day off tuesday recap

my day off went surprisingly well. I figured I would lose motivation.

I ended up giving in to the urge for a nap and took one about 830 to 11. it was a very good nap. I woke up still tired but the dog wouldn’t let me sleep any more. 

(no this isn’t my dog. found online but couldn’t find who to give it credit to. I’m sure this is how I looked sleeping. )

after getting up some motivation, I drank my strawberry shake for breakfast. well, brunch. went to the library to pick up the movie I had on hold, before I go to sleep. have you check out my review of the book? check it out, before I go to sleep by s.j Watson. 

then I hit the gym. it was extremely warm outside again today. it hit 94 today. I was surprised it was so busy in the gym, but I guess if you can’t workout outside. 

i did 15 minutes on treadmill. then my strengthening. I have done some research for weight loss and strength training. I guess if you want to lose weight you increase your repetitions not your weight. if increase your weight, you build muscle. do i got that right? 

here is a picture of what I did. 

when I got home I got down to business. dishes and cleaned up the house. 

made a smoothie out of spinach, pb2, strawberries and strawberry shake. it was good. I heard that when you add spinach you can’t taste it? can’t figure out if I’m tasting it or it’s a mind thing. 

while I had my smoothie and snacked on some popcorn, I settled down to watch the movie, before I go to sleep. that movie was such a disappointment. I turned it off about half way thru. some many things were different in the movie vs the book. 

I basically just chilled for the rest of the afternoon, did some blogging as I’m sure you can tell by the amount of posts. 

cooked dinner, check out the post pork loin, salad, and garlic noodles. 

the bf and I are just sitting in living room. talking and catching up. it’s amazing how much we talk more that he is working full time. we still see each other, but it’s like we are more connected. does that make sense ?

I hope everyone has an awesome night!


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