Weekend review

good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunday. it is a little chilly here today in the Midwest. well… it’s only about 74 but the wind is picking up so it feels like 60ish. I have the windows open and enjoying the breeze. it is about 3 pm here and I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week.

how has your weekend been? do anything exciting or clean like me?!?


MAN– Saturday feels so long ago and it was only yesterday. I’m trying to remember everything that I did but I can’t remember, lol.

bf had to be at work by 730. I actually slept thru the alarm but was instantly awake once I heard his car leave. why? I have no idea. does that ever happen to you?

I ended up getting up and going downstairs to read and watch tv. I am reading a new book, The Girl Left Behind. very good thriller. look for it coming up this week for a book review. took a break from reading and got sucked into the series Little People, Big world on TLC. have you heard of it? I have not watched it in a very long time. I remember when the kids were in school and living with parents. now they are married, having kids, and the parents are divorced. it is an interesting show. reminds me that I want to look for when the new season premieres.

of course, watching tv, lead to a nap. lol. I didn’t want to nap but I was soooo tired. who knows why, I went to bed at 10ish. maybe because I am getting up at 430 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. any who, the dog and I slept till about 12ish. I got up and around. went to the gym, Walmart, and then home. oh wait, I did make an Impromptu stop at the nail salon. I got my nails and toes done. I was only going to go in there for my nails but ended up getting a pedicure as well. my feet needed it.

I also bought an outfit at Walmart for Tuesday. I’m not sure why I am dressing up… but it is nice to buy some new clothes. i bought a white tank top and a white and black skirt. also got a new pair of sandals. now I am not a skirt kind of person. I don’t like them but I have been eyeing them at the store lately. I am losing weight and kinda wanted to reward myself. I also bought animal bedding, garage sale stickers, cat litter and a new litter box, and chicken for dinner.

it was around 515 pm that I was finally finished. 5:15!! I texted bf to see when he would get off work. I had to get home and start marinating the chicken for dinner tonight. I was driving home and passed the bf brothers house and he was there catching up. that gave me time to get home and get the chicken going. I was in the clear!

I ended up cleaning the animal cages while he took a shower. we then went to the grocery store to get beef broth, ice, pop, salad, ice cream, and laundry soap.

he helped me cook dinner. he doesn’t really like balsamic vinegar, but I was hoping that the recipe would change his mind. he liked it he said but I could tell that he didn’t love it. check out the recipe for Chicken Madiera.

by the time dinner was done and we had finished eating, it was getting late. we ended up going to bed around 10ish.


bf woke me up around 630 this morning to go get breakfast. I didn’t really want to because of my diet, but decided it would be a nice way to spend the morning with him before he went to work.

we went to a little hometown breakfast house. it is called the breakfast house, lol. the food is awesome and the people even better.

he left for work and I decided to get some things done. I started with the kitchen. I cleaned out the refrigerator and organized it. I then moved on to the kitchen cupboards. I went thru everything and got rid of anything that we do not use. put a price sticker on it for the garage sale and got it out of there!

I feel embarrassed showing you pictures of my fridge because it was horrible, but the finished product is so pretty.

the kitchen being cleaned I started to lose my motivation for cleaning. it was about 1 pm and I wanted to go to the gym today. my back was hurting from cleaning and was hoping that didn’t make a difference.

at the gym I did 32 minutes on the treadmill, that equals out to 1 mile. went on to strength training and completed arm curls, dual axis overhead press, seat leg press, leg extension, hip abduction, and ab crunches. I was going to get back on the treadmill but my back was hurting quite a bit.

when I got home, I decided to blog. I also let milo outside because he has to pee sometimes too! I watered the plants.

it is now about 4 pm and the bf gets off work by 5. I am going to sweep the floors, clean the bathroom and then read outside till he gets home.

he is cooking dinner tonight. I bought thick pork chops, salad, and asparagus. deciding if I am also going to do mini potatoes. not sure yet if I am going to do a post on dinner yet or not.

before bed, I need to make sure that out lunches are packed as well as work and gym bag are done.

I plan on just reading for the rest of the night. maybe watch some tv. nothing much. it is a sunday after all, good day to be lazy.

weekend updated to-do list

  • laundry. this is a never ending thing. wash everything and put away, not just fold and leave in basket. I have washed everything. it is still in the dryer and the clothes are still in the baskets….in the dining room.
  • dishes DONE. will go put the rest of them away that have dried.
  • clean animal cages completed on Saturday. they are so much happier.
  • throw away herbs and vegetables in window haven’t done this yet.
  • water plants did on Saturday and sunday. nothing is dying!
  • take books to library done
  • work out both Saturday and Sunday done!done!done!
  • clean fridge and freezer. really clean it. soap and all. yes, I did this!!!
  • organize fridge and freezer. go to dollar store and pick up containers
  • go thru cabinets in kitchen and get things out for garage sale organized but did not go to store to get containers, I used what I had already in the house
  • make sure buy garage sale stickersbought three packages
  • clean bathroom going to do that here soon
  • sweep floors gonna do that next
  • wash floors gonna do that next
  • bullet journal for this week crap I forgot to do this. prob after dinner
  • pay gas bill paid on Saturday
  • plan dinners for the week will do this while I do my bullet journal
  • read have been doing!
  • blog yeppers!
  • open windows and air out house I love having the windows open..
  • go thru things in mud room for garage sale I did the kitchen!
  • figure out where going to put shelf yeah…no.

what are you up to? did you accomplish everything on your to-do list?


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