2017 reading challenge · book reviews

Before I go to sleep by S.J Watson

what would you do if every night you go to sleep, your memory was erased? 

in the book, before I go to sleep, by s.j. watson,Christine’s life changes every time she goes to sleep. 

Christine is a 47 year old married women that we find out has amnesia from an accident. every day she wakes up not knowing who it is she is sleeping next to, her age, her job, or what happened. every day she meets her husband for the “first” time. she finds out that she had an accident that took her life. 

Christine ends up meeting dr. Nash, who helps her uncover some of her memories. each memory is different, good or bad. he asks her to write in a journal every night about her experiences. 

in her journal she starts to make connections. who does she believe? is Ben her husband telling the truth ? what really happened during the accident? did she have more to her life then just a wife?

I want to go into so many details about this book but I can’t spoil it for you!

this is one of the books for my book club. the first one I really “read.”. I really enjoyed it. i was hooked by the cover and then by the description on the back. I knew that I would enjoy this book. 

I recommend it to anyone that wants to read a psychological thriller. it has twists and turns. it had me guessing until the end. 

after reading the book, I looked into it more and found out it is a movie! I requested it from the library. it has Nicole Kidman and Colin firth in it, two really good actors. I can’t wait to watch it and compare it to the book!

side note. I am adding this to my 2017 reading challenge list. it fits into the category, book with a red spine. I didn’t even think it fit into a category and wasn’t really it for that until I saw, it has a red spine! might as well count it. 🙂

has anyone else read this book? have you watched the movie? what did you think ? 


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