Thursday delay/TGIF

Good morning everyone, it is Friday 🙂 I have almost made it thru the week. do you guys have any plans for the weekend?

I’m not sure where my post for Thursday went. I really thought that I posted it, so I am updating you this morning. I will also let you know my wonderful plans for Friday.

Thursday went like this:

  • up by 630 with bf. he has to leave by 715 for work I got up at 630. bf did not get up till 645. I am thankful that something told me to not to go to gym because he slept thru his alarm. I made his lunch and coffee while he got ready.
  • take shower and get ready for work- completed
  • pack lunch and prepare shake completed. shake was lemon pudding. lunch was green beans and mushrooms
  • get to work by 815 I think I walked in a little closer to 800
  • have lunch around 12 ate lunch at 1215. we sat outside because it was so pretty
  • snack around 4ish had my dark chocolate smores protein bar about 330
  • off at 5- left work about 515
  • go to store to pick up beef broth and onions I also picked up mushrooms, more sauce, and egg rolls.
  • come home and change right into shorts and a tank top
  • let dog out and take care of animals completed. all animals are doing well. dog was happy to be out of his cage
  • maybe read til bf gets home ready outside while soaking up the sun. I need to work on a tan!
  • help start dinner. having ramen noodle soup completed. bf friend and his son came over and had dinner with us. soup was very good. if you are wondering about this soup, here is the recipe I have shared before. beef ramen soup
  • watch tv and relax till bed – I came inside and relaxed a little, about 15 minutes. then went to bed. hehehe

Thursday was a good day. I gave myself off the day from working out. but I think I regretted it a little bit. I stepped on the scale and it looks like I have gained 5 lbs! 5 lbs with eating healthy and working out. this is ridiculous. everyone tells me it is muscle..i have doubts.

I am excited that it is Friday. i’m not excited that I have to work for some reason. I love my job, I just feel like staying home with the bf. oh well.. off to work soon shortly. I did not go to the gym this morning, I will go after work since bf has a meting at work. I was up at 7:20ish. Changed clothes, brushed teeth, washed face. Today is casual day at work friday1since it is Friday. I am feeling frumpy and depressed about those 5 pounds so I thru on scrub pants and a tshirt my sister made for me that says RN surrounded by a stethoscope.

here are the plans for the rest of my day:

  • get to work by 820 –trying to hurry up on this post so I get my butt out the door!
  • have lunch around 12. I packed a salad, veggies, and will have my shake
  • snack around 3/430, triple berry protein bar
  • off at 5ish.
  • go to gym and work out till about 7.
  • come home and see what bf is cooking for dinner. I think he said he is doing healthy nachos for me.
  • update my blog
  • watch some tv
  • read
  • hold Twiggy for a little bit while I either blog, read, or watch tv. or possible do all three lol
  • make bf lunch before bed and put in fridge
  • make sure he has his clothes all ready to go
  • alarm clock set for him to get ready for work in morning
  • go to bed whenever

friday2I know Friday is not very detailed. I don’t have much to get done today. plus with the plans so different because of gym and work meeting…i’m not sure if I will even watch tv. I have plans this weekend that I am hoping to write about tonight. I hope everyone is enjoying my daily write abouts. do  you like them? are they boring because I kinda do the same thing every day?



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