day off shenanigans 

good evening everyone! I hope you had an awesome day like me on my day off. 

I had so many plans for today that really didn’t get accomplished..but i did do other things. 

I did not go to the gym to work out, instead I decided to sleep. 

bf had to work so I decided to go see my mom. I was planning on just going down and visiting but ended up going to a couple stores. we went to the pet store to get guinea pig/ rabbit food. also went to big lots. do you know what big lots is? I love it, so many housewares. I bought Milo (dog), a harness and collar and a sunflower to hang outside. 

my sister was awake and I was able to visit with her some. she works night shift, so she is usually asleep. she mad me a shirt for my birthday. isn’t it awesome!?!

she also gave me this adorable hedgehog key chain. 

I left my mom’s around 3 with the intention of going home to get dishes done before bf came home….

I ended up going to salvation army. I did not find anything really worth buying. 

earth fare was my next stop. I love this store. I just want to bottle up the smells and have that in my house. it is an organic local store. they sell so many awesome products. I bought rose roll on essential oil, homemade crotons, small mini yellow potatoes, seasoning, and argula. check out my post, grilled pork, argula salad and potatoes. for some reason I can’t link these on my phone?!? if you know how to link thru your phone,please let me know. 

I didn’t find everything I wanted for dinner at earth fare, so i headed to Kroger. there i bought spaghetti squash, mozzeralla balls, olive oil, white wine vinegar, marinade, and a salad spinner.

yes, I said a salad spinner. I have been wanting one for a long time. so I bought one today. there was a sign, buy one get one free. a whole display for items that you could buy one get one free. I assumed that you could interchange items, you usually can. instead, after ringing things up…you had to buy two of the same items. I wanted to get home so I ended up paying for peelers which is fine cuz we needed some. 

I know it doesn’t sound like I did much but I did, I swear!!

i rushed home and did the dishes and cleaned up the house before bf got home. why? idk. I guess I didn’t want him to see that I didn’t really do anything lol.

it’s about 8 pm. we are watching tv. one of our friends is coming over to watch America’s got talent with us. 

what are you guys doing tonight ? 


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