it’s hot and cold!

I am writing this blog under my blanket. no I’m not scared of monsters or the boogeyman. my air conditioner is on full blast because it is 94 outside. 94! but my house has been staying so cool that I have to wear sweats, socks, and have 3 blankets on me!

I am off today. bf left for work. I WAS going to go back to bed. but I haven’t left the couch yet….

so while I write this blog under my blankets and watching hallmark movies, I am trying to figure out what I should do. 

should I take a nap because I’m tired? go to the library and pick up the movie I have on hold? then go to the gym? maybe take a nap later? 

so many decisions! 

I also need to do dishes and laundry. I feel like these things are never ending. does anyone else feel like that? I really need to get better and start doing dishes while I cook so that there isn’t so much to do afterwards….or the day after. 

the yard also needs mowed. with the heat index so high I’m avoiding it. not because I can’t take the heat…ok, I can’t lol. I have asthma and allergies, just looking at grass sets me off. usually I mow and the bf weed whips, but with the heat so bad I want to wait.

I also need to get some blogging done. I need to finish my a to z life as a nurse challenge!! I need to get it done! I also have another idea for a blog inspiration. not sure how well it will go. 

how is everyone this morning? are u fighting decisions about what to do and taking a nap? what do you have planed? come on followers talk to me! 


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