minutes. 

while that was cooking, I made the broccoli and potatoes. simple task. 

broccoli was washed, drizzled with olive oil then coated with seasoning. 

potatoes were washed, quartered, drizzled with olive oil and seasoning. 

both into the oven at 400 for about 1t minutes 

doesn’t it look good?!?!?


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