2017 reading challenge · book reviews

the butterfly garden by dot hutchison

wow. just wow. I have been graced with the opportunity to read books that I can not put down. I started this book on Saturday and finished it early s unday. no it’s not a quick read. but I literally did not stop reading. 

this book has been on my tbr list for a very long time.

about the book

butterflies are exotic creatures. full of beauty that only lasts so long. any damage to their wings and they die. 

in the book, the butterfly garden, there is a garden with lush grounds, trees , ponds, and butterflies. these butterflies are women that have been kidnapped by a man that keeps them captive in a garden surrounded by a mansion. 

each butterfly gets her name by the tattoos that he put on her. 

the man that holds them captive is the gardener. a twisted man that decides to capture and preserve his obsessions. 

the story is told from one of his survivors when the garden is destroyed. the story goes back and forth, to the garden and police interview. the police are trying to piece together what really happened but determined that even while the story shows twists and turns in it, there is tons more that she is not speaking about. 

what I thought

I read the book in two days. I think that explains it. it is a very disturbing book. one that is so disturbing that you don’t want to read it but continue to because it draws you in. the author does an awesome job writing this story. 

this is a book that I will share with anyone that will listen. 

2017 reading challenge. this fits my category, book on tbr list for a long time. 


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