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library haul 01

hey everyone! I’m not sure if you love reading as much as me, but I love it. I would rather read then watch tv any day. 

I have decided to show you my library hauls of books. I usually go to the library ones a week. ok…sometimes twice. I also get way to many books. 

I will show you the books and give you a brief insite. do you have a blog that you do this? if so, tag me! I love reading about new books! 

What my body remembers by agnete friis.  a mother decides to kidnap her son from the state after she is placed in a psych ward. she returns back to her grandmother’s house and the place where her mother died. she starts to remember things about the night her mother died and questions what really happens. 

the butterfly garden by for hutchison. this book has been on my tbr list forever! In a garden by a mansion is a garden with precious butterflies. these butterflies are young women that have been captured and tattooed who they are named after. the garden is discovered and a survivor starts to speak out about what really happens in the butterfly garden. 

the people we hate at the wedding by grant ginder. I was drawn to this book for the title. i thought it was funny. the story follows a family that is going to their half sisters wedding and everyone hates it. a less than perfect family and how we hate the ones we love the most. 

the fall of Lisa bellow by Susan perabo. a gunman enters a shop and Meredith is pushed to the floor with Lisa, a girl she hates from school. Meredith makes it out but Lisa does not and she is looking for a way to get to her. 

the next accident. by Lisa gardner. this is the third in the series of Quincy and rainie. Quincy hires rainie to look into the death of his daughter. 

two lost boys by l.f. Robertson. a story about the guilty and innocent. Janet is a death row appeals attorney. she looks into the sentence of Andy, who is sentences to death while his brother gets a life sentence when they rape and murder two women. Janet looks into why one gets death and the other life. 

the last original wife by dorothea Benton frank. a tale of family, friendship, self discovery, and love between Les and Wes. Les is the last original wife of Wes. all his friends have traded in their original wives for new improved wives. she gets fed up and decides to take back her life. 

first grave on the right by darynda Jones. charley is a grim reaper and private investigator. her job is to help those go to the light. but some died because of murder and she helps them figure out what happened to them. 

heart of a killer by David rosenfelt. Jaime is a lawyer that takes on the case of Sheryl who is convicted of killing her husband. she comes to Jaime asking for her right to die, for her daughter who needs a new heart. 

it is quite a bit of books, I know. so many good ones I think. after doing this post, I get excited just to think about reading them!! 

are you interested in any of them? have you read any of them? 


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