full steam ahead! 

good evening everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day. happy father’s day as well. I’m very thankful for my own father who is there for me whenever I need to talk, my bf who is wonderful father, my bf step father who is always there when we need him. thankful to all the fathers out there. 

we didn’t do to much today. the bf had to work so I went to the lake and saw my dad and family. had a quick lunch. 

went to be work and got my oil changed. talked a little bit with the guys there then left. 

had dinner had bf moms and step dads house. visited a little bit and then came home.

it was only about 8 pm but we both made our lunches and set up our work clothes for tomorrow. I also set up my workout clothes, work bag, and a present for a girl I work with. not really a present for something good, her dog died so I bought her a card with a saying in it. I then bought her a shadow box that she could put pictures of the dog, collar, and the letter c in it. 

Instead of giving you daily updates I’m going to do a week of my plans then on Friday up date you. if this goes better.. then I’ll keep doing it. I kinda liked updating through out the week… but then I felt I was saying the same thing every day… it was getting boring to write. 

work schedule—- I work every day this week but Tuesday. bf works Monday, Tuesday, wed, sat, sun. 

Tuesday plans– I might go to my mom’s and visit with her and niece and nephew. stay home and relax. read. take a nap. who knows it’s still open for debate. 

work out plans— I will be doing body pump on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 to 6 am. two girls for work are suppose to join me as well

—- eat a healthy lunch all week long. lately I have been getting to about Thursday and then I start cheating. 

— Tuesday and Thursday still go to the gym before work. work on cardio. Saturday and Sunday workout while bf at work. 

—-track every day! 


  • Monday- grilled steak, asparagus, and potatoe wedges
  • tuesday- brat burgers and salad, fries
  • Wednesday- pork chopped up with green beans, tomatoes and onions
  • Thursday- chicken noodle with broccoli 
  • Friday- not sure yet…
  • Saturday not sure yet…
  • s unday not sure yet…


  • buy book for my book babe
  • choose gift for my 5 yr anniversary at work
  • clean animals cages
  • finish laundry and putting away in room
  • put together shoe rack
  • water plants and keep them alive!!!
  • finish at least two books
  • blog every day
  • do my bullet journal weekly 
  • mow grass
  • maybe buy a tomatoe plant? 

sounds busy but it really isn’t. it different without having the kid around. we both miss him terribly. it’s also different with the bf working full time. I’m alone more so I get things done… like taking naps. lol. 

I hope everyone has an awesome week. what are your plans?


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