Good morning every one! I hope you are having a awesome day already. I can not believe that it is July already. the year is already half way gone. july2

i love july, especially the fourth of july. why? I have no idea. I wouldn’t say that it has to do with the patrotic side of things, even tho that is important. maybe its the fireworks? maybe it is just the excitement of the day. we don’t even plan a lot of things. just go and see the fireworks! do you do anything exciting for fourth of july?



  • July 4! going to a flea market with family the fireworks
  • July 17, going to a class for work to become recertified to give TB shots.
  • july 25, weight management appointment
  • July 31- August 2, boy scout camp!!!!

What I WANT to get done:

  • put up the damn shoe rack!! sorry for the language. but i need to get it done.
  • garage sale items from our room, boys room, basement etc.
  • clean the mud room
  • change Dixie (guinea pig) from shave bedding to fleece
  • wash dishes every night before bed
  • start school shopping for the kid (ugh)todolist1
  • finish setting up child care
  • take care of the herbs in the mud room window
  • get back in the habit of bullet journaling
  • track every day
  • put laundry away when it is completed
  • put up pictures in room
  • try to stay on a budget, sit down with bf and talk about bill planning


  • breakfast every day
  • no eating out
  • lose at least 5 lbs before my next doctor appointmenthealth1
  • body pump 3 times a week
  • work out every day from 1 hour to 2 hours
  • fit into the dress that i just bought
  • no eating out for one month!
  • no cheating….
  • no pop
  • try not to stress out and have it effect my health. esp don’t let bf mom bother me
  • go to bed by at least 10 pm every night
  • track every day the same day!

BLOG blog1

  • blog every day
  • post recipes
  • post book reviews
  • post about adventures of a curvy girl


  • don’t go to the library until all books have been attempted to be read (right!)
  • forgotten girl by owen laukkanen
  • wilde lake by laura lippman
  • still life by louise pennybookstoread1
  • the child by Fiona barton
  • lock down by laurie king
  • what my body remembers
  • the butterfly garden
  • two lost boys
  • first grave on the right
  • the last original wife
  • the people we hate at the wedding

What kind of things do you have planned for july? anything exciting?



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