slow winding wednesday

you know how you are going up a rollar coaster and your slowing going to the top? inching along slowly. anticipating what is next. each click of the coaster increasing anxiety and excitement. then you reach the top, stop for a second and whoosh your thrown down in twists and turns, loops. then bam your done? 

I feel like this week has been like that already. Monday to Wednesday is the beginning of the coaster. you are slowly creeping along. getting excited or nervous about the weekend coming up. your at Wednesday and your at that peak. Friday is near but you can’t get to it yet. you are just hovering at the top. 

hovering at the top knowing that the rest of the week is going to fly by is how today was. 

here is how my day flee by:

  • wake up at 545. actually get out of bed!! I did get out of bed at 550.
  • be at gym by 610. I think I was there a little early. 
  • track/treadmill for about 15-20 minutes. I walked on the tread for 15 minutes. I was watching country movie videos so that helped the time move quickly. here are my stats. 
  • strength training for 30 minutes completed. did not do that much today. I took it a little slow. 
  • walk another 15-20 minutes  I did not do this. time was going to fast. I decided to do the stepper. I lasted about 2 minutes. lol
  • if time, second round of strength training nope
  • get home by 730, make sure bf is up and ready for work made it home about 710. bf came down when I was getting in shower. 
  • get in shower and ready for work
  • pack lunch, get breakfast shake I packed lunch and made shake before I left. 
  • have lunch at 12ish, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms with lemon pudding. ate lunch but did not have my shake. 
  • snack around 315/4 I had my triple berry bar. 
  • off work about 5ish got off about 510
  • come home, change clothes, let dog out actually went to be mom house. she bought me a card table at a garage sale. I ended up staying and be met me there after work for dinner. 
  • feed/water animals. clean hedgehog wheel animals fed. wheel was still clean 
  • do dishes that i left in kitchen yeah….. the dishes are still in the sink
  • start dinner… chicken drumsticks, salad, and some kind of veggie we ate dinner at bf moms. hamburgers, chips, corn, cottage cheese, and baked beans. 
  • blog about life as a nurse- k. i must get this done nope
  • make sure trash is out for the night I’m writing this blog in bed realizing that it was not down. bf is cussing bc he just got undressed. 
  • take a walk with the bf hopefully it is not to cool at night no we decided yo take a walk up to bed
  • update Wednesday blog doing now
  • post Thursday blog shortly will be doing 
  • get gym bag and work bag ready it’s on the table… not ready but I didn’t really need much done
  • get meals set for rest of work lunches- take pictures nope
  • read at least 2-3 chapters of book club book nope
  • bed maybe catch up on some tv bf and I are in bed. prob going to turn off phone here soon and sleep. for some reason we are both tired. 

today dragged. work took forever. we barely were busy. I just twirled my fingers and tried to keep busy. I wasn’t tired until I got home. I put my nightgown and the dog n I ran upstairs to bed. it is 915 and still light outside. you can hear people laughing and talking while riding bikes, walking, or doing whatever. the traffic is still heavy. the train is going by in the distance. 

we are not caring that it is only 915 and we are in bed. I’m tired from barely doing anything. bf tired bc he sat on a computer all day for training. 

I can see the weekend ahead of us. the bf mom and I might go to Sam’s club on Saturday for food. I want to be off work so bad that I can’t stand it. 

I’m going to go to bed here soon. my roller coaster is headed down soon. hope everyone had an awesome day. 


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