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Spinin forward tuesday

Wow. Tuesday was a blur. I was expecting the day to go so much slower. It was a good day. I was able to still exercise this morning, go to work, and get a lot of stuff done. I guess I was expecting more of a laid back day since it was “kinda” my day off?

Here is what I did on this fast moving Tuesday:spintop

  • up at 545, dressed and out the door by 6. – yeah it didn’t happen. I didn’t get out of door till about 615
  • arrive at the gym by 610- nope
  • walk track or do treadmill from 615 to 630- I walked the track for 15 minutes. just not in those times
  • 630 to 7 strength training- I did strength training… again off time. here is what I wrote down. I have been doing the 5×5. it is 5 sets of 5 repetitions. I have been trying to push myself when doing training but I don’t want to make myself so sore, I hate doing it.Screenshot_20170606-211859
  • 7 to 730, walk track, treadmill or dare I say elliptical??! I tried the elliptical. lasted about 5 minutes… ok, fine. about 2 minutes.
  • 730 to 8 second set of strength training- nope
  • 8 to 815 walk to cool down- I did about 23 min on treadmill
  • 815 shower and change clothes – I took a quick shower at the gym and headed to work in clean fresh scrubs 🙂
  • start work at 9 am- I think I actually turned the phones on at 8:55am. the hours passed quickly. I answered calls, refilled medications, and sent letters to pts.
  • have shake by 915- done!
  • leave work at 12- left about 12:15
  • come home and eat green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms with lemon shake- I was bad. I had a chicken sandwich from mcdonalds…with fries… and a coke. wtf was I thinking?!? I know what it was.. I weighed myself and got depressed.
  • leave house at 1 pm with bf for his doctor apt- done, went to doc appt. he got new meds. visited with some old friends
  • go to Wal-Mart, get black shorts for bf new job! we did get his black shorts as well as black shoes and black undershirt. there is a theme. black. lol he works in a auto shop.
  • talk about if we are having friends again for dinner… chicken drumsticks, chicken rice, ramen soup, or pbj n chips night? no it was just us tonight. it was a whatever night. the bf had salad?!?!? I had left over pasta. wtf again. WTF.
  • come home and sit outside. maybe read, catch up on blogs, fish? did sit outside. it was colder than usually so I ate my pasta… and caught up on blogs.
  • cook dinner around 6 pm- if putting something in the microwave is cooking 🙂
  • clean up dishes by 730 …… yeah the dishes are still in the sink.
  • take a walk from 730 to 9ish no walk. I ended up washing my hair and putting on my nightgown.
  • update blog for the night- doing right now!
  • make sure take medicine, brush teeth, wash face- will do before bed
  • track meal and habits in bullet journal- will do that next here soon.
  • bed- its calling my name! it is only 9 pm and i’m ready. But it is still light outside.

I felt like I did fairly well today. I might have not stayed on scheduled but I did get most of what I needed to done.

I also got some things accomplished that were not on my list for today:

  • clean guinea pig/rabbit cage
  • swept and mopped the floor. also polished.
  • dusted the tv entertainment center and small red table I have in my dining room
  • let Charlie, our rabbit, run around for a while
  • mopped the bathroom floor and cleaned the toilet
  • cut bf hair

I am surprised that I got this all done. I did get some pictures of the sky on our way home.

we are in amish country.. this is a horse and buggy.

I don’t know why put I love these pictures.

itsunflower calmed me to look at the sky when I was driving. I was being very careful when I was driving and taking pictures, I promise. its breathtaking on this fast day.


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