margarita thursday

margarita Thursday! thirsty Thursday! it’s Friday eve lets celebrate 🙂

today was a rough day. did anyone else have one? 

I didn’t work out this morning due to taking Thursday as my day off. I wasn’t very awake this morning or motivated to do anything before work. I wanted to get dishes done…they are still sitting in the sink. I’m bad .

do you ever go to work and have this feeling that something isn’t right or it’s going to be an off day? I had that feeling for about an hour before the ball dropped. we went from having 4 staff to two. one of the girls I work with had to leave for a family issue. we weren’t staffed appropriately any way and were already down to 3 people. at 1 pm, it was just me the back and a receptionist. 

we didn’t complain, even tho we wanted to. we didn’t freak out, even tho we wanted to. we did what we had to do. but it sucked. it sucks working short. 

even tho the day didn’t go smoothly, we did great as a team. I love the people I work with. 

since bf was off work late, I went to the big o store in town, Wal-Mart. I needed to get pet food, laundry soap, and shorts for him for work. I also ended up buying some plants, a work out tank top for me, room deodorizer, body wash. I spent way to much money. 

I got depressed when I was looking at clothes. they had tons of clothes on sale. shirts, shorts, and skirts. I really wanted this cute skirt but I’m so short I would drag it when I was walking. also, I need (want) to lose more weight before I go buy an outfit. I guess I just wanted to buy a cure outfit for myself. I have been working out and doing well. I needed to reward myself. I wasn’t happy with my options and became more depressed while looking at clothes so I gave up and left. I had every intention of coming home to cook healthy. the bf came home and said let’s go get Mexican. since I wasn’t feeling happy I said yes. I shouldn’t have. I ended up over eating. I guess tomorrow is a new day?

I feel like this post became all gloomy and doomy!?!? 

the fun came when I decided I was going to order a margarita. we decided to order one. thought we did and then realized at the end, we never ordered it! we thought it was pretty funny. 

I didn’t do my daily post and update. after about a week it seems to be the same thing every day. I must be way to boring. I was thinking of on Sunday night’s do an update of what I would be doing that week and Friday recap. I would still be posting throughout the week. I think this is more realistic and not boring, lol. 

since it is a little after 9 here, I think I’m going to go to bed. I’m going to get up at 430 to workout tomorrow. 

have a good night!


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