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Life as a nurse- Kindness


It is what you think about when you think about a nurse, right? yes, I know that some nurses are not very nice. I know, I’ve met them. I also have been one of those nurses at the time. I’m not sure if some nurses lack kindness or what.

To be a nurse tho, you need to be kind, caring, empathic. you need to have a kind nature because you are caring for patients. you are caring for patients that are ill, vulnerable, or scared. you provide comfort and kindness to them. kindness1

you show your kindness to your patients by showing empathy. being there to take care of them as well as developing a bond or establishing a trust while you care for them. they are in the hospital, doctors office, etc because their health is in need. you are the person that is going to provide help for that need. putting yourself in their shoes to understand how they are feeling and dealing with certain situations. providing the emotional support that they need.

kindness5kindness goes a long way in nursing. it might just a smile, giving out water, asking about the family. it shows that you have a connection with the patient. it shows that you care and want them to trust you. some patients do not trust easily.

I started a new job about 3 months ago. I went from one doctors office to another. I was at the previous office for about 2 years. my patients became dependent on me. I gained a lot of their trust and loyalty. they knew that if there was a problem, all they had to do is let me know and I would take care of it for them.

at this new job. I am having to establish that trust all over again.kindess3 i am showing to the patients that do not know me that i am a trustful, loyal, and kind nurse. they can trust me to take care of there problems. if they need something, i am there.

i have to admit there was a time that i was not a kind nurse. i was working as a brand new nurse, on a medical surgical unit. my shift was 3 am to 3 pm. my day started at 1 am where i would get up, drive 45 minutes to work, and start my day. some days were good, more were bad. medical surgical unit is a hard unit. it is where you get broke in as a nurse. gain all your skills. i was there over 6 months and i hated my job. i hated myself. i hated nursing. i became unfriendly. i didn’t want to be unfriendly but the demands that management was putting on nurses at the time with patient to staff ratio and difficult patients, it was hard.kindness6 i would go to work, hit the ground running, and would always rush around. i thought with switching to a more community hospital that things would change. they did…for a while. i wasn’t happy. i wasn’t unkind, i just didn’t love my job and it showed.

kindness was hard to show to my patients when i was unhappy. i think that some nurses stop showing kindness, caring, and empathy because they are burned out. no one knows what you go thru as a nurse unless you are a nurse yourself. my parents try to put themselves in my shoes and they can’t, they don’t understand.

trying to explain to someone that is not a nurse what it feels like to be a nurse is hard. i guess it is problem the same for a teacher, cop, artist, etc.kindness2

i know that working in a doctors office now that i love my job. i am happy. the reason why i wanted to be a nurse has come back to me.

i know that i want to take care of patients for the rest of my life.

I am a nurse.


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