holiday fun

hello everyone! it has been a very busy couple of days! 

I had planned on posting Monday night, but ended up staying at the lake for the evening. my sister in law was watching the kid, while we worked. her kids and mine, went nonstop all day. they fished, swam, pokemon go, and ran around acting crazy. when I got off work, I met them there and visited with family and friends. we ended up setting off some fireworks. 

Tuesday was the fourth of July. my favorite holiday. we decided to go to the local flea market. now this isn’t your typically flea market. it is over 800 booths, with rows upon rows of stuff. sometimes you find good deals…other times just junk. most places will have the same thing over and over again. for example.. fidget spinners. really? I don’t understand the concept. they were almost at every other booth. some for $2, $3, two for $3, $7 etc. 

the kid ended up buying two, Dragon players. I’m guessing it is because of the points. idk. bf also bought one. 

I am all for supporting local shops. I heard from the grapevine about this woman that makes soap called farmers hand. I found the soap and fell madly in love. they advertise on how it takes about 6 to 7 washes from the lotion to come off your hands, off for those in the medical field. 

also got these awesome sunglasses. I know they look dorky but I wear glasses and hate clip ons. these are cover ups. they look large. but I love them. I can wear sunglasses and still be comfortable 

crafts are my favorite thing. lately Pinterest has been showing this project where you display all the birthdays of your family and friends. I hit the jackpot when I found a sign for only $15! i can not wait to display this. 

after the market we went  to cicis pizza. bf wanted to try and wouldn’t stop talking about it. it was not very good :/

we walked down to the library and lake that is about 5 minutes from our house to watch the fireworks. it was an awesome night. 

we all came home exhausted. it was midnight and all had to get up by 730 am today. my plan is to get some blogs done tonight since I’m cooking an awesome dinner… but we will see. I’m so tired just typing is tiring lol. how did your holiday go? 


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