get my crap together sunday

I’m slacking. I need to get my Crap together. ok, I’m really not saying crap but I don’t want to offend anyone that is reading my blogs. 

this week I have not gone to the gym or ate healthy. we have ate out almost every other day or even more than once a day. what is wrong with me? I need to get back on track. 

I bought this dress recently at a thift store that I love. but I need to lose about 10 more pounds. I want to lose it, so I can wear it while we have nice weather. 

along with trying to be on a budget and do the dave Ramsey money challenge, we need to do something. 

eating out isn’t helping us save $1000 for our emergency fund. the bf and I discussed that today we would sit down with our bills and figure out where money is going. help me! 

Things to do this week

  • track every day in bullet journal and food journal
  • go to body pump Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
  • Bill plan
  • pack lunches for the week
  • clean animal cages
  • renew books
  • buy book babe her book
  • take garage sale items to bf mom
  • mow yard
  • do laundry and put it away!!

I’m writing this post in anger bc I’m more upset with myself that I have been slacking on my goal to get healthy. 

have u ever had one of those days? 


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