Hot weekend ahead

weekend1good morning everyone! I was hoping to sleep in this morning since it is Saturday and all. But I ended up getting up with the bf while he got ready for work. I made him lunch and visited a little with him before he left. I also started cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen because I have to go grocery shopping today. I dread this. the shopping is not what I dread. I do not like having to carry everything from the car to the house. my house is on a hill and my drive way is way to steep for a car. its more like a hill, lol.

I guess I could look at this like a workout opportunity. but knowing how my luck is I would be running up the hill and then fall down. there goes my eggs and bread. squished and cracked. no one likes squished bread.

I don’t have to many plans for the day. this is the first weekend that I am home and bf is not home because of work. he has been a stay at home dad for awhile. now that the kid is older, he is working. I am very proud of him but now i’m lonely!

it is suppose to be a very HOT weekend. today it is suppose to reach 88. tomorrow 90. the humidity is to be overwhelming. I should have put the air conditioner in but I did not. I like the open windows. what I don’t like is sitting on the couch sweating. when bf gets home ill give in and tell him to put the air conditioner in.

instead of giving you a play by play of time, I figured I would just give somethings that I would like to get done this weekend.


  • do dishes
  • finish laundry. includes putting away upstairs. bonus points if I actually hang everything up.
  • take a shower and shave legs. sorry if way to much info! I just can’t go to gym with legs that need shaved.
  • go to gym and work out for a couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday
  • pack lunches for myself all week on sunday
  • plan meals all week for bf and i
  • go to grocery store and get meals for the rest of week as well as things for his lunch.
  • clean hedgehog wheel
  • let Charlie (rabbit) out to run around
  • sweep floors
  • clean bathroom
  • weed the garden
  • bill plan for Thursday, payday!
  • buy a salad spinner at Walmart
  • do my weeklie for bullet journal
  • finish reading “before I go to sleep.” post review
  • plan blogs for the week
  • spend some time outside, I need to work on my tan
  • mow the lawn?

I think these plans are achievable. I have so many things that I want to get done before bf gets home from work so that we can just relax today.

what is everyone’s plans for the day?

is it going to be hot where you live?weekend3



3 thoughts on “Hot weekend ahead

  1. You definitely have a hot and busy weekend ahead, I hope you complete all of your tasks! I’ll be planning, grocery shopping, laundry, and reading posts this weekend. Where I live will also get up to the 90s

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