get it done weekend 

good morning everyone! it’s the weekend. I had planned on sleeping in and even slept thru bf alarm but as soon as he came to give me a kiss goodbye and I heard his car leave, I was instantly awake. I guess a nap is in my future? 
bf works all weekend so really it is just me, myself, and I today. 

I really need to get some things done around the house today and tomorrow: 

  • laundry. this is a never ending thing. wash everything and put away, not just fold and leave in basket. 
  • dishes 
  • clean animal cages
  • throw away herbs and vegetables in window
  • water plants
  • take books to library
  • work out both Saturday and Sunday 
  • clean fridge and freezer. really clean it. soap and all. 
  • organize fridge and freezer. go to dollar store and pick up containers 
  • go thru cabinets in kitchen and get things out for garage sale 
  • make sure buy garage sale stickers. 
  • clean bathroom
  • sweep floors
  • wash floors
  • bullet journal for this week
  • pay gas bill
  • plan dinners for the week 
  • read 
  • blog
  • open windows and air out house
  • go thru things in mud room for garage sale
  • figure out where going to put shelf 

busy, busy weekend. oh, I forgot to put a nap on there!

what do you have plans for?


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