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Life as nurse- Leaders

Are you a leader in your job? every day, when i walk into the office i need to be leader. leader4Not because i want to, but because of the RN behind my name. I earned my RN when i went to show. I wanted to a be a leader one day. i want to lead my patients to the right information when it comes to there health.

I have been in many different leader positions as a nurse. leader1

I did house supervisor for a while in the hospital. a house supervisor is basically the person that decides what is going on in the hospital. your the leader. the resource that is available when another needs assistance. it can be a good or a very bad position. some days you are caught up in so many things going wrong you don’t know which way is what. i enjoyed it at times. i did not enjoy it when i had 5 patients and was caring the “house” phone that kept ringing every 5 minutes.

i was a leader when i went to the doctors office and was the only RN in the office. i lead my team. i made sure that they were doing work correctly, keeping them on task, being the resource, teacher, friend when needed. it was hectic at times but i love it.

in this new doctors office that i am working in, i am not the only RN. i work with another one. I might not be the leader that i was before but I am still in a leadership position as a nurse.

every nurse is held to the same standards typically. leader2

  • commit to be excellence
  • passion for their work
  • vision and focus
  • trustfulness
  • respectful
  • accessible
  • knowledgeable
  • empathic
  • caring
  • leadership

these standards they drill into your head in college. you do multiple papers on attributes of nurses and how you are going to fine tone them. some come easy…others not so much.

even tho i have been a leader position in the past and continue to show how i am a leader when working with others, i have so much to learn. leader3

to be a nurse, you have to except that even when you are out of school, you continue to learn. i think any job that you are in you learn something every day. there is always a new technique, medication, health problem, or goal that they want us to follow. i am constantly learning new things every day.

my acceptance every day that i continue to want to learn and be better makes me a great leader as a nurse.




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