book reviews

made for us by Samantha Chase 

if you are in need of a feel good romantic book, made for us, by Samantha Chase is the book for you. 

Zoe is an interior designer that decides to leave her home to move to the north Carolina coast. she takes a client known as the worst client a designer could have. he is arrogant, selfish, demanding, and controlling. her client is, Aiden shaughnessy. he is the oldest son of the shaughnessy clan. owns his own construction business, hardworking, successful, and don’t forget handsome. he is still single and enjoying the bachelor lifestyle by focusing on his business and family. he prides himself of being the one that his family turn to in need.

what Zoe and Aiden do not expect is that they are more alike they then think. 

one storm on the coast leads them to realizing that they are what the other needs. 


this book has been on my shelf from the library for the past couple of weeks. I really wasn’t going to read it because I have been in a thriller phase right now. when I went to the library to pick up more books, surprise I know, and the librarian told me that this book was almost due. ok, it was overdue and I could only renew it one more time.

I figured I would try the book and if I didn’t like it, back it goes. 

I feel instantly into the book. it is sweet, cute, romantic, and predictable. 

Zoe and Aiden make a cute couple. they fight, fall in love, fight some more, and make up. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a light romantic read. it is very easy to follow. yes, very predictable. girl, guy. fall in love. fight. obstacle.  but good. 

I have never read anything by this author before but I love her style. from what I have looked up she has more books to this series. she also has another series about more brothers. I def will be looking for these books soon. 

this book did not fit into a category for the reading challenge 2017. 


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