lively Saturday and tour of my yard 

hello everyone! it’s a beautiful evening here in the mid West. 

the day has been eventful from beginning to end. 

we woke up late together, around 930. it was nice to sleep in. even nicer just to wake up next to each other without any expectations of having to rush some where. 

the bf ended up going out to the shed to tinker around with a chain saw. I call his shed the man cave. it isn’t big but he goes out there to relax and just miss around with things. 

I headed to the gym. I made it thru the week doing 3 days of body pump. the class is so much fun but brutal. for an hour you are toning your body with weights. I like that it is an easy pace to follow. but it is challenging. I have had to stop multiple times bc of arms were on fire. 

today I walked for about 15 minutes then did strengthening. I am up to about 30 lb on most machines with a total of 60 reps. 

I am starting to see a difference in how my clothes fit. getting looser. I am still discouraged. I don’t see the numbers going down on the scale. yes, it’s muscle but I want the numbers to go down!!!

after gym I headed to walmart. I went to pick up a two person swing but they are all sold out in this area 😦

flowers instead. I bought way to many flowers. a lot of them were on sale…but it was still 70 dollars. my heart fluttered lol. 

I had plans to come home and start planting then take a nap but the bf friend n kids paid us a visit. they had fun visiting with us.

after they left we went back to Wal-Mart. big surprise right?!?! sometimes I feel like we live there. I forgot some things that we needed to pick up. bought dish soap, headphones(i lost mine 😦  ), potatoe and Macaroni salad  watermelon….and some more flowers. yes… more flowers. 

on the way home, bf wanted to stop at the gas station… which lead us into dairy queen. horrible. but ice cream so refreshing when it is almost 90 and humid out. 

when we got home, we got down to business. planted flowers and hung up hooks for my baskets. 

want a tour of my yard? here you go!

flowers leading up to my house. I love these flowers. 

here is a solar dog welcome chime? wow say that three times fast. lol

beautiful! this was my favorite one to buy

side view of my porch. we hung those baskets up today. 

bird bath my mom got me for my birthday 

side view of house and deck. still need to do mulch. Milo (dog) is in background upset that I’m taking pictures and not paying attention to him. 

all the flowers that I bought are high sun. my house gets a lot of sun in the front. in the back not so much. 

here are some pictures of my house. I’m proud of it. 

view from the sidewalk. I wish some things were different. like the railroad ties in the front. I hate them but it’s my landlord decision. also..the direct tv dish. horrible. but I like tv so it’s a win win lol. 

what do you think of my yard? I love it. i know some things need to look better. mulch, fix up the steps, stain the deck, etc.

the bf ended up going to the shed again to tinker around. I really think he was hiding from me lol. we have a wood pile next to the fire pit that I hate looking at. I ended up carrying the wood to the back of shed and stacking it. talk about cardio. I then weeded the garden. it isn’t much. I know they lol pathetic but here is my garden. 

how do you end the perfect day?? 

with a rainbow of course. 


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