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 healthy budget meal 01 

sounds boring, I know, but we need to figure something out to be more healthy and stay on budget. 

since I am off my healthy eating lately I put together a meal plan for the week.

the bf and I usually do one grocery shop a month and then pick up food as needed. well, we are changing that this week. I planned our meals based on what I already had in the fridge. 

the purpose of this post is to show you:

  • meal plan from Sunday to Sunday
  • groceries I need to buy for recipes and lunches 
  • how much is spent at the store for budget planning 


  1.  Sunday night (tonight). chicken Mexican rice bowl
  2. Monday steak, steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes 
  3. Tuesday teriyaki pineapple pork loin with cilantro rice
  4. Wednesday lettuce hamburgers, fries, green beans
  5. Thursday tiki marsala chicken, salad, and couscous
  6. Friday Italian pork chops, green beans, and scalloped potatoes 
  7. Saturday chili


    • pop for bf
    • shredded cheese and sliced cheese
    • lemons and limes 
    • mint
    • onions
    • loaf of bread
    • creamer
    • sugar 
    • cucumber 
    • lettuce 
    • sugar free jello
    • hot pockets
    • grapefruit juice
    • spicy chicken patties 
    • burritos or taquitos 
    • minced garlic
    • pineapple slices
    • large tomatoe
    • green peppers
    • couscous
    • eggs
    • tomatoe paste
    • canned tomatoes chili ready
    • green beans 
    • tomatoe sauce 
    • chili beans
    • celery
    • hamburger 


    • I spent 117.83 total
    • I saved $20 in savings at Kroger 
    • earned double gas points because I shopped at Kroger. 


    • helps to look at the ads and coupon
    • stick with a budget and recipes in mind. 
    • make a list that way you know what you are after. found this awesome print out… after I went shopping. Will do that next time. 
    • I only bought a couple extra things: pork steak and steak on sale for half price, salad topping, rice meals for bf
    • I feel like for one week, $100 is still pretty expensive. hopefully next week I can get it down further 

    3 thoughts on “ healthy budget meal 01 

    1. That’s great! I wish I could have grocery bills like that. I have 2 sons both are bodybuilders, one is 6′ 6″, the other is 6′ 4″. Right now our grocery bill is running about $400-500 per week. Majority of cost is on egg whites and meat. Aargh!!!


    2. I definitely know and understand the feeling. We just started doing this. I feel like we have not eaten out in FOREVER and I spend my life engrossed in coupons and apps searching for the biggest savings. Good luck in your journey!


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