easy chicken dinner Monday 

hi y’all. it’s been one of those Monday’s. everything is off. I was off at work, missing up names and saying the wrong thing. the weather is messed up, it’s june and only 70 outside! 

after getting off work I really didn’t want to cook. Monday’s are a late day for bf and I knew the easy thing would be to go out. I didn’t want to spend money or eat out and over eat, so I did simple. 

chicken, rice, and broccoli. 

I marinated the chicken with this mix from Wal-Mart. it’s about .75 cents. you mix in olive oil, white wine vinegar, and water. marinate for about 30 minutes 

to make dinner even simpler, I did cilantro rice in the rice cooker. 

even MORE simpler was putting a bag of steamable broccoli in the microwave. 

yes, I’m lazy. but after a long day I didn’t want to slave over a stove. 

here is the chicken on the grill 


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