monday recap!

Monday was an awesome day! I actually got up and worked out. Yes I was tired.. but I did it. Will I wake up in time tomorrow to work out? I hope so.. it is 10:30 and we still have friends over.

  • wake up at 545 am, be at gym by six.am- I woke up at 555…at gym by 610…
  • work out from 6 to 715 am. – I stayed until about 730
  • be home by 720, take shower and have shake for breakfast- had my shake
  • work 815 to 5 pm. lunch should be veggies n shake- followed thru with my shake and veggies
  • home by 5ish- oh yeah!
  • take care of pets, water/feed and clean cages- took care of pets, did not clean cages
  • cook dinner, spaghetti, chicken, broccoli, and tomatoes- made pesto chicken instead
  • set up lunch meals rest of week, take pictures. — yeah…didn’t happen
  • blog about end of day- doing now!
  • blog for t Tuesday to do list- done and scheduled
  • blog about life as a nurse letter – nope
  • look up my book babe and find book I’m going to send- nope
  • take a walk with bf- nope
  • set out clothes for t uesday including workout, work clothes, and after clothes – not yet
  • read for a little bit before bed- nope




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