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library haul 02

Ok, I have a problem. I went to the library today to get more books when my previous book stack has barely decreased. oh well… gotta love the books.  :). here are the books that I picked up. as an fyi, i just read a little except about the book, put it in my own words for you to know what I picked out. I know they are vague sometimes, but i don’t know anything about the book yet.

This would be my house if I could have more books!


still live by Louise Penny

Three pines is a beautiful place and a place for murders. neighbors and visitors are friendly to each other, you feel right at home. Jane Neal is a well known person in the community, everyone loves her. Loves her so much that she is murdered with an arrow thru the chest. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache sets out to find out what happened to her.

Wilde Lake by laura lippman20170630_164653

 Luisa is the state’s attorney in Maryland that decides to take her first case about a homeless man that is tried for killing a women in her own home. she starts to remember when her brother was accused of killing another man to save his best friends. memories and stories start to arise. not sure what i think about this book yet. i was drawn to the cover for than anything.

Lockdown by Laurie King

career day is an important event in the school district. the principal set it up for the kids to explore more careers. but what turns out is a deadly disaster where people are hurt and secrets are kept. not sure about this book either.

The Child by Fiona Barton

I was drawn to this book because i loved the authors previous book, the widow. Kate 20170630_165408is a journalist that is determined to find out about the remains of a baby that is found in an old house. she discovers that the baby is related to a crime years ago about a newborn baby being stolen from a hospital never to be found. she starts to dig deeper into the story to find out exactly what happed to the Building site baby.



the forgotten girls by owen laukkanen

another book that i was drawn to because of the book cover. the information was very brief about this book other than it being about a girl that is a runaway that is forgotten and found murdered on the high line train route. two investigators decide to look into the case when they find out there are more murders connect to this girl. what drew me into this book was this caption “one of the best young thriller writers working today” by Richmond times dispatch. might as well pick it up.

have you read any of these books? do any of them interest you?


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