2017 reading challenge · book reviews

The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea

Ever picked up a book and said “WTF??!?” you get to the end and say, “this can not be it!” and continue flipping pages to see if you forgot a page. this book is it, you must read The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea


About the book (no spoilers in this section)

“Charlie Donlea, one of the most original new voices in suspense, returns with a haunting novel, laden with twists and high tension, about two abducted girls–one who returns, one who doesn’t– and the forensics expert searching for answers.”  (expert from book)

The Girl who was Taken, is a story told in past and present timelines. it is the story about Nicole and Megan, high school students that go to a party one night and disappear. one girl escapes, Megan, while Nicole is yet to be found.

To show that she is “back to the old Megan,” she writes a bestseller book retelling her story about being held captive and escaping. the book makes her a celebrity but she doesn’t feel like one. the old Megan is gone and Nicole is still missing.

Livia, Nicole’s older sister, is a fellow in forensic pathology who has hopes to analyze evidence from bodies to determine the death and bring closure to families. she is still not over her sister’s disappearance and knows one day she will be examining her body. Livia is brought a body one day of someone that is connected to Nicole’s life. connections and theories at passed around and Livia gets Megan’s help to find out what has happened to Nicole. more girls are going missing and Megan is the only connection that Livia has.

As the story and evidence is discovered, Megan starts having flashbacks of the night. how did she escape? who took her? what happened to Nicole??bookending2


My thoughts on the book (possible spoilers!)

OMG! This book was amazing. I love a good read and very rarely come across a book that i’m like wtf. but this one did it for me. it took me a while to get into The girl who was taken. I know that the story was just building, but I felt like it was a very slow start. the author was building up the story and the intensity. girlwhowastaken2

once I got past the point where I could not put the book down, I finished it in one day.

with any book you are trying to figure out who did it. there are so many leads and twists and turns that you can not figure out what is going on. the author throws  you multiple curve balls. I still am flabbergasted why those curve balls were thrown at us, but I guess I’ve never known.

there are other questions I have about reading the book. questions about details that I felt were introduced but never examined. i’m sure they were just placed in there to get you thinking and keep you on your toes, but still!

the ending, oh my gosh, the ending.  I can’t describe what I am feeling other than this:bookending1read the book. tell me what you think. I want to talk to someone about it so bad!





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