grilled pork, argula salad and seasoned potatoes.

tonight’s dinner was a fast and easy one. who doesn’t enjoy a fast dinner?

I also wanted to experiment with argula. I have never used it, but have seen it used a lot in cooking shows.  

I marinated the pork. i bought wafer thin pork, I didn’t realize I did. 

the marinade was from Kroger. it is garlic herb and wine. already premixed, you just marinade for 30 minutes. 

while that was sitting, I cut up tomatoes. made the vinegeritte for the salad. it consists of white wine vinegar about 2 tsp, olive oil about 1/3 cup. garlic powder, pepper and salt to taste. mix that all up and throw in your tomatoes and mozzarella balls. 

throw in the argula and crotons. I love these crotons from earth fare. it is bread they make themselves and then cut up. 

potatoes were just seasoned with a pack that I got from earth fare as well. I tossed with olive oil, seasoning and put in microwave for about 6 minutes.

doesn’t everything look amazing?!?


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