Mexican at home 

I love Mexican style food. give me burritos, tacos, salsa and chips, tomatillo sauce every day. I would never get bored. eating out every week to Mexican gets boring (according to the boys only). plus it gets pretty expensive. 

I knew tonight was going to be a late night for the bf at work. 

I guess from reading my other posts, every night is a late night or a busy day that we want fast meals. 

instead of going out, I brought mexican to us. recently bought pork canitas from the store on sale. my PLAN was to cook in crockpot and shred it…. yeah didn’t happen.

the meat ended up getting brown in a stock pot. 

when cooking, I put a bag of frozen peppers and onion in the crock pot. 

cut the pork into very tiny pieces, mixed with taco seasoning and put back into the crockpot. 

I started to assemble my burritos. tortillas, meat mixture, Pico de gao, cheese then wrap. 

I topped one with green tomatillo sauce and the other with red enchilada sauce. 

Cooke for 15 minutes on 350. 

in the rice cooker, cilantro and lime juice went in. 

they were a lot prettier going in then coming out but very tasty. I enjoyed the green more than the red. 

here is the finished plate. doesn’t look very appetizing but very good! 


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