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Adventures of a curvy girl- 02 what is in my GYM BAG



on my adventure to becoming fit, i have learned some things. i have learned that if you don’t pack the right things in your gym bag, it can either make or break your work out.

i want to work out and not worry about not having my headphones, lock, extra socks, deodorant, etc. i’m sure there are other people out there that i want to accomplish the same thing, so here is my tips of packing your GYM BAG.

I’m sure there are other things that i did not name, feel free to let me know what you pack that i don’t. maybe i forgot it and it would help me out!

first off, pick your bag. weather it is small or big, just make sure it is large enough to 20170625_125346 - Copy (2)carry everything you need in my trip. the worst thing I think is going to the gym and carrying more than one bag. for mine, I have a thirty one bag that I received for an xmas gift last year. I also have a vera Bradley little bag that I use to store other essentials.

second, pack an extra pair of clothes. usually I bring 20170625_125746 - Copy (2)an extra pair of clothes for after working out to freshen up. this helps if you are going somewhere after the gym and don’t want to go home to change. always pack an extra pair of socks, underwear, and bra. never know when you need a fresh pair of these after or even during the gym. also, don’t forget shoes or flipflops in my case afterwards. don’t forget your workout shoes!20170625_125846

third, work out clothes. sometimes I go after work and don’t have my workout clothes on. workout clothes are typically shorts, tank top, sports bra, socks, and shoes. I also pack an extra towel in case the gym doesn’t have any that I can use, they usually do.




fourth, water bottle for hydration. it is important to stay hydrated when you are working out. i have some kind of bottle with me at all times. my shaker bottle is my go to bottle when working out because i can do my shake before or after a workout.



fifth, essentials. it is never fun when you are working out and discover that you have no deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, or shampoo. 20170625_125157 - Copyin my essentials bag,  i pack perfume, toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, hair tie, hair brush, inhaler for my asthma, and feminine products.






sixth, in a separate plastic baggy I have a bath poff, face wash, shampoo. packed into my essential bag, if i have room, but usually in the bottom of my gym bag is pimple cream, feminine spray, body wash,  and deodorant spray. 20170625_125256 - Copy






seventh, the most important thing other than fresh underwear and deodorant when you 20170625_125449-copy-2.jpggo the gym is your lock and a pair of headphones. make sure you pack an extra pair of headphones in case you lose your pair. I’ve done it, not happy.

eighth, phone. don’t forget your phone. it is a way to play music, even watch tv, listen to a book, track your exercise. some people have used a phone case work out band that attaches to the arm when working out. i like these but i feel that they are so uncomfortable.

it sounds like a lot in your gym bag, i know. but i feel like in my short amount of adventures with working out, my gym bag items either made my workout or prevented me from getting what i wanted done.

pack your bag the night before, especially if you are working out in the morning before work. i have a class that i take at 5 am. i have to get up and leave the house around 430 am. 4:30 AM! crazy, but it sets my workout day. packing my bag the night before lets me know that i have everything with me and all i have to do is run out the door.

wash your gym clothes regularly. after you work out, clothes go back in the gym bag. wash them daily. take out of the bag daily. wash your bag at least once a week, more if it stinks. no one enjoys smelly clothes or worse a smelly bag with clean clothes.

are you ready to pack your gym bag? is there anything that you pack that i don’t? please, let me know!

when writing this post i was searching google images for gym bags. i found some awesome ones that they have out there that i would love to share with you. some of these have awesome says on them. enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Adventures of a curvy girl- 02 what is in my GYM BAG

  1. It is nightmare exercising around working and remembering everything! A colleague and I swim and both have the hassles …no towels, she left costume few weeks ago dyer wearing as hung up to dry, I have learnt to keep back up underwear in locker at work in case ever forget.


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