Tuesday rush

I didn’t think that I would be able to get everything that I planned for Monday accomplished. I hope everyone had an awesome Monday, slept good, and have a good t uesday!

Tuesday plan:

  • up at 545, dressed and out the door by 6. 
  • arrive at the gym by 610
  • walk track or do treadmill from 615 to 630
  • 630 to 7 strength training
  • 7 to 730, walk track, treadmill or dare I say elliptical??!
  • 730 to 8 second set of strength training
  • 8 to 815 walk to cool down
  • 815 shower and change clothes 
  • start work at 9 am
  • have shake by 915
  • leave work at 12
  • come home and eat green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms with lemon shake
  • leave house at 1 pm with bf for his doctor appt
  • go to Wal-Mart, get black shorts for bf new job! 
  • talk about if we are having friends again for dinner… chicken drumsticks, chicken rice, ramen soup, or pbj n chips night?
  • come home and sit outside. maybe read, catch up on blogs, fish?
  • cook dinner around 6 pm
  • clean up dishes by 730
  • take a walk from 730 to 9ish
  • update blog for the night
  • make sure take medicine, brush teeth, wash face
  • track meal and habits in bullet journal
  • bed


I feel like that is a lot of things to do. I hope i get them all done. I’m sure I’m not going to stick to much to the times in the afternoon. hopefully I get a lot of pictures of our walk. 

what do you have plans for Tuesday? anything fun? are you working? day off? 

any plans for dinner? maybe I can steal your idea!

stay tuned for more rambles!

ps. this post will be posted in the morning as opposed to Monday’s which was posted at night by accident! lol


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