holiday week

hi y’all, beautiful day today and a hot one too. the hot weather has returned. 

this week will be different because it is the holiday. filled with family time, days off, fishing, shopping, and fireworks. 

important things going on this week:

  • body pump Monday, Wednesday, and friday. itd a new routine so we will see how bad I feel
  • Monday and Wednesday I work 9 to 3. 
  • kid is going to my brothers house on Monday to spend time with his kids at the lake. 
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday kid is going to his grandma.  I don’t want to be a downer but I will confess at the end of the week I’ll prob be mean
  • Tuesday is the fourth of july!!! we are going to a flea market. leaving bright and early Tuesday morning. then prob fishing and fireworks. spend time with family after the fireworks. 

things I need to get done

  • go thru rooms to get ready for garage sale
  • clean animal cages
  • get information from gym to enroll kid in after school care
  • figure out what plan is for boy scout camp at end of month

goals this week

  • workout everyday except Tuesday. 
  • eat healthy and track it the day of!
  • blog every day. want to do a weekly meal plan, some recipes, book review, curvy girl post 
  • Bill plan with bf
  • try not to have anxiety attack or get in fight with bf about his mom
  • walk every time
  • take medication every day

really it doesn’t seem like I have a lot going on. getting ready for this garage sale is what is taking so much of our time. I’m hoping to make enough cash for the kid and I camping trip. 

what kind of things do you guys have planned this week? do you celebrate the fourth? 


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