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adventures of a curvy girl 01 

hey y’all! 

I have decided to do a series called adventures of a curvy girl. this series is about my adventures I have come across while trying to lose weight. 

first series post today: rules of going to the gym. 

side note… these really aren’t rules. more like what I have observed and have made rules for myself


  • wear deodorant. you don’t want to smell your stink, neither does anyone else
  • wear underwear. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this…but women leggings plus no underwear? yuck. men…i don’t need to see things swinging that much. 
  • don’t sing when you are wearing your headphones. you can’t hear yourself but everyone else does
  • don’t eat a large meal or something gassy before exercising. no one wants to hear you fart or smell it. plus, it is hard doing a squat when you have to fart.
  • no stareing at other people working out. it’s rude. 
  • no judgement to others that are coming to the gym. we are all there for a reason. 
  • no hogging exercise equipment. taking a break is one thing. sitting on it updating your Facebook Is another. 
  • be respectful. wash your damn machine!
  • women are there to work out. go to a bar if you want their number. 
  • don’t forget your workout bag. washing your hair with body wash is no fun
  • bring an extra towel, socks, and underwear
  • work out. don’t play on your phone. 
  • pay attention when you are using the track. go the right way around the track. 
  • don’t hog the mirrors. 
  • use only one piece of equipment. if it’s not busy, that is one thing. but full gym and you are using three pieces of equipment? 
  • ask for help on an equipment you don’t know or if you need a spotter
  • make sure you warm up and stretch after wards 
  • don’t take up all the room in an area. for example, move away from the dumbbells. 
  • hydrate !

I think that covers must of what I have experienced going to the gym. 

is there any rules that you can think of to add to this? 


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