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June 12-18 bullet journal simply done

If you have been reading my posts, you know that I love to bullet journal. sometimes my life allows me to take time and plan out my weeklies. they look beautiful and have hardwork, sayings, and are designed with no flaws. bulletjournal1

other days, like today, I just want to get everything put down on paper so I do not forget. yes, I took some time with the layout. I did a simple design, a couple different arrows.

I started out with my typically blank pages. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do this week.20170611_174226.jpg

I figured.. what could go wrong with arrows?!? so I drew some in quickly with my pencil. stuck with simple cursive handwriting for the days of the week and dates.



I divided my sections with different kind of arrows for my to-do list, habits, and blog ideas. 20170611_174231

I than added some color. purple is what I grabbed first. I really didn’t care to much this week. I just wanted to get some stuff done.

I then did meal plan in pink. to-do list and important things through out week blue. which the blue really didn’t show up, it was very close to the purple. then green for my habit tracker. I did not fill in anything for my blog ideas before I took this picture because I don’t want you guys seeing what I am doing! i’m so


I know my drawing and handwriting isn’t perfect. what I like to do this on a down day. like today, when it is so hot outside that you don’t want to be out there. might as well get some bullet journaling done!


you can see that I made a mistake on Thursday on my meals and had to use some washi tape. don’t you just love washi tape? I do!

if you bullet journal, did you spend a lot of time this week on your weekly? did you go fast or go into detail? share with me!



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