Wind down Wednesday

Its the middle of the week.

the part of the week it is so hard to get over. your half way thru it and so much closer to the weekend. you just gotta get thru a couple seconds, minutes, and hours. I used to love Wednesdays. it was my day off. now I have Tuesdays off. which isn’t bad. wednesday1

I found out yesterday that putting down times was kinda bad idea. my anxiety was thru the roof at the gym because I kept checking the time. I still did my exercises but I felt like I was pushing myself and then looking at the time. i’m not sure if I leave out the times for today if that will just make the anxiety worse or if its just a way to hold myself a little more accountable. does that make sense?

I wanted to take today off working out because its kinda like a wind down day but i decided that i needed to continue to work out.

  • wake up at 545. actually get out of bed!!
  • be at gym by 610
  • track/treadmill for about 15-20 minutes
  • strength training for 30 minutes
  • walk another 15-20 minutes
  • if time, second round of strength training
  • get home by 730, make sure bf is up and ready for work
  • get in shower and ready for work
  • pack lunch, get breakfast shake readywednesday3
  • have lunch at 12ish, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms with lemon pudding
  • snack around 315/4
  • off work about 5ish
  • come home, change clothes, let dog out
  • feed/water animals. clean hedgehog wheel
  • do dishes that i left in kitchen
  • start dinner… chicken drumsticks, salad, and some kind of veggie
  • blog about life as a nurse- k. i must get this done
  • make sure trash is out for the night
  • take a walk with the bf hopefully it is not to cool at night
  • update Wednesday blog
  • post Thursday blog
  • get gym bag and work bag ready
  • get meals set for rest of work lunches- take pictures
  • read at least 2-3 chapters of book club book
  • bed maybe catch up on some tv

I’m sure there will be somethings that I have forgot. I am hoping that I can get some laundry done. I have not done any lately and i’m running out of scrubs.

what are your plans for today?!?


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